Chronic Stress Hurts Your Digestion (Podcast 34)

Stress attacks come in two flavors… and both can hurt digestion.

The first is the acute kind, like the nervous spike in stress that happens before a public speaking appearance. Most of us know just how fast a stressful event can send us to the bathroom. The second type of stress is the chronic form… the one you should worry about.

Chronic stress is harder to correlate to bowel movements or stomach pain. But make no mistake about it, chronic stress is what you need to worry about. It causes damage to your digestive system over time, not to mention it makes it harder to recover your health if you’re already sick.

Chronic Stress Is a Different Animal

It’s commonly misunderstood…

As it turns out, the chemicals released when you get the butterflies in your stomach before a performance are the same chemicals that get aggravated when your boss makes you mad, a driver cuts you off on the road, or when you sit in front of your computer all night instead of going to bed.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


Our brilliantly engineered bodies were designed to handle the first challenge. They were built to use these chemicals to save our lives and have done so very well for millions of years. But over the last 60 years, our lifestyles have changed drastically. In fact, I would argue that our current modern lifestyles are designed to aggravate these same chemicals. The caffeine on street corners, the marketing commercials on TV, and the foods that surround us… they have all been carefully crafted to activate these chemicals – to trigger us to do things like buy, sell, and yell.

Corporations Know How to Trigger Stress

Corporations have leveraged science to create products that are fascinating, engaging, and downright addicting. The reasons have much more to do with chemicals in our bodies than conspiracy theories. These chemicals make us feel energized, excited, and satisfied, so I would argue it is natural for us to want to seek them out, so much so that the brain and body start to live with a constant level of them floating around. It is so subtle that we don’t notice, it seems normal… part of society.

That’s the huge danger, that the body never gets to rest. And we think it is okay to always be on high alert. Things were much different 60 years ago, before cell phones, computers, and when TV ran out of shows at 12pm.

It’s rare to find people actively unplugging from these modern streams. I’m constantly locked in a battle with them myself. That’s the challenge of healing and staying healthy – to balance these new modern conveniences and activities with plenty of old-school ideas like: standing, walking in the woods, playing in the dirt, talking with friends, playing games, and watching the clouds go by…

You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me, I Don’t Have Time to Watch the Clouds!

That makes it even more important for you to schedule a time to de-stress. Make a point to release the tension that builds during the day. Jordan and I are serious about handling our stress this year and we want to help you do it too.

On today’s podcast, we cover the topics of stress and digestion and cover more of your Q and A submissions…

On Today’s Podcast, We Cover:

3:55 Why stress can save your life, but usually makes you sicker
12:32 What to do if exercise is causing diarrhea
16:41 Crohn’s and horrible smelling gas? Hear what could be happening…
21:32 Why Xylitol and other sugar alcohols aren’t allowed on SCD
24:47 What it means if you still have acne on SCD
28:58 Got stinky SCD yogurt? Is that good or bad?
34:10 How to tell if you’re ready (or not) for potatoes “after SCD”
36:52 What to do for egg substitutes in SCD recipes


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