From Full-Blown Crohn’s Colitis to Healthy and Med Free (Podcast 23)

Have You Ever Heard “Monkey-See, Monkey-Do”?

And how scientists studied the ‘imitation’ patterns of Monkeys by sticking out their tongue…

You’ve seen it with kids too, right?

Like when my son started copying everything I did, it was adorable. He’d repeat whatever I showed him and we’d fall over laughing together.

Except for one thing…

For weeks, I took every moment to say, “I love you” with no luck.

Then, one night before bed he finally looked up at me and smiled, “I wuv you Dada”…

And at that moment I never felt more alive.

And right then I made the decision to never be sick again.

What Monkeys Can Teach Us About Being Sick

As it turns out, we humans are pretty good at learning from ‘imitation’ too.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


In fact, scientists have studied ‘social learning’ and found that it works pretty well. You find out what works for other people and then you do it too… skipping the learning curve.

Now, not everything that works for me work will work for you… but a lot of it does.

And when you’re sick you can ‘imitate’ people that got better and see what works.

Like What Worked for Me When I Got Stuck

A few months into SCD, I was completely stuck when I stumbled onto this guy Jay’s website (A.K.A Crohn’s Boy).

He was a regular dude like me and I liked his NO-BS approach. He went from full-blown Crohn’s and Colitis to med-free and symptom-free, in less than a year.

And that was all I needed to hear…

He posted a spreadsheet that showed how he got better. And at one point he was sorta stuck on SCD too, but when he lowered his fruit intake and tweaked a few other things he got better.

So I tried lowering my fruit too and four days later I felt great.

Since then, Jay has become a good friend of ours – and in today’s podcast he joined us to share his best SCD advice with you.

Jay’s been helping people defeat IBD for almost three years now – and I’ve never met someone that can make complicated stuff seem so simple…

On This Podcast with Jay (A.K.A Crohn’s Boy), We Cover:

1:35 Jay’s compelling story – and the first sign something was wrong
7:14 Why he decided to go with SCD – and how you can learn to stay motivated
10:26 The best probiotic analogy ever…
12:15 The “scab effect” and how you can use it to heal as quickly as possible
16:18 How to make specific changes and get “unstuck” on the diet
20:11 The right question to ask if you’re thinking “SCD isn’t working for me”
24:25 The number one reason Jay used SCD and what it means for you in the next 3 months
27:09 His advice for people that are struggling to feel better and the top 3 things to start healing faster
33:45 A specific strategy for dealing with anxiety and depression that you can use immediately
36:39 How to beat any down day, by remembering this one thing
39:48 The big breakthrough Jay used to finally heal at a whole new level
43:09 How to figure out what works for you to overcome digestive disease


Thanks for your time Jay – awesome interview,

P.S. – If you can’t see the audio player below, download the MP3 here. Also, make sure you subscribe on iTunes and leave a review – thanks!

Jordan Reasoner

About Jordan Reasoner

Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. Since then, he transformed his health using the SCD Diet and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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14 thoughts on “From Full-Blown Crohn’s Colitis to Healthy and Med Free (Podcast 23)

  1. Avatar

    Dudes, thank you so much for this podcast. I’ve been on the diet for two months now, but I just jumped into it without doing the intro. Had a few great weeks but times are tough at the moment. I’m prepping to go back and start from scratch to see what has been bugging me.

    Anyways, this was so great because it helped me understand and forgive myself for some of the overwhelmingly negative thoughts I’ve had. That is a gift. Many, many thanks.

  2. Avatar

    In Ontario, Canada all wine sold at the government controlled outlets is rated according to sugar content and ranges upwards from zero. Reisling has a designation of “1” which means it contains sugar . A “zero” is the best option for SCD.

  3. Avatar

    Speaking of wine, my favorite is Reisling. I absolutely love the three part piece Steve did on alcohol. But one site said Reisling was dry, and the other kind of made it sound like it might be dry, but might not. Any advice about Reisling?

    • Jordan Reasoner
      Jordan Reasoner says:

      @ Sandy – Reisling is a dry white wine and in our opinion would be classified as “OK”. If you struggle with it you may just be having an issue with the sugar content. Another trick would to test eating a meal after you’re done drinking that’s high in protein and fats.

      Keep testing!


  4. Avatar

    Anne Marie: this may help-

    I find that a lot of SCDers are unable to drink the legal SCD drinks in the beginning months and some decide to abstain for even longer. From what I’ve read, alcohol is absorbed in the digestive tract which can further irritate the areas which we are trying to heal. Even when I drink a glass of dry red wine, I will have c issues the next day or so. It seems, for me, to slow down the mobility. But, it’s a personal decision and I usually only have 1 glass a month out with friends:)

  5. Avatar

    Hey, Jordan/Steve, Anne Marie here. As you know, I have Crohn’s colitis and am five months into the diet (as of yesterday)! Unfortunately, I am only just finishing up Stage 2 because of the four horsemen, but I recently am enjoying a new level of health after giving them up a few weeks ago. Now that my judgment is no longer clouded by the horsemen, I am able to see from the few data points that I have that white wine and I do not agree 🙁 For the last few weeks, I have had consistent solid stools, but when I drink white wine (which is two glasses on Friday night and two on Sat night), I awake to massive diarrhea in the morning. Up till now, it appears that my body is absorbing the food I am eating, and the large intestine is working fine to remove the water from the stool, so what is it about white wine that gives me diarrhea? Could it have more sugar content than expected? Or is it just the fact that it is a toxin? I am dismayed that I will have to give it up, but still ecstatic at the number of new veggies that I have been able to cook and enjoy recently. Thank you.

    • Jordan Reasoner
      Jordan Reasoner says:

      Anne Marie – it’s likely the sugar content causing the problem right now. You will have to keep testing. Test 1 drink and see if you handle that better. If not, you could try having 1 shot of something like 1800 silver (clear tequila) on the rocks with a shot of soda water or Pelligrino. If that still causes an issue it might be that you need to take 30 days off alcohol and then try again later.

      Let us know how it goes,


  6. Avatar

    Thanks again for such a helpful podcast. Thanks too for your responses (Jordan) to my emails- I’ve cut the fruit out and honey ( well using just a teaspoon in my tea) and already feeling better! Much thanks!

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