Announcing: Chris Kresser’s Revolution Health Radio Show

“No offense Doc, but it feels like you have no clue what’s wrong with me.”

That’s what I said when I fired my Doctor in 2008…

As a kid I was taught to trust in my Doctor… to feel safe with them.  I was taught that when I got sick they would always make me better.

But when I started having diarrhea 10 times a day in 2007 my Doctor started shrugging more…

… and ordering more tests that didn’t give any answers

Sending me to specialists that didn’t have any answers…

… and trying to give me steroids, anti-depressants, and bowel-relaxers.

That’s when I lost my childhood trust and fired my Doctor

And I didn’t feel very trusting of healthcare professionals for a long time after that… until I got introduced to Chris Kresser L.Ac.

Steve sent me one of his articles over a year ago and since then we’ve studied and learned everything we could from him.  He’s become somewhat of a mentor for us through his blog posts and podcasts.

Over time we’ve been fortunate to find more healthcare professionals in areas like Functional Medicine, Integrated Medicine, and Naturopathy that are exceptionally AWESOME… (like our friend Dr. Allison Siebecker)

But finding Chris and his work opened my eyes to a whole new world.

So when he announced he was looking for a new podcast show host, we jumped on it…

And we’re incredibly humbled, proud, and excited to announce that:

We’re the new host/producer of Chris Kresser’s Revolution Health Radio show!

Chris just posted the first episode and I highly recommend you check it out here:

–> Can Autoimmune Disease Be Prevented And Reversed?

This episode is packed with knowledge on autoimmune disease, leaky gut, and chronic stress.

I really think you’ll enjoy it 🙂

We’re looking forward to having fun together and learning more from him along the way

(Don’t worry, this won’t impact our regular Podcasts or blog posts – it’s just an enjoyable side project).

P.S. – If this is your first time here, here’s a little more about us…

We believe that everyone struggling with digestive problems needs:

  1. A custom diet like SCD
  2. Customized digestive and nutritional supplementation
  3. Positive lifestyle changes to relieve stress and move the body

Get to know us better:

Learn how Jordan overcame Celiac Disease here: Jordan’s Story

Learn how Steve took control of IBS here: Steve’s Story

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