Against All Grain: The Hot New SCD Cookbook (Podcast 64)

Huge news this week! The SCD community has a new cookbook. And it’s the most beautiful one yet.

One of my biggest gripes with some cookbooks is lack of pictures. I’m just not able to picture what something should look like without them. So I don’t use those cookbooks, which is a shame because I’m sure the recipes are good.

Thankfully, Against All Grain, the new SCD cookbook, has full-color photos for each recipe!

It was created with lots of love from someone just like you. Danielle Walker, the author, struggled with Ulcerative Colitis just a couple years ago. She started with SCD and got some pretty amazing results.

As she healed and adopted a grain-free lifestyle, she started posting recipes on her site. She now has over 200 free recipes on there. While she has migrated over time over to the Paleo diet, most of what she provides still comes from her roots in SCD.

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She also wanted me to let you know that, “There was a mistake made when categorizing the SCD recipes in the book. Please keep in mind that sweet potatoes are not SCD legal and can be substituted for butternut squash in recipes that use it in the book. Also, where chocolate chips are an optional add-in, do not use for SCD as they are not legal.”

(I think she said this is changed in the 2nd printing.)

Here’s What We Covered on Today’s Podcast:

2:07 Danielle’s history with Ulcerative Colitis and what SCD did for her
6:43 Coming out of a flare… diet changes help again
10:32 Danielle’s top tips for beating Ulcerative Colitis
14:20 What’s life like in Danielle’s kitchen?
17:33 How Danielle made a cookbook without any formal training
23:01 Danielle’s upcoming book tour (go hang with her!)


Danielle’s new cookbook is a thing of beauty and the recipes are pretty tasty too. I completely recommend it as one of the newest and best cookbooks in the SCD world.

Pick up a copy here -> Against All Grain SCD cookbook

Huge thanks to Danielle for taking the time to chat with me.


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    I just bought Breaking the Cycle and plan to start SCD September 1st. I have been following Danielle’s blog for a while. I never buy books in the first week of release. But this was the exception. I am so glad I did! This cookbook is like food porn! Absolutely gorgeous and the recipes do not seem too labor intensive. I like that she includes crock pot recipes as well. And as the mother of a 4 and 6 year old that I hope to start on SCD she has several kid friendly recipes as well.

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