Are You Interested in Helping People and Getting Paid?

Making no profit, we lost $14,876 and I cried.

I hated my day job and SCD Lifestyle was still losing money. I was sick and tired of working 80-100 hours a week.

And Jordan and I were scrapping a software company we’d been working on for a year. $14,876 wasted. Months of hard work evaporated in smoke.

At this point, we were 2 years into SCD Lifestyle and wondering if we should even continue – wondering if the dream was possible. Could we make money helping people? Or were we going to rot in our cubicles?

Exhausted and sad would have been the understatement of the year.

We thought it might be time to QUIT…

Luckily, we had a business coach who believed in us and all of you to cheer us on.

If not for this support, we wouldn’t have pushed through The Dip (Seth Godin). And none of this would have been possible without you…

Including the trip to Hawaii we took this year, which was our first actual vacation in 5 years.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


There I was with two great friends talking about what we were grateful for in the past year. I said:

  • Paying off my $23,000 in credit card debt
  • Finally quitting my “smart” cubicle job, before 29, so I could actually LIVE
  • Getting healthier than I knew was even possible and being able to teach others how to do the same

Sitting on the deck looking out at the ocean, it was very much a “we’ve made it” moment. We actually built something that helps thousands of people, that supports our families and allows us to begin to pay down some debt.

And it’s a very nice feeling.

But, my reality wasn’t always like it is now.

I Used to Believe…

It was wrong for me to make money helping sick people.

It wasn’t actually possible to “change the world.”

And that I’d always be working some kind of job that was Blah.

Blah jobs suck. They literally sucked the life out of me.

And I used to believe I didn’t have enough “know how” to actually help people.

These beliefs held me back for years. And other people stayed sicker because of it.

People Needed Me to Step Up (and they need you too)

I wrote this above my desk and looked at it every day during 2012…

“People Need You To Step Up.”

The truth is we are leading the way. We are ahead of our time and we don’t settle for just so-so health.

The world needs people to be a shining example of what is possible. The amount of sick people who need help is higher than ever.

  • 66% of America is Overweight
  • 120 Million Worldwide with Depression
  • 64 Million Plus Americans with Digestive issues

These people need someone to help guide them. Now is the best time to step up.

Are You Ready to Step Up?

I’m sure at some time you might have wondered if you were ready to help others. Well, have you ever…

  • Talked late into the night with loved ones about health?
  • Bought books, food or supplements hoping to improve someone’s health?
  • Walked up to a stranger in the grocery store and told them they will die if they eat that?

Haha, okay maybe not the last one. But to be honest with you all it takes is a deep desire, a true caring for others, and the willingness to learn and build up new skills.

If I Had to Start Over… Here’s What I’d Do

Starting over wouldn’t actually be all that bad. Jordan and I actually did an exercise in Hawaii where we imagined it; we made it real. What if the unthinkable happened? What would we do? How would we handle it? It was an amazing exercise that the Stoic philosophers used to practice.

I’m so grateful for what we’ve built. But if we lost it, I’d be more than okay.

See, there’s so many more training courses, books and resources available today than when we started 5 years ago.

With more people than ever offering training on the internet, there’s actually NEVER been a better time to start than now.

Here’s the formula I’d follow:

  1. Read the top 3 mindset and business books
  2. Take the best health and business training program I could (and get licensed)
  3. Start helping people immediately based on what I was learning

Those steps are simple and yet very profound. Most will never do them. If you take action, make mistakes and keep hustling, you’ll join the ranks with us – those who travel when we want, eat when we want, and sleep and relax when we want.

And get paid to help people.

3 Books That Will Change Your Life

For way less than $30 dollars you can get lessons that cost Millions of dollars and lives.

If I had to start over I would read from these 3 books every week:

If you want to help others, the first rule is you must help yourself.

Man’s Search for Meaning is a book that, for me, shows the impossible is possible. Whatever is going on in my life – no matter the pain, it’s nothing compared to what others have gone through.

It’s the ultimate no excuse book.

Think and Grow Rich is the original self help entrepreneurship book. The lessons in this book are the foundation of almost all of the business books on the market today. Start with the classic; read it and re-read it, for it is timeless.

And finally, in case you didn’t figure it out yet, there’s no such thing as job security. It’s up to you to create it. In James Altucher’s words, you have to choose yourself. And if you follow the habit formula he outlines in his book, Choose Yourself, you’ll do just that.

The Skills You Need to Help People (all in one place)

A few years ago, Jordan and I spent months analyzing time spent, rate of return and quality of education for holistic nutrition programs, various doctor programs and health coaching schools.

In the end, we skipped them all; none of them would cover everything we wanted – a good education, ability to get licensed and some business training. There simply wasn’t anything out there.

Then, Cynthia Pasquella created the Institute of Transformational Nutrition…

Which does all 3. Talk about a transformation.

If I was starting over, I would sign up for the institute right away.

Actually, Jordan and I are so passionate about it that we joined the faculty to help teach and guide it.

By the end of it, you’ll have the knowledge to really help people and be able to sit for a licensed exam. You’ll know how to create a website, begin getting clients and create a profitable consulting program. Surprisingly, a lot of your ability to make this career change will hinge on your mindset. I’d suggest you listen to this presentation to get started.

Don’t Wait, Start Today!

Here’s the deal. Acquiring skills, knowledge and experience costs resources.

And you shouldn’t wait to start helping people until you’ve “figured it all out.”

You have the love, passion and skills to begin helping right now.

You could volunteer at a gym, health clinic or even a farmers market. You can begin to go to meetings and talk to people. After all, these people could possibly be the ones who’ll be hiring you in a few months when you’re doing the ITN program.

So many people think this is harder and scarier than it is.

To help people is just that. It’s a habit and a muscle. Don’t wait to flex it.


This is the blueprint that I’d use if I was starting over. It’s also the blueprint I’d invite you to follow.

The truth is we need you. There are so many people who need support, nutritional information, and in desperate need of someone to help guide them through a transformation.

If you’ve ever felt the fire inside of you to help people, then take these 2 steps…

  1. Start by ordering the books above
  2. Click here to sign up for Cynthia’s free webinar: How to Turn Your Passion for Health and Nutrition into a New Career

Cynthia, as you heard in our last podcast, is brilliant and the presentation she put together will be worth your time. She’s planning to talk about why the next 3 years are CRUCIAL if you’re looking to build a nutrition business, three simple ways to make your weekly salary (or more!) by working just ONE day a week in your nutrition coaching business, and the 5 tools YOU MUST have to make this career switch work.

Will you join us? Will you step up?

There’s millions of people who need our help.

Jordan and I sure hope so. We need an army of leaders and we want you.

Join Cynthia’s free presentation here.

– Steve

Steven Wright

About Steven Wright

Steve Wright is a health engineer and author. In 2009, he reached a breaking point when IBS took over his life and the doctors didn't know how to help. Since then, he has transformed his health and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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7 thoughts on “Are You Interested in Helping People and Getting Paid?

  1. Avatar
    Jeremy Cain Stanley says:

    Thank you all. I’m wanting to help people with depression most of all, I can see where nutrients could play a big role in that. Does anyone have any up-to-date information on classes or programs I could get involved with to help? Books?

  2. Avatar

    Hi I came across your page in search for a way to fulfill my purpose. I want to help people. I don’t want to live a life full of procedures that pretends to want to help ppl. I have been studying homeopathic health on my own for a while now, and I can’t seem to stay or want to stay at any job I find. I thought I just ed wanted to be at home and then realized once I started doing that I will never be happy working for anyone unless their business is truly to care for another being. I’m interested in what you guys are talking about maybe this is what I needed.

  3. Avatar

    Surprised its only been five years. I found out about your site a year ago when I looked up what can cause 14 plus hours of sleeping per day and leaned about celiac disease with a huge list of symptoms she’s had since I’ve known her. Tests were positive and should have been diagnosed a decade ago instead she was constantly treated for symptoms and not the underlying disease. Even now doctors are not linking current issues with her celiac disease and it’s very frustrating. I tried explaining how celiac can cause hormonal imbalance which could cause frequent migraine issues. You’re site had the most in depth and easy to understand explanation of celiac disease and has been my go to source for information to try and help my loved one and others. Thanks for pushing through the hard times and I hope your successful in recruiting more people and changing how people live with these diseases for the better.

  4. Avatar

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you so much for this post!

    Not sure how else to say it but, it really spoke to my heart. I’ve been in a job for the past few years that is literally crushing my spirit. The thing is, I work in a prestegious firm and I’m good at my job which is very technical…but I desperately want to put my time and abilities into something I truly believe in. I’m passionate about health and have faced my own challenges. Many times I’ve thought very seriously about going back to school to study nutrition (even signed up once!), however options are expensive, lengthy, and in Australia the training on offer is very behind the times. I’m so excited for Cynthia’s course – oh my god, finally something that is cutting edge, with amazing teachers and a business lense over the top, where I can start helping people NOW rather than in 4-5 years time (after completing a woeful degree in the food pyramid!). Anyway, just wanted you to know your post filled me with such encouragement and reassurance that picking Cynthia’s course is right for me. Good to know someone has been in my situation…I can see the light!

    Take care


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