Welcome to the
SCD Lifestyle Affiliate Summary

Welcome to the
SCD Lifestyle Affiliate Summary


Jordan and I want to thank you for supporting SCD Lifestyle and signing up for our Affiliate program.

If you don’t know Jordan and I both had chronic health struggles and our mission is to create the tools we wished we had 7 years ago instead of struggling to get well and spending well over $35,000 each.

SCD Lifestyle products, if we had them and used them, would have saved us years and many thousands of dollars. We are excited to share them with you and your followers. Our products are a WIN-WIN-WIN, people WILL get healthy, and everyone is going to make some money.

We are grateful that you are choosing to be apart of it.

You are free to promote on any and all channels you’d like. And if you have a podcast, radio show or other media that you’d like us to be apart of please send an email to scdlifestyle@gmail.com to schedule it.

Best Practices For Affiliate Relationships

We wanted to offer some ideas based on our team’s experience with many multi-million dollar affiliate launches and promotions.

  1. Write your emails, blog posts and social media in your voice. You are the reason that people are following you. We won’t be giving you swipe copy because of this. If we write it they will know it’s not coming from you and it will be bad for everyone.
  2. Marketing and psychology studies show that people need to see an offer 5-7 times before they take action on it. We recommend that you send or promote an offer at least 4 times. Your followers are busy and need different types of communication to take action.
  3. While sending or promoting to your list at least 4 times might be ideal, PLEASE don’t do anything your not comfortable with. Your energy will translate to the posts and emails you write. Send what feels congruent to you.
  4. In case you don’t know Selling is NOT Evil. Watch This:
  5. If you need help with your communications or want some feedback please just ask for help, it’s that easy. Email scdlifestyle@gmail.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does the affiliate program work?

You are given unique URLs to each of the SCD Lifestyle products to share with your community via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. When someone purchases an SCD Lifestyle product or opts-in from one of your links, they will be your affiliate and you will receive a commission on any SCD Purchases they make for life. Anyone who purchases or opts-in with your link first will always be tagged as your customer.

For example, if someone clicks through your link and opts-in on Monday BUT sees Jim’s link on Facebook on Wednesday, clicks it, and buys the eBook, you will still get credit for the sale since the customer opted-in through your link.

2) What happens if someone clicks my link and doesn’t purchase or opt-in?

If that happens, the person will not be tagged as your customer yet, but they will get a “Cookie” as your lead. However, this does not guarantee that you will receive a commission on that person’s purchase. In this situation, since they didn’t opt-in, it’s not about who’s first, but who’s LAST.

3) How do I earn money?

You will earn a commission on purchases of SCD Lifestyle products made by customers who have purchased or opted-in via your unique affiliate link.

Commissions are paid on the first (1) day of each month.

Commissions are not eligible for payment until 60-days have passed, AND the appropriate tax form has been filed. You will receive an email from our amazing team to make sure you file the correct tax form prior to your first commission payment. It should only take a few minutes to take care of it.

4) Will I be provided with promotional pictures and ads?

Yes. As an affiliate, you will be provided with everything you need.

5) Will there be remarketing and what will happen to my cookie?

Yes. We have a Ninja remarketer on the team who will be handling your leads and cookies. Remarketing if you don’t know is where we’ll serve the people on your list who’ve shown interest in our products ads on Google and Facebook. You don’t pay a dime of the ad fees but you keep the commissions.

6) What channels should I promote on?

You should promote on all channels you can: Blogs, Podcasts, Emails, Social Media and more. The reason being is that most people have a preferred communication medium that they interact with you on. Many times they don’t use all of them. So if you leave one of them out they might not ever see your communications.

You made a commitment to support us, so we’re going to do everything we can to support you 1-on-1 so we succeed together and your community is well taken care of.

If you have any questions or need anything, please email scdlifestyle@gmail.com.

– Jordan and Steve