Diane Sanfilippo on Digestive Health and Why Her New Book Will Rock Your World (Podcast 41)

Every night I read my son a bedtime story and without fail, every night he begs me, “Please, please Dad, can you read me a spooky story… please Dad.”

Tonight, I finally gave in and grabbed Diane Sanfilippo’s new book, Practical Paleo.

We sat down together and read spooky stories about the big bad autoimmune monster and evil leaky gut bandits…

Turns out that stuff isn’t scary enough for a 3 year old and I’m a huge dork.

But we still had fun, and he loved checking out all the amazing food pics from the recipes we’ve been making together over the past few weeks…

How Practical Paleo Rocked My World

I have a love-hate relationship with cookbooks. I love cooking, but it seems like every delicious recipe I find in a cookbook, whether it’s Paleo, SCD, or low-carb, all have one of two problems:

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


1.  The recipe is way too complicated


2.  The recipe has a few ingredients I can’t eat (like eggs, dairy, nuts/nut flours, and nightshades)

But when I opened Diane’s book I discovered the holy grail of recipes. 

Not only are they super simple, but each recipe has a built-in substitution guide in the sidebar telling me exactly what to use in place of problematic foods like nuts or nightshades so it still tastes good.

It was everything I ever dreamed of in a cookbook… but it’s not even a cookbook!

The 120 recipes are only one part of the book. There’s also detailed 30-day meal plans for people with autoimmune conditions and digestive problems.

Then, there’s the whole “geek out” section on inflammation, leaky gut, and poop that’s right up my alley.

400+ pages of amazingness.

So, I’m really excited to have her on the show to dish on digestive health and give us some of her best tips and tricks from the book.

On this Podcast with Diane, You’ll Learn:

1:58 How Diane overcame digestive problems and started balancedbites.com.
10:37 Why Practical Paleo was born to help your gut
17:20 What to do when you’re paralyzed in the kitchen
21:48  How to cook for autoimmune conditions, leaky gut, and digestive health
33:03  3 Tips for making any food taste amazing, even on an extremely limited diet
36:43 Diane’s favorite spice blend that livens up the most boring meals
40:30 Our favorite recipes from the book (awesome dinner ideas!!)
46:11  How to get your hands on Practical Paleo (and have your world rocked too)


Thank you so much Diane. This book is a work of art and I’m filled with gratitude that you poured your heart into it. I look forward to enjoying it with my family for a very long time to come.

If you’re ready to grab your copy of Diane’s new book, Practical Paleo, here’s where you can order from Amazon:

–> http://amzn.to/NFIld7

– Jordan

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