Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream (SCD Legal)

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!

SCD legal ice cream that is…

Ice cream that tastes amazing and heals your body, instead of adding inflammation and toxins. It might sound too good to be true… but it’s not.

And shockingly, you’ll see it’s almost all fat, which is why it’s so healthy. Our bodies need loads of fat, cholesterol and fat soluble vitamins to properly heal. And why not consume it via ice cream?

The key is getting the right kind of fat. Just like how the wrong foods can damage your gut, the wrong fats make your cells sick. These are fats like margarine, canola oil, cottonseed oil, vegetable oil and other “oils” that are from plants that should never make an oil in the first place. These are industrial oils and they make our cells sick.

Most store bought ice cream contains those type of oils and additives like guar gum or dyes and it’s almost impossible to make sure the dairy cows used to make it were pastured, grass-fed and happy. So it’s best to make your own.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


NOTE: This recipe is for those that tolerate diary, however the only dairy is high quality butter which most everyone can tolerate.

Full Fat Ice Cream Is Better

Instead of eating the wrong fats, if we consume a meal heavy in saturated fat from things like coconut we feed our hormones, brain, and taste buds.

For those who are having fat malabsoprtion, you’ll want to skip this till you do more healing. But for the rest of us it could be a nightly treat. The recipe comes courtesy of Dave Asprey with some tweaks to support SCD.

I’ve made it many times and served it at birthday parties with people who eat a Standard American Diet and they loved it. My guess is you’ll only be mad that I didn’t get this post up sooner.

NOTE: The amount of vanilla you use will really determine the flavor profile. If you use less, then the subtle flavor from the coconut oil will shine through. Others might never even taste the coconut.

SCD Legal Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream Ingredients


Begin by adding all the ingredients to the blender (except the ice/water).


Blend until totally mixed, then blend more.

Blended Cream

Next, add in the ice or water. The goal is to reach a creamy yogurt consistency. If you add more water, it will end up tasting icier. Blend more.

Transfer everything to an ice cream maker (here’s mine). If you don’t have one, use a 9×11 inch Pyrex dish and place in freezer for about 2 hours. The 2nd method won’t taste as much like ice cream, but it will still be delicious.

Ice Cream Maker

After it’s set up, serve!

SCD legal Ice Cream

I love this stuff. It doesn’t last long.

For those with dairy issues, try using the Kerrygold Butter as you might find that you don’t react to it. Also, the recipe above included several Bulletproof brand products.  And while those are affiliate links, Dave is a friend and you will find all these products and more in both of our kitchens.

We would never recommend anything we don’t use. And we use the best stuff we can find.

There are many ways to change the flavor, what kind of ice cream do you make?

Let me know in the comments below.

– Steve

Steven Wright

About Steven Wright

Steve Wright is a health engineer and author. In 2009, he reached a breaking point when IBS took over his life and the doctors didn't know how to help. Since then, he has transformed his health and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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20 thoughts on “Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream (SCD Legal)

  1. Avatar

    How much does this make (volume-wise)? I have a tiny ice cream maker so I will need to downsize the recipe. It sounds very yummy!

    I’m new to SCD having recently figured out Leaky Gut is causing my Chronic Fatigue.


  2. Avatar

    This came out perfect and delicious and is almost impossible to stop eating. It concerns me a little. I know fat is healthful, but there’s got to be a limit as to how much your body can process in one sitting. How much of this ice-cream is too much? I could literally eat half of it in one sitting without getting an immediate stomach ache. But am I hurting myself? Forget the sugar part of it. I only used three tbsps of honey.

    • Avatar

      Hi Marisa, thank you for reaching out! You are correct that certain fats can be healthful, but everything in moderation. Listen to your body and let your digestive system tell if you have had to much. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide that a healthy balance is in this situation. We are glad you liked the recipe!

  3. Avatar

    I tried making some ice cream with coconut oil. I blended up my ingredients well and poured them into my ice cream maker. The melted coconut oil turned solid again in the ice cream maker and became like little balls of wax mixed in with the ice cream. What can I do to better homogenize the coconut oil with the rest of the ingredients and not end up with wax-like solids in the ice cream? Thanks for any suggestions.

  4. Avatar

    I made this & substituted coconut oil for the MCT oil & it turned out great!
    Also I mixed all ingredients (except ice) over the stove burner & brought temperature to 160 degrees to prevent salmonella risk. Moved the batch to the freezer for 20 minutes then mixed in the blender & added ice. The batch was very smooth & creamy after mixing. Then put in ice cream maker.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Avatar

    Hello, I have been doing the SCD diet for a fe months and have seen some improvements but still feel very bad and I had a couple of questions.

    The main one is, I definitely need more vitamins as my restricted diet means I am not getting enough of important ones, there are multi vitamins available but they ALL seem to contain maize starch and other sugars not allowed on the SCD diet and I have stuck to the SCD diet to the letter, not one time have I had something I shouldn’t after the first couple of days, should I have these multi vitamins or steer clear due to the forbidden ingredients in them.


    After a long time of thinking I have too much stomach acid,it may turn out I have too little! As I have removed practically all acidic foods from my diet should I slowly try and reintroduce them before taking any bigger measures, would it help? As some of my worst symptoms seemed to improve after removing high acid fruit and veg.

    Any Help Jordan and Steve?!?!

  6. Avatar

    Great recipe guys! Loving all the fats! 🙂 I tried making a coconut ice cream in my Vitamix at the weekend, turned out to be more of a sorbet! Way too much ice to be ice cream consistency (I followed the exact recipe and ingredients in the Vitamix manual so I’m blaming that!). Whilst I like a sorbet, I was hoping that my ice cream would be…well more of an ice cream lol! I’ve just tried to turn my sorbet into an ice cream by adding some raw egg yolks and it’s now more of an icy drink! Has anyone managed to make a healthy coconut ice cream like the guys’ recipe above but in a Vitamix? Or do I really need an ice cream maker to make it properly?

    • Avatar

      Kate, try adding avocado. It’s the only thing I’ve found that makes Vitamix “ice cream” actually creamy. Banana helps too, but not as well as an avocado.

  7. Avatar

    Sounds great. Will make it soon. Try this recipe for another yummy “ice cream” for the summer…
    1-1/4c H2O
    1-1/4c sugar (Or can use honey or maple syrup)
    1/4-to 1/3 c lime juice
    2 large avocados
    1T grated ginger
    2T basil leaves

    Bring sugar and water to boil and cool. Blend all other ingredients in blender. Add cooled simple syrup. Refrigerate until very cold before freezing in ice cream maker. You will not believe this is not ice cream.

    • Avatar

      Thank you. I have been looking for a way to use my avocados. I have not been a fan in the past and was looking for a tempting recipe to entice me to eat avocados since they are supposed to be so healthy. I appreciate you sharing this. Thank you.

  8. Avatar

    I am not familiar with the Bulletproof MCT Oil… I did read on the Bulletproof site that it’s a palm/coconut blend, not sure how extracted… So technically… you guys know what is up with this product: what’s its benefit and “why” would I use it instead of coconut oil as mentioned on the product page? Just curious.

  9. Avatar

    Looks tasty! Have you tried with other types of vanilla (e.g. extract) vs. the Bulletproof brand and does one improve the overall taste and/or benefits more than the other?

    Also- I’m a huge fan of Amazon rather than 100 accounts from 100 websites. I recommend telling your friend to put these particular items on Amazon. Neither the vanilla nor the MCT were for sale there (which frankly makes me less likely to buy it any more than once, if at all)

    I’m all for the best, if its worth it AND convenient to obtain…God knows we dont need to spend any more time on food than we already do…

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