How Karl Got Rid of Diarrhea After $300 in Pills Couldn’t

No one should have to live with daily diarrhea and stomach pain.

It is a driving force behind the work we do here at SCD lifestyle. And there’s nothing better than chatting with someone who’s been helped by our work. Karl sent us a really nice email and I asked if he’d be willing to have a short conversation I recorded, so I could learn more.

He agreed and I’m very thankful for that. It’s hard to be as raw and open as Karl was. He’s an inspiration for all of us!

[Enter Karl]

“My Doctor told me… I’d be on these pills for $300 a month for the rest of my life.”

My doctor told me after I got a colonoscopy this summer, he told me that I’d be on these pills for $300 a month for the rest of my life. And he told me, he sat me down and he was like, “This will be your pill. You’ll be taking six pills every single day for the rest of your life, and that’s all I can do for you.” And at that point I was like, “Okay.” So I took them for the first two weeks, and they worked pretty good. And then after two weeks they did jack squat and I was like, “Alright well this is—maybe I need to go back on the steroids or something.”  I mean, I really wasn’t on them very long just because I knew they weren’t working, so I was getting a little bit down about that.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


What happened when you started following our eBook guidelines?

I was going to the bathroom ten times a day or so, or 12 times a day before I started. And the first week, actually the first couple of days already, I couldn’t even keep track of how many times I was going to the bathroom because it was like once maybe.

What might have prevented you from buying?

Somebody told me about the SCD diet and then we came across your Facebook page. And then as soon as I saw it I was like, “Hmm, this seems very helpful, because I don’t know what I’m doing right now.”

But I would say that maybe the fact that it isn’t in hard copy, or maybe it is and I just don’t know. But initially I didn’t get it because there isn’t an option to buy it in hard copy.

When I started reading it, reading your guys’ autobiographies at the beginning, or stories was incredibly helpful. And, in fact, I just read it again this weekend when I was a bit down and just saw how detailed it is. So that way it says for the first two weeks this is what I will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And just because it’s nice to be able to—because I am the only person that I know, with the exception of one adult who I vaguely know who has any problems with this. And so I had no idea. And I feel weird buying all these foods and stuff like that. So where I come from it’s a completely different methodology and mindset.

“The thing I like the most is just how detailed it is at the beginning”

I like how specific your book is. It says you cannot eat this. And it also is very helpful with phasing in foods. So like you give us stuff, like some directions on how to make pureed carrots and all those foods for phase one and two. And then from there you kind of like let go, and everybody else can figure it out on their own after that point. But the thing that I like the most is just how detailed it is at the beginning to say, “Start with this main core. And if you start with other foods, and you start eating them raw and that kind of stuff, you’re going to have setbacks.” It’s helpful. The detail is helpful I would say.

This book is easy for beginners like me who had no idea what to do with Breaking the Vicious Cycle. I know that’s what you talk in the beginning of the book, too, is how you guys spent so much time, like $100 a week or whatever the first couple of weeks putting together and trying to figure out what Elaine had to say in that book.

And I think that is going to be the number one selling point. It’s just that for people who don’t know where to go, it lays it right out in front of you.

[Enter Steve]

Massive Courage and Massive Action Yield Results

I really admire Karl’s courage to go against the grain and achieve such great results. We all will have hurdles when getting started on SCD. Some of Karl’s were a very rural setting, lack of a support network and medical network buy in. He was able to figure out a way around these problems and get great results, though.

And he’s not alone. I know there are many of you faced with a very similar situation. I hope you can use Karl’s story as inspiration.

If you are like Karl and are having inflammation, diarrhea and other symptoms associated with Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s disease, then I urge you to give the principles in our eBook a try.

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And we look forward to hearing your success story!


P.S. – Not everyone will get such amazing results in the first week like Karl did. But using our eBook will help you create a customized plan that fits your life and body. As 1000’s of others have, I hope you’ll join us. Keep up the hard work!

Steven Wright

About Steven Wright

Steve Wright is a health engineer and author. In 2009, he reached a breaking point when IBS took over his life and the doctors didn't know how to help. Since then, he has transformed his health and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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