Cortisol Issues Trigger Leaky Gut (and Cause Brain Problems)

In the automotive industry, it’s pretty standard to steal the best ideas and practices from other companies who are doing it better than you.

They don’t sue anyone. It’s more about learning from each other. They just call it adopting the “Best Practices.”

For instance, by the end of the 1990’s Toyota had the best quality on the market. Everyone wanted to know how their vehicles lasted so long and looked so good.

Consultants were hired, books were written, and the rest of the industry started adopting some of the very same processes that Toyota was following to bring their quality standards up.

This is exactly what a health engineer does… they go out and find the people who are getting results and learn their “Best Practices.”

Start Learning from Those Who Get Amazing Results

Unfortunately, medicine and science don’t work like the automotive industry.

There is little transparency, so figuring out who is actually getting results is tough.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


This is where we come in. We’ve vetted many of the chronic health experts out there and made it our mission to go out and learn from their “Best Practices.”

We pushed them and they responded by providing some of the very best ideas, insights and explanations we’ve ever heard.

This is the beginning of creating the best practices for leaky gut, autoimmunity, and chronic health issues.

In today’s lessons, the themes of hormones, brain and disease are told in many different ways. It’s highly likely that you’ll have a major breakthrough in some of your “Best Practices.”

I can’t wait to hear about it…

Lesson 4 – How Stress Drives Cortisol (and Creates Leaky Gut)

Cortisol is critical to health. Unfortunately, many so-called experts are on the “I hate cortisol bandwagon” these days. If they took the time to understand it better they’d realize that low cortisol might be EVEN WORSE than high cortisol. It’s time someone set the record straight about cortisol and leaky gut.

Discover more about hormones and health by getting the full Solving Leaky Gut Masterclass Interview with Dr. Sara here.

Lesson 5 – The Sure Fire Way to Create More Chronic Disease

The fastest way to lose our quality of life is by picking up chronic diseases. While it appears to be a mystery to many doctors and lay people, it shouldn’t be. Dr. Tom O’Bryan talks about what to do if you want to create disease and therefore what not to do if you’re like me and want to avoid it and reverse it.

Dr Tom O’Bryan drops so many golden nuggets in the full Solving Leaky Gut Masterclass Interview here.

Lesson 6 – Are You Gaining Weight Because Your Metabolism Is Broken?

There’s a lot of information out there about having a “broken metabolism” and what causes weight gain. Dan Pardi goes deep into the science about the gut-brain connection, metabolism, and something he calls “The Black Swan Effect of Weight Gain.”

Once and for all, we handle this question about metabolism.

Get the rest of Dan Pardi’s amazing 78-minute Solving Leaky Gut Masterclass Interview here.

What to Do Today…

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” ~Phil Collins

Here’s the deal. Until you try to explain something to someone else by teaching the idea, it’s typically not well understood.

There’s just something about trying to get another human to understand what you do. It requires a certain level of thinking and repeating that really helps you get it. It’s one of the main reasons I love writing. And it’s what is going to help you today.

Day 2 Action Step: Take the most exciting insight you learned today and go and teach it to someone else. Then, leave a comment telling all of us what you realized about the insight through teaching someone else.

The act of reporting back will allow you to continue to learn the idea… and your insight will help someone else who’s reading this.

Don’t just listen, act. Don’t just act, teach.

Talk to you in the comments below.


Steven Wright

About Steven Wright

Steve Wright is a health engineer and author. In 2009, he reached a breaking point when IBS took over his life and the doctors didn't know how to help. Since then, he has transformed his health and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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11 thoughts on “Cortisol Issues Trigger Leaky Gut (and Cause Brain Problems)

  1. Avatar

    Hey guys, I have completed the two month leaky-gut program and entering my third month sticking to the SCD diet. I am definately feeling a lot better, but still having some of the issues I had while trying other diets like paleo and candida (ie: weight loss). I seem to get to about 200 lbs. and can’t get any lower. I am getting the follow up tests done (SIBO, etc) and trying to get my adrenals/ hormones in check. Lots of great info in your courses to take in btw. I notice that one thing you really stress is getting a proper nights sleep and being consistent with it. My problem is that I work shift work, so that is not an option for me. I have been looking into transcendental meditation, after hearing all of the benefits and how it can help regulate cortisol levels, would this be a good alternative for someone like me who can’t stick to a regular sleep schedule?

  2. Avatar

    Hello, This information is wonderful, and a great resource. My cortisol levels have been abnormal multiple times but (always on the low end) fast forward to year later I decided to have them Rechecked and they have skyrocketed and are now too high. After reading your website and videos, I don’t understand why this would happen as I have been under more stress. I was thinking “cushings” but I don’t have many symptoms of cushings syndrome,only fatigue, muscle aches and back pain. I do have celiac disease, dx over 5 yr ago by blood work and biopsy and I follow gf diet 100%. My iron has NEVER been an issue. My Thyroid is normal, and I have had normal chemistry I am concerned about my ACTH Being below 1mmol/L and my high am Cortisol. Any suggestions on what this could be related to?

  3. Avatar

    I think I become more & more confused only because I
    Am dealing with a completely different situation here. I only have 1 Adrenal Gland & so I’m ALWAYS in fight or flight mode. I don’t know if I’ll ever get my body to heal & get into the right & straight healthy mode. I can’t seem to eat anything without be coming sick, tired, horrible skin rash. Please help with any insight if possible. I’m so desperate for someone to understand. No Dr even knows where to start with me because of the 1 Adrenal.

  4. Avatar

    Hi i would like to know if I don’t live in the UK or the USA will I be able to access the offer n how do I pay. Can the interviews be saved to be watched later after the day.

    • Avatar

      Hi Kate, thank you for reaching out! Yes, once you purchase you will receive a log in to the members portal and will have lifetime access to the interviews. Each of the interviews are online, so you can watch them wherever you are.

  5. Avatar

    Dr Sara resolidified the fried cortisol concept of how we end up with such low cortisol that you Steve have been preaching a long time. TYPE A personalities beware. I would love to hear her snippet of how to drive the cortisol up when it is dirt low from autoimmunity.

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