How Chelsie Put Extensive Ulcerative Colitis into Remission

Chelsie Ulcerative Colitis Remission

Every time I read a beautiful IBD success story I go, “Ahhhh.”

It’s like a tall glass of water on a hot day.

Nothing beats it.

And today, our friend Chelsie is here to share her Ulcerative Colitis success story. She’s willing to open up and tell us how she put her UC in remission. I’m so grateful she’s open to this, because it’s an incredible story about a single Mom doing what she needed to do to take control of her health and take care of her kids.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

[Enter Chelsie]

“19 months ago… a colonoscopy led to a diagnosis of extensive Ulcerative Colitis”

19 months ago, after 3 months of unbearable chronic daily migraines, constant vomiting, stomach cramps and 10-12 episodes per day of bloody & mucus-filled diarrhea, a colonoscopy led to a diagnosis of extensive Ulcerative Colitis.

As I lay in the theater, a cheery nurse told me I didn’t have cancer but I did have UC. She said she had prescribed me Prednisone and Mesalazine. I asked her if diet could help. She said, “No, that’s Crohn’s” and told me the steroids would make me feel better, but she giggled when she told me I was going to look like a “little chipmunk” and puffed out her cheeks very kindly just to demonstrate a bit.

She then told me I couldn’t go on a planned week’s holiday to France “in case something happens” and that I must not stop taking the steroids until I came back to see the specialist in about a month, as it would be very dangerous.

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Then, without so much as a leaflet I was sent stumbling out into the sunshine, clutching my miracle medicine to get on with my life. (It was to be 9 months later before I received a follow up appointment with any kind of specialist.)

“Among all the awful stories of doom and gloom, I had found myself a small glimmer of hope”

Luckily, I had already done my homework. When my GP had said he was 99.9% sure I didn’t have IBD, I wasn’t convinced. I had searched the Internet for information and among all the awful stories of doom and gloom I had found myself a small glimmer of hope, something positive to look at – the SCD diet. Even before my diagnosis, Breaking the Vicious Cycle was sitting on my kitchen table and I had already scanned through it and taken in as much as I could through my brain fog.

I took one look at the side effects and never took the Prednisone. My mum has osteoporosis, so I am more at risk. I tried the Mesalazine first and it helped. My bowel movements decreased and the vomiting and migraines reduced. I started to formulate a plan. I decided to go to France thinking that a stress-free week in the sun would help (which it did) and when I came back I would start SCD.

I have been on it ever since. Although, when I say SCD, I realize now that those early months I wasn’t always doing it properly. I wasn’t cheating, but there was so much to take in from the book at once. Being in the UK made it more difficult to understand, even cups as measurements is different from here. I bought the wrong type of yogurt maker… I used the wrong type of starter…

“I initially found it extremely difficult”

I initially found it extremely difficult to fit my cooking into my lifestyle. I live on my own with 3 kids and my youngest was just 3 at the time. I also work full time for myself, so I am pretty busy. I never cheated on illegal foods but some days I ate almond cake for lunch and dinner or simply went hungry because I didn’t have anything else legal ready to eat and I refused to cheat.

After 4 months, I was doing OK. I still felt extremely tired and although my BMs were only about 2-3 per day, I still had a lot of urgency. I went on a rare night out where I drank 2 legal vodkas. And before the night had ended, my stomach was cramping and the bloody diarrhea had started again.

“I went straight on the intro diet… and have been in remission (ever since)”

I had a moment of doubt where I thought perhaps the doctor was right and the diet wouldn’t work but I wasn’t ready to give it up. To me, there wasn’t really any other alternative. I went back online and found and downloaded SCD Lifestyle. I went straight on the intro diet, started looking at ways to manage my stress (I have an excellent acupuncturist) and researching supplements and have been in remission, but more importantly UC symptom-free ever since. I am currently med-free and have managed to avoid Prednisone.

I have 1 bowel movement per day… sometimes two, mostly 5’s (on the Bristol Stool Chart). But sometimes perfect 4s! My specialist says that “99% of people with the extent of my disease would have relapsed by now” and he can’t understand why I haven’t. But he dismisses the diet as there is no official research to back it up.

My biggest worry on the diet was that I would be unable to travel or go camping, but I have just finished a 6-week road trip with just me and my 5 & 13-year-olds in Australia. I managed SCD during a 30-hour plane journey and whilst living in a basic camper with 2 ring burners and a microwave.

I still have a way to go before I am as healthy as I want to be. I still get migraines and am investigating hormones and the effect they have on my body at different times of the month and have to constantly work at managing my stress as it has a massive affect on my health. I am also working on building some muscle back, because I lost weight during the intro phase and very quickly.

I hear a lot of opinions about SCD not working for UC and it makes me worry that people that could be helped by it are put off trying.

“All I know is that I have extensive UC and it has helped me”

I don’t know if it will work for you, it is a very personal thing and it isn’t an easy option. All I know is that I have extensive UC and it has helped me. I just wanted to share my experiences, to show that you can do the diet, even if you have a busy life and in case there are people out there who are looking for a glimmer of hope just like I was.


[Enter Jordan]

Chelsie, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. I know it will inspire others to use diet and lifestyle to take control of their Ulcerative Colitis, despite having busy lives and kids just like you.

I’m so grateful you’re willing to stand up and tell your story… because without you, this natural IBD treatment wouldn’t spread like wildfire.

If you’re struggling with Ulcerative Colitis or other forms of IBD, I highly recommend you use the same material Chelsie used to put her UC in remission. Get started with our book, “SCD Lifestyle – Surviving to Thriving” right now…

–> Get your copy here

I look forward to supporting your own success story 🙂

In good health,

– Jordan

Jordan Reasoner

About Jordan Reasoner

Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. Since then, he transformed his health using the SCD Diet and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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6 thoughts on “How Chelsie Put Extensive Ulcerative Colitis into Remission

  1. Avatar

    I would like to know how she was able to stay on the scd diet on a 30 hour flight. I love to travel and have a huge struggle with food during international and domestic flights.

  2. Avatar

    I’ve got Crohns and after a lot of faffing about have finally started the scd. This is now the second week and I’ve still bin having diarrhoea. I’ m planning to go to France for a week’s holiday in the summer and I’ll take my yoghurt maker with me as I’ll need it to make yoghurt. Question is will I find the cottage cheese I ‘ll need to make cheesecake
    And the pure grape juice for the jelly. Does anyone know what it’s called in French please?

  3. Avatar

    Great story! How does one know for sure there is remission? My daughter has been on SCD for 3 1/2 years due to UC. She is 9. She has had normal poops for several years but her sed rate and calprotectin levels stay elevated with the exception of a few normal periods. She is on humira because of uveitis and juvenile arthritis…. I know it does nothing for her UC because she was diagnosed with UC while on Humira. The only other med she takes is LDN. The GI doc wants to put my daughter on Remicade but do another colonoscopy first….which we would have to pay for out of pocket. The doctor said there can be activity despite no longer having symptoms. As a last resort to avoid replicate, I will be taking her off dairy again to see if the inflammatory markers go to normal but without visible symptoms, I am at a loss for how to troubleshoot. Not sure what else to do.

  4. Avatar

    This is an inspiring story Chelsie, well done! Especially so when you look at how busy your life is as well. I’m in the uk to and interested in finding out more regarding your supplements/starters for yoghurt etc. just started scd and having some success but urgency still an issue so would be great to hear your thoughts.

    • Avatar

      Tom am so sorry that I didn’t see this comment, I would have responded immediately (rather than a year later :() I hope that the SCD is working for you, if you still need advice let me know

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