Are Coffee & Fat Helpful or Harmful for Your Gut? (Podcast 50)

does coffee affect your gut

Does coffee hurt the gut? It’s a very common question we get each week. I’d say there is a strong coffee love amongst our readers. As long-time coffee drinkers, Jordan and I have jumped down this rabbit hole more than once. Starting, stopping, drinking tea, changing brews all in an effort to not give up that morning cup of joe.

As you can tell, I’m biased, I love that first cup of coffee in the morning. But I cannot ignore the obvious… there have been times in my life where coffee hurt me. Ignoring its warm smokey flavor and general pick me up, it’s caused me stomach pain, it’s allowed me to burn my adrenals out and when I was drinking low-quality brews who knows what else.

Jordan has mentioned that in the beginning, after he removed all the offending foods and started seeing healing, he couldn’t tolerate even a drop of coffee. But after a few months he tried again and everything went well. And he wasn’t even drinking high-quality bulletproof coffee.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


What Role Does Coffee Quality Play?

We know that the quality of furniture, cars and clothes varies greatly. The price, the raw materials used and workers who make it vary greatly from one end of the spectrum to the other. There’s plenty of low-quality knock off goods for cheap online. But will you be satisfied with the shotty craftsmanship or if it breaks a week after you get it? Coffee is a commodity that is subject to the exact same economies of scale.

It’s something that I didn’t understand or appreciate until I learned about the work Dave Asprey was doing on the site. Until that point I had tried probably 50 types of coffee beans and roasts from all over the world. I knew that I preferred the taste of some, the buzz of others and if I needed to go cheap and fast where I’d turn. It was Dave who started to shine a light that there might be a reason I preferred certain roasts and beans, why cheap coffee is cheap, and why some coffees stuffed me up and left me feeling drowsy regardless of how much I drank – all problems that disappeared with my first cup of the Bulletproof brand of upgraded coffee by the way.

If you missed our first show you can listen here. We didn’t get a chance to cover coffee, fat and how to enjoy Bulletproof coffee, so luckily for us Dave came back on the show.

On Today’s Show, Dave Asprey Covers:

05:23 Butyric acid’s profound healing of the gut
12:01 Can dairy sensitive people handle butter?
17:52 What is MCT oil? And how to tell good quality…
22:43 When the gut is really inflamed, what fat is easiest to digest?
27:18 Coffee cross-reacting with wheat and causing problems?
36:02 Low-acid coffees, roast styles and creating easy-to-drink coffee
40:57 Fat-based toxins and the genetic link that some of us struggle with
44:26 Dave’s 3 tests for foods he eats


Huge thanks to Dave for his time and knowledge. I drink Bulletproof coffee (black) on a daily basis, so I’m very thankful it’s on the market. If you’re a latte drinker or just NEED something in your coffee, then you really need to try the Bulletproof coffee recipe. It’s delicious and even some of my most hardcore mocha-latte-frappa-coffee-drinker friends enjoy it.

Check out Dave’s Brain Octane (Upgraded MCT Oil) here.

More info on buying Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee here.

Tell me about your coffee experiences below.

– Steve

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2 thoughts on “Are Coffee & Fat Helpful or Harmful for Your Gut? (Podcast 50)

  1. Avatar

    Hey guys,

    I started the intro diet but was using honey, coffee, and welch’s 100% grape juice. However things got confusing for me when adding Acorn Squash to the diet. I suspected issues at day 2 and by day 3, I had to take a look back at my diet.

    I have tried and failed doing the SCD before finding your website and reading your book. As you know, honey is a huge “go to” for all of us following the SCD. However, coffee is also a go to for me. I have a cup in the morning and sometimes a cup in the afternoon. Can I make honey and coffee the first 2 things i introduce? I am going to do the intro for 2 days and then try introducing honey. If all is clear at end of day 3, I will introduce coffee.

    What do you think?

  2. Avatar

    FYI… I have personally noted that coffee affects my ability to digest sugars (hell, since it irritates the intestinal tract it’s gonna affect all nutrient absorption with a half-life of seven hours or so – not to mention the fact that it acts as an antimicrobial). When I don’t drink coffee, I can drink milk without symptoms of lactose intolerance; when I do drink coffee – lactose intolerance symptoms become obvious.

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