Are You Having Perfect Poops?

Poop Infographic

Poop Infographic

Certain conversation topics are just taboo.  You never ask a woman if she is pregnant – unless you are dead certain that she is expecting.  And there are plenty of conversations that you certainly don’t discuss during a sit-down family dinner.

Poop is unfortunately one of these taboo topics.  I mean, it’s not like there’s a person out there that doesn’t have to go number two – it’s part of being human.  But unless you’re potty-training a toddler, chances are that no one in your house is proudly shouting, “I just pooped!  Come and see!”

So let me ask you – Where does your poop stack up?   I mean, let’s be honest.  You look in the toilet before you flush.  Everyone does.  Some of us joke about taking pictures of our proud work, but I digress.  Actually, poop can tell you a lot about how healthy you are.  Believe it or not, there’s even a classification chart for all of this.

Alright, let’s break up the awkwardness with some fun cartoons.  I’ve been waiting for 5 years to send you some funny poop pics (but I didn’t want to gross you out).  So let’s lighten things up a bit, and bring in the cartoons to help educate.

Find out where your poop stacks up here.

This infographic is a fun resource that we hope you can share with your entire family (no matter the age).  It’s appropriate for kids, spouses, grandmas, and even your mother-in-law.  I dare you, share it.

We all know that digestive health is important, but  let’s get more people laughing and sharing information about poop.  If your poop isn’t stacking up against the  four factors in the infographic, it’s a big WARNING sign for overall health.

Please help us get the word out, share this on social media, and forward this to your friends and family.

We all know the human body doesn’t come with an owner’s manual, but as we work to become healthier this is the kind of information that everyone needs to know about.

3 Common Leaky Gut Myths Exposed – LIVE

Did you sign up for tomorrow’s leaky gut presentation yet?  We’re doing another live webinar, and while there will be some overlap if you were with us last week, we’ve updated it and added new, in-depth information based on common questions.  We’ll be including a new section on the three common leaky gut myths – and I know that you won’t want to miss it.

Myth #1 – Your gut is supposed to be sealed shut forever (and never leak)

Myth #2 -The gut is mostly important for digestion and absorption

Myth #3 – Diet and drugs can heal a leaky gut

You’ll want to mark your calendar for tomorrow night, and more importantly click this link to sign up.  This is a free, live presentation on “How to Solve Your Leaky Gut” during which we’ll be covering the three  myths, the three steps to healing a leaky gut , a bonus PDF handout and much more.  Oh and to top it all off we’re going to spend an hour doing live Q&A at the end of the presentation.

Webinar:  How to Solve Your Leaky Gut and Reverse Chronic Illness

Presenter(s):  Jordan Reasoner, Steve Wright

Date:  Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Time:  9:00 pm (GMT-04:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Where: On your computer/phone/tablet but you must register here.

Get signed up today and make sure you log on a few minutes ahead of time.  Last week, we had over 3,800 people on with us live and we’re expecting an even bigger turnout this week.

And don’t forget to share that awesome poop chart we made for you!


P.S. – This webinar is going to surprise most of you; we’re pulling out all the stops in the content sections and Q&A is going to be INTENSE.  Sign up here.

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