How I Moved Across the Country… Without Getting Sick

We sold the house, packed up our stuff… and loaded the car.

Two kids, two dogs, and one over-stuffed Mazda 5.

Michigan to Montana in 4 days…

… driving through entire states without rest stops.

That’s When I Started to Panic…

I’ll be honest; this trip scared the hell out of me. Not because it was a road trip through the middle of nowhere, or because I no longer had a house to make food in, but the biggest reason was we literally didn’t have room for a cooler.

The car was stuffed to the gills.

And I’m the first to tell you, I eat one of the most restrictive diets you’ll find. I’ve been doing SCD, and then Paleo, for the past 3 years and I feel awesome…

… but there’s still a lot of food I can’t tolerate. I stick to meat, healthy fats, veggies, and some fruit.

I don’t eat eggs.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


I don’t eat dairy.

I don’t eat nuts.

And I’m obsessive about avoiding gluten. (If someone else makes my food or even gets near it, I will interrogate them like they are guilty of a serious crime against my family).

Why am I telling you all this?

Because if I can take trips like this and feel amazing… and you can do it too. I get emails all the time from people who don’t think they can make trips like this, or don’t think they can even leave the house.

Like our friend Jennifer, who sent us this Tweet:

I Used to Feel the Same Restriction, Until I Confronted My Fears…

We humans have a very powerful fear of the unknown. In fact, if you made a list of each one of things you’re afraid of, and then really drilled down into what it was that made you feel fear, it boils down to something you don’t know or haven’t ever experienced yet.

Let me give you an example from when I did this exercise before this trip:

“I’m afraid of going on this road trip to Montana.”


“Because I don’t want to get sick and I’m not sure what to eat.”


“Because there isn’t much room in the car and I can’t eat in small town restaurants.”


“Because I might eat gluten or other bad foods and get really sick, ruining the trip.”


“Because no one cares as much about my food as I do.”

I could keep going, but let’s stop there. What’s the unknown thing that I’m really afraid of? I don’t know what I’m going to eat on this trip.

The majority of my fear about this trip, the fear giving me anxiety and preventing me from imagining all the fun we we’re going to have as a family, it was all from worrying about what I would eat at each meal.

And the only way to crush fear, and go have fun, is to face it head on like this…

Fear crumbles in the face of planning. If you plan every single detail to a T, your fear will wash away and you can go have the time of your life.

I planned out every detail of this road trip and had a blast with my family… and I never got sick once.

As it turns out, there’s 3 parts to every trip:

  1.  Pre-planning the trip
  2. The traveling part
  3. And once you get there

99% of my fears were about part 2… and they all vanished when I did part 1 right.

How to Eliminate the Fear of Traveling on SCD, GAPS, and Paleo

You deserve to have fun and enjoy life, not stay cooped up in your house and alone on the weekends. I care about you, and I remember what it was like my first year on this diet…

I felt better, but I was scared to do anything. Eventually, my friends stopped inviting me places because I always made excuses to stay home. I don’t want that for you, because I gave up a year of my life, a year of having fun, and a year that I could have improved my health faster by enjoying my days on this earth.

Recently, I asked our Facebook Fans: “If you woke up tomorrow and never had stomach problems again, what’s the first thing you’d do?”

Just look at some of the answers and how they were related to the freedom of traveling:

“If I also had lots of money and time, I’d go travel the world…not having to worry about finding “legal” food!!!” – Laura

“Thank God. Then, I’d take my family for a long bike ride, then a hike and after that we’d go to downtown Seattle taking the train (which doesn’t have restrooms), then we’d eat out at one of my favorite restaurants…” – Lisa

“Travel overseas again.” – Diane

“Book a huge overseas trip to Europe (I live in Australia). Travel my little heart out, eat at every exotic restaurant I could find, laugh, play, sing, dance………I am getting a little carried away, but I love answering your questions Jordan and Steve :-)” – Rose

The bottom line: You can have this in your life right now. You can travel anywhere, hop on last-minute flights, drive cross-country, or even go camping without electricity for a week… all without getting sick.

You don’t have to be afraid to go have fun, because this life is too short to stay cooped up in your house like I did for over a year. The secret is to overcome the fear by planning out every detail of your trip. And you’ll have the time of your life, eat the right food to feel great, and never get sick.

That’s why we’ve put together this social life package for you called, “Becoming a Social Butterfly.”

It’s the exact step-by-step guides we use to travel anywhere, eat out last minute, and enjoy a normal social life with confidence… because you deserve to have that in your life right now, and I want that for you.

If you want to have that freedom of a normal social life, like we do now, this package can help you do that…

Here’s the link:

Talk soon,


P.S. – I look forward to you sending us pictures of all the fun you’re going to have 🙂


Jordan Reasoner

About Jordan Reasoner

Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. Since then, he transformed his health using the SCD Diet and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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    Jennifer Morton says:

    I am commenting on behalf of my fiancee. He decided against the surgery his physician suggested and has been on this SCD Diet for almost a year now and his recovery has been miraculous. He has just started working at a camp up north and there is nothing provided that he can eat that is “legal”. There is nowhere for him to purchase other food or even cook for that matter. My question is: Is dehydrating food a good option? If so, is there foods you suggest that are more benefitial than others?? Your help would be greatly appreciated, and thank you for helping him through this!

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