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Sorry – This Special Offer Has Expired


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    Will you be offering any specials in the near future. I missed this one but was hoping to do something with the troubleshooting and a 1 on 1, something with thw testing. I already have the ebooks and meal plans.



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    Hello Jordan & Steve, I am a great admirer; read and enjoy everything from you two; purchased SCD info from you. I hesitated to purchase yesterday’s info package because of the two-month outlay of $150 X2. I jumped in at 10:30, but OOPS, I forgot that you guys are in a later time zone. Offer expired! I am a retired high school teacher and you should know that Medicare is picky and stingy about paying for testing. I have been Paleo for 1 yr, but I still deal with chronic leaky gut, SIBO, and candidiasis. Your testing info would have been particularly helpful.
    Suggestions? Will this info be offered again, any time soon?
    Sample question: I will be taking the Commonwealth SIBO Lactulose Breath Test. Do you think that this is reliable or useful? Keep up the good work, and contact me if you visit San Francisco or the Wine Country!
    Keep up the good work, and contact me if you visit San Francisco or the Wine Country!

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    The package looks wonderful, unfortunately, I cannot afford it. However, I was wondering about the travel cd’s or books as I am traveling to Israel in 6 weeks. Can I buy the two travel ones separately? Also, I have been on the SCD diet since January and feel much better. I am almost off the prednisone. However, my blood work still shows high levels of inflammation. Any thoughts as to why? Should I cut out the dairy aspects of the SC diet? Hope you can answer my questions.

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    Donna Walker says:

    Can you get the video’s on DVD. I have a very, very slow downloading computer (dial-up) and it is choppy and takes forever to download and I rarely can see videos. The paper downloading is fine. It’s video’s I have problems with.

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    Sandra Skubik says:

    Goodmorning Guys
    Awesome program you have and the offers is out of this world. However, because I am on disability and SS doesn’t come close to paying the bills, I’ll have to pass on this wonderful offer. So sorry because I know you have spent many hours putting it all together and I truly believe this would work and I’d at least feel better if not healed. Love you all for sharing as much as you already have. I look forward to hearing from you every morning.


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