2015: The Year of Taking Action


It’s the New Year! And I’m puking every time I open my inbox. Why? Because of all the emails I’m getting about how easy it is to supposedly get a “new me.” After 7 years of working to get better health, wealth and relationships I hate when people do this.

It might be simple to create a new you, but it’s hardly ever easy.

See, to create a new you, you must by definition change your behaviors. And that’s a struggle for most of us. While I can’t take away the work, I can show you how to reliably and repeatedly change your behavior this year.

This article reveals the process by which I’ve changed every part of my health.

Learning Isn’t What Society Says It Is

Most of us have been duped about learning. Let me explain…

As little as 4 years ago, I thought I was “learning” every time I read something new. But my life was still a mess. I wasn’t achieving any of my goals – but I was sure reading about them.

The new information I was gathering, reading and exploring wasn’t helping me because I wasn’t taking any new actions in my life. I used to love to tell anyone who would listen about theories and ideas I was reading about. I spoke like I understood. I had enthusiasm as if I’d done it or tried it.

But that was not the case.

And my life reflected that. I was still having the same major problems I thought I had the answer to.

And it was mostly because of the rabbits.

The Rabbit Chasing Cycle

Back when it was really bad for me, I wanted anything but the pain I had. But for some reason I wasn’t very good at getting rid of it.

I actually used to be stuck in what I call “The Cycle of Chasing Rabbits.”

It goes like this… I’d be all full of pain and the pain would drive me to search for new answers. I’d then come across some new information I’d never heard before – maybe a new doctor, new research paper or book. I’d dive in, reading, consuming, trying to understand it from every perspective.

And then I’d get excited, thinking about all the new possibilities. And then as I read more and more I’d get drained. And then do nothing.

I’d end up taking zero new actions in the end. And in a week I’d find a new rabbit!

For example… I read Jon Kabat Zinn’s book on meditation in 2010. I loved it and meditation was going to be my new big thing. I read more and more – became convinced that it could help many people, so I wrote and talked about it and meditated a total of 10 times that year.

My stress was still super high; my trust in life was low. I knew meditation would help with this but my behaviors stayed the same, so I kept searching for ways to reduce stress and started chasing new rabbits.

It wasn’t until my Vipassana meditation retreat in 2014, in which I took MASSIVE action (over 120 hours of meditation in 10 days), that I really understood it. I do it weekly now, some times a few days in a row. I’ve now escaped the rabbit cycle into implementing…

Which brings us to the paradox of our free knowledge world. We have more access to information than ever but people are sicker and sadder than ever.

Knowing What to Do Is Only Half the Battle

There’s a big reason why Americans are so sick. And it’s not because there’s some undiscovered treatment, drug or Holy Grail. It’s because taking action is becoming harder and harder in our lives of distraction. Distraction is the enemy.

It’s really that simple. New information plus new actions equals change. And change is what you want if you’re struggling with poor health and daily digestive pains.

Learning is behavior change. But to change behavior you have to avoid the distractions.

Let’s do a quick example.

There are 3 simple rules for building health. I bet you know (most adults and kids do) and yet it’s highly unlikely that you do them every day. In fact, I don’t even do them every day.

  1. Eat more vegetables
  2. Play or move every day
  3. Get 8 hours of sleep

These are mind-blowiningly simple (not necessarily easy). And yet even I don’t manage to get them done 7 days a week.

The reason is distraction.

We Are More Distracted Than Ever

And because of that less and less new action is being taken, which is why Jordan and I have decided to make 2015 the year of taking action for ourselves, our company and for our community.

If we don’t start taking back our focused attention from things like…

  • TV Shows
  • Sports Programs
  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Social Media
  • The News
  • Movies
  • Video Games

These things consume our attention and willpower to a degree never seen in human history. If we are doing these actions on a regular basis how could we ever begin to think we could actually concentrate enough to take new actions on a daily basis, especially when that new action initially is painful, boring or isn’t pleasurable?

It just won’t happen.

Funny thing is… once you actually LEARN new habits they become pleasurable and fun. And soon two months later the old thingy becomes painful.

It’s powerful and I want you to experience it many times this year.

It’s now becoming more painful for me to not meditate than it is to do it. I have enough experiences to know that my days just work better when I do it. And so if I don’t do it, my brain reminds me all day long.

The Right Information + Dedicated Action = Desired Change

So, there are actually 2 keys.

1) Finding the right information that applies to you

2) Then, figuring out how to take dedicated new actions

Here’s the rub: Your brain doesn’t want you to. That’s why it’s so hard.

Neuroplasticity was a great breakthrough but what it teaches us about current patterns of behaviors is almost as important as the knowledge that we can change our brains.

The way we currently do things is the preferred way – the easy way. And if you are going to change you’ll need to break through this…

Which is why in 2015 we are going to be focusing on continuing to bring you great information about health, but also helping you to take massive action. And in the meantime, we plan to share more about psychology, distractions, neuroplasticity, willpower, goal achievement and using engineering principles to get stuff done!

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As always, the right information is always changing, whether it be tests, supplements, best practices or research. We are committed to keeping you up to date for a minimum investment on your part.

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What Do You Really Want in 2015?

And what are you willing to give up to get what you want? Because those are the questions I’d like you to focus on. Resolutions are destined to fail. Challenges run out at the end of 30 days.

So, what are you going to be doing then? Distracting yourself or making changes?

That’s why we’re not writing to you about a new challenge or resolution. Instead we are excited about helping you create the lasting change and tackle the big goals on your list this year. We’ve got your back all year long.

I believe you can do just about anything in 2015 using the formula above and I’m pumped up to help those who are ready!

Let’s start the action off right now. If you read this far, put in a comment below about what you want to change in 2015. Maybe you want to stop cheating on your diet, maybe you want to finally handle your diarrhea, maybe you want more energy or to turn off your autoimmune disease. Let me know below.



P.S. – If you need even more inspiration to take action in 2015, check out Jordan’s recent videos about “Planting the Seeds of Health Success” and “Using Your Pain as Motivation.”

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