Crohn’s Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Justin

Pic of Justin Crohn's success story

In our society, it isn’t every day that we hear about kids putting a beat-down on disease, let alone using a “special diet” to do so… that’s why I’m excited to share today’s success story about Justin.

It’s funny, when we share these success stories on Facebook we get comments about how they must be fake, or exaggerated… but that can’t be further from the truth. We get emails every day from people like Justin (and his Mom Paige) telling us amazing stories like this and we simply ask them if we can share them on the blog.

I’m grateful we have such an amazing community. Each and every one of you are changing the world and it’s so amazing to be a part of it.

Paige and Justin… you’re absolutely incredible. Thank you for being you… and for choosing health. I’m so happy to share your story today.

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[Enter Paige]

Hello, my name is Paige. My son, Justin, was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in January, 2011. He has now been on SCD for almost three years. Justin has been symptom- and medication-free while on SCD (as long as the diet was followed strictly). I would like to share our SCD/Crohn’s journey with you.

Signs Right From the Beginning…

When I started potty training Justin at age 2 to 3, he began having blood in his bowel movements. Our pediatrician referred us to a Pediatric GI in Dallas, Texas, which was a couple of hours away from where we lived in Texas at the time. Justin had four colonoscopies between the ages of 3 and 4 while trying different medications. He had inflammation of the intestines and ulcers. His GI doctor told us he had early signs of Crohn’s Disease. Justin was on numerous medications, including steroids, for the next couple of years and didn’t have any other symptoms while on the medication.

I remember being told during this time that when children have Crohn’s this early, they don’t live past their teenage years.

I now know this is false, but it was always in the back of my mind.

Is it Really Even Crohn’s Disease?

Justin was in the middle of his Kindergarten year at school when we moved back here to Georgia. We started with a new Pediatric GI doctor. After reviewing Justin’s records, the doctor believed his problems were due to food allergies and we removed him from all of his medications. Justin was positive for allergy to milk (which he had been off of since he was 3 per GI doctor), chocolate, nuts, pea/beans, corn, and tomatoes.

During the few years Justin has been off of his medication, he had pretty regular signs of blood every 3 to 6 months. We just figured it was due to something he had eaten. He had times that he had severe stomach cramps and bloating.

We always thought his regular stomach aches and pains were normal, but looking back now, I see it to have been different.

Signs and Symptoms Return…

In November 2010, Justin started to have recurrent bleeding and cramping. In January 2011, our GI Doctor decided it was time to do another colonoscopy to go back in and see what was going on. His colonoscopy showed signs of inflammation and ulcers again. Before making a diagnosis and to verify what the biopsy showed, the doctor did a pill camera test to see the small intestines. Justin’s GI Doctor informed our family that he in fact had developed Crohn’s Disease.

It’s hard to explain my reaction to his diagnosis. First, we were told when he was a toddler that he was developing signs of this disease, so we had read up on and accepted it. Then, we were relieved to find out, or so we thought, he didn’t have a disease and that it was just food allergies. NOW, we were being told AGAIN that our son did have Crohn’s. I can’t tell you how grateful we were that he did not have cancer or another terminally ill disease.

We were familiar with Crohn’s, but after reality kicked back in, it’s still hard for a mother to look at her baby boy knowing that he has to live with this the rest of his life.

Thoughts began to run through my head. Why does he have this? Was it something I did wrong? Too many antibiotics when he was little? Our GI Doctor told us we had two options: medications or try the SCD Test Study he was starting at the time. As a mom, I was more than happy to take on the diet. The Doctor was giving me a tool to help heal him; it is the least I can do for my son!

Every day I see the SCD as an opportunity to possibly take away something that can negatively affect my son for the rest of his life!

I thank God for this opportunity to help my child and have to put faith in him that this will work!

Diagnosis Doesn’t Discourage this Young Man

Understandably so, Justin was upset after first being diagnosed. He started asking lots of questions about dying and if he could get another disease. He even started making a “bucket list,” but we are doing our best to control his Crohn’s and have reassured him that he has nothing to worry about.

Justin’s pill camera at one year since diagnosis showed that he looked healthy! Since it had been one year, Justin was eager to try some new foods. We tried a few things, but they caused symptoms and we soon realized strictly following the diet was a must.

Justin was diagnosed at age 10. He celebrates his 13th birthday this December! He has dealt with social pressures at school and cheated on the diet numerous times and noticed side effects as a result.

Signs and Symptoms Disappear… SCD Really Works!

Since April 13, 2011, Justin has been completely SYMPTOM- AND MEDICATION-FREE as long as he follows the diet strictly.

He knows the diet is helping his Crohn’s and has expressed that he wants to stay on the SCD.

Justin came home from Science class last week, so excited! He was telling me he realized why the SCD was working! He was trying to explain to me how the foods he was eating were single molecules and his body could digest them easier. He was so interested in this! If you have read much of Jordan and Steve’s blog or the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle, by Elaine Gottschall, then you know what I mean. We are so thankful for our GI Doctor having offered us the SCD! We truly believe it has been a blessing for Justin’s health!

[Enter Jordan]

If you’re struggling with IBD, I hope Justin’s story inspires you to take control of your health with food.

For more information on how to start the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and survive the first 90-days, our book will walk you through every step of the way:

Also, Paige had lots of moms looking for support, information, and advice. She decided to start a blog so all the moms could come to one place to find help with their questions. At the very least they would have a place to go for support. They love to share recipes, voice their concerns and opinions, ask for advice, and share tips. Please take a moment to visit Paige’s blog here:

– Jordan

Jordan Reasoner

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Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. Since then, he transformed his health using the SCD Diet and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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