Are Grocery Store Mistakes Making You Sick?

Playing poker seems easy… till you actually start playing.

Just understanding the rules is hard enough. When I first started playing I used to give my money to everyone like some kind of charity. Then an experienced mentor showed me simple but powerful “tells” to look for and everything changed.

I funded my first year of college fun with those winnings.

Learning to shop for SCD foods can be just as challenging.

You may be wondering:

It looks SCD legal but what if it makes me sick?

Are there any “hidden” ingredients in this product?

Both products look the same but I know one hurts me – WHY?

If you’ve had questions like that, you’re in luck!  Tomorrow, we’re going to have some fun and take you grocery shopping with us.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

  • Starting at 9am EST tomorrow (2/14), Jordan and I are going to put you in our shopping cart and show you what’s really going on inside the labels at the grocery store.
  • Come over to our Facebook page and hit the “like” button to join the fun!
  • All day long we are going to be posting pictures of common foods you might be buying at the grocery store, BUT we’re going to make it a game and show you the simple label mistakes that can unknowingly cause you or your loved one an extra day in the bathroom.

So stop on over and go shopping with us to see if what you’re buying at the grocery store is good, bad, or ugly…

It’s going to be super fun and I can’t wait to see your face over there.

Join us tomorrow morning on our Facebook page by clicking here.

***UPDATE*** Our fun day of grocery shopping is over – and we had a great time with everyone!  In case you missed it, we created a free report that you can download right now.  Here’s the link:

–> The #1 Grocery Store Mistake

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