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Pic of Angela's Blueberry Yogurt-Jello on a plate

Healing Blueberry Jello

Bone broth and gelatin can help heal your gut... so why not have some fun and make it taste good? Here's how to make yummy blueberry jello.

How to Use Psychology to Beat Any SCD Setback

Today sucks. Today I don’t feel good. I have been on the SCD Diet for almost two years and I still have bad days every once in a while. I have to preface that the last few months my digestion has been flawless – nothing but better and better days. Then all of the sudden last night I started feeling bad and today I have been in and out of the bathroom at work. Today is an SCD setback for me. Tomorrow, I know I will be fine and I want to share with you why I know that and the psychology I use to beat my SCD setbacks. If you can learn what I am going to share with you and implement it on your down days, you will be able to control emotional cheating days, the voice in your head telling you it’s pointless, and the constant drive to use to Google to diagnose your latest ailment.