How Ruth Overcame 50 Years of Celiac Symptoms By Healing Her Leaky Gut

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Every day, we receive emails from amazing people of extremely diverse backgrounds from all over the globe.

I know something about them.

If you are reading this, I know something about you too.

It boils down to one, common thing: you are all not willing to settle.

You are not willing to settle for feeling sick and tired any longer…

And you’re determined to not sit back and get caught up in what I like to call having a “this will do” attitude.

While there are many things that can rob us of our full health potential, “this will do” type of thinking is one of the most limiting..

I personally almost fell into this trap when I was told by my doctor that the gluten-free diet was the answer to my Celiac disease symptoms. In fact, after fanatical adherence to the diet I kept getting more and more sick. Sure, I experienced mild improvements here and there but it left me searching for more.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


I knew it wasn’t the answer, and I made my mind up that I wasn’t going to settle.

And so did our friend, Ruth.

There was a point in her journey where she was pretty happy with having less diarrhea, cramping, and a semi-improved rash. She could have easily stopped there and accepted the mediocre improvement.

But she didn’t. And I’m guessing you don’t want to either.

If you’re feeling like you’re constantly falling short of your healing potential but you still want to experience what it’s like to feel better than you ever imagined, let Ruth’s story inspire you to keep going.

[Enter Ruth]

Stress Took Its Toll at an Early Age

For the first 38 years of my life, I was full of promise and plans. Despite my serious Asthma attacks from childhood, ADHD and clinical depression, I had an enthusiastic, energetic personality.

Since birth, I’ve been allergic (anaphylactic-shock allergic) to ALL Nuts and ALL Legumes and almost died several times… but I‘m still here! My allergies were pampered with medication and my defense mechanisms grew as a way of protecting myself from the unfortunate situation I grew up in.

Alcohol and comfort foods became the medicine of choice for all my psychological and physical complaints up until 1977, when I ceased the use of alcohol.

I Focused on My Diet and Began to Feel Better… But It Wasn’t Enough

In my late 30’s, I attempted to get healthy by following the “Food Combining” diet created by Dr. Herbert Shelton. I went totally sugar-free and was so obsessive about it I lost 65 pounds in the first 6 months. My hypoglycemia corrected, taking with it my intense anxieties and fears.

I felt newly healthy but still remember having cramps and lower intestinal pain and seemingly frequent “food poisoning” or at least its symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting. It was suggested by my MD at the time that I give up eating wheat, which I did not understand or take seriously, and was put on an Orthomolecular diet of Mega-Vitamins.

My peculiar symptoms, constant depression and ADHD personality traits were now an accepted part of my nature and I plowed on through my life events, into my mid-fifties.

I Wish I Would Have Found This Valuable Information Earlier… To Save My Mother

At age 56, I moved from a life of security, friends, doctors, and support groups to take care of my sick mother who was in her mid-eighties. She suffered from cruel constipation and sudden explosions, as she called them, of liquid diarrhea, (Bristol Stool Scale #7). She had had these symptoms for years and pretty much accepted that that was the way it was for her. I cared for her with the knowledge I was given by doctors and family, feeding her most of the foods that today would be described as not allowed for a person with Celiac disease.

My mother died in 1997 of what I believe today would be diagnosed as Celiac disease and all of its accompanying ailments. I miss her terribly. I wish I had known better what to have done to help heal her gut.

Clearly, the doctors in her life where she lived had no knowledge of her issues or its treatment. My heart breaks for her now. I have had to forgive my own ignorance.

I Hit an All-Time Low, and Knew Something Had to Change

My symptoms of “food poisoning”, cramps, diarrhea, intestinal pains, and general misery, continued to plague me into my my sixties, as I got my Business Degree and Master’s Degree in Counseling. I maintained my role as Alcohol and Substance Abuse counselor until 2008 when I got quite sick… blood pressure shot through the roof, symptoms of fatigue and cramps and depression all ganged up and I stopped to reassess my unusual and, now, not very happy life.

Over the next five years, I was non-stressfully self-employed as owner/operator of a Used Furnishings/Antique Shoppe. But, in 2013, my symptoms started screaming so loud, I could no longer pass them off as “not to worry.”

The Severe Rash Was My Body Trying to Tell Me Something…

The symptom that finally got my attention was the rash on both my calves that itched to the bone. The Rash was UGLY and unbearable. My doctors had given me creams for it, thinking it was contact dermatitis or some fungus… it wasn’t. Nothing helped. The rash got worse and worse.

Finally, I took pictures of my ugly rash and inflamed itching legs and matched it to IMAGES offered on the computer and OMG! I didn’t know it yet but I was on my way to wellness! My rash had a name: Dermatitis Herpetiformis. TA-DAH! It is the hallmark rash of Celiac disease!

(And it is here I thank God and friends, of the late 1990’s, that I learned to use the computer! Many seniors were/are hesitant? Please don’t be.)

I Self Diagnosed Myself as Celiac and Decided to Go Gluten Free…

I had never heard of Leaky Gut and was ignorant about Celiac disease. Through all my reading, I discovered that the only way to heal my repulsive rash was to go on a Gluten-Free diet. Well, a book had just been published called Wheat Belly and that gave me some guidelines and information about the food intake/diet aspect to healing. And into my 70’s I went totally Gluten Free.

Within weeks, my rash was much improved as the fierce itching had stopped, the scabs and patches were clearing fast and I no longer needed 2 Ibuprofen each day. The phlegm all but vanished in comparison to what had been, and the constant use of the toilet had become more normal. I kept a daily journal of each complaint and symptom and this helped me keep track of it all. I had not yet developed the major diarrhea symptoms which brought me to this program, but I was much better and happier.

(I also learned that to have an effective Celiac disease test given I would have to eat Gluten-containing foods again. My doctor and I agreed that would not be beneficial.)

The Diarrhea Persisted: I Decided to Try The Solving Leaky Gut Program…

Despite so many positive changes, my diarrhea worsened so I decided to take it a step further. On December 1, 2016, I decided to try the Solving Leaky Gut Program by Jordan and Steve (the SCD Lifestyle Guys).

I immediately knew the program was for me, so I bought it as well as the suggested enzymes and started the first thirty days. I found the meal plans very helpful, even though preparing 3 meals a day was a challenge.

I knew I had to follow through on it if I wanted to give this diet a chance. I wanted to give my GUT a chance to heal. I was sick of being sick!

The Customized Quiz Gave Me the Guidance I Needed

My Leaky Gut quiz revealed I was a Tough Case. My most debilitating symptoms were diarrhea, cramping, fatigue, depression, rashes/itching, and iron deficiency anemia of which I take iron tablets for. I followed the eating plan for the first 30 days, like a novice in a nunnery, and oh my gosh, what a positive life changer it has been.

That first month, I went from #7 five-plus times a day on the Bristol Stool Chart, to 1-2 times per day. Those cute little farts that were really stinky, liquid squirts decreased as well. (Those got me started on wearing panty liners to decrease my self-consciousness in public.)

My Iron Deficiency anemia symptoms were even showing improvement and my hemoglobin number rose to a 10.6 from a 7.6. I started feeling well again.

The Proper Elimination and Specific Reintroduction of Foods Is Key

I was becoming eager to start my second 30-day plan where I could re-introduce some other foods I felt I were “missing” and here are some of my experiences:

EGGS – I reintroduced them as recommended, and by the third day I knew I was experiencing the same sick feelings I’d had in childhood after breakfasts. I might never have been able to make that connection without the elimination of foods. I have since taken Eggs out of my diet.

White Potatoes – I tried them as a side with a meat dish, as boiled, and as baked and knew without a doubt they were not going to work for me. Within 2 days of testing them, I reverted back to my #7 Bristol Stool Chart response and I said to myself: “Oh no you don’t… we are not going back there!” Since then, I have had no major serious reactions and I do not eat white potatoes.

Since I cannot eat Legumes, Nuts, Alcohol or any gluten grains, I was thrilled when the reintroduction of white rice worked well for me. It is now a staple in my new diet. I drink Celestial Teas and eventually reintroduced some coffee. And I found kefir and love it.

Solving Leaky Gut Has Given Me the Tools to Take Control of My Own Health

I’ve learned that bowel movements are in direct relationship to my food intake. For example, in less than three months I have gone from a #7 on the Bristol Stool Chart, 5 to 8 times per day, to #3 and #4 once or twice a day. I can look back 1 to 3 days to see what may have caused the high number to show up.

The categorizing of foods has been a HUGE help in understanding my own eating/health needs. Knowing exactly which foods to eliminate and a concise plan to reintroduce each of them helped so much. This process has allowed me to build my own custom diet and has made grocery shopping much easier.

Let Your Body Be Your Guide

There are so many names out there for similar symptoms; Crohns, IBS, IBD, Lactose Intolerance, Celiac disease, Gluten Sensitivity, and on and on. I had to find out on my own initiative what was going on in my body… if not for my rash and itching, I might not be where I am today. Listen to your body!

I currently still keep a daily written journal, noting each meal, stool, snack and any new feelings or reactions to foods. I record my vitamin and medication intake, and write down any comments that are useful about each day.

Patience, Perseverance, and Determination Are the Name of the Game

Thanks to Jordan and Steve, I’m able to live a relatively normal, happy and healthy life. I can say that with age comes patience and the willingness to be honest with one’s self. Those two principles obeyed have given me the ability to persevere and remain true to this eating plan.

Now, at age 77, I understand the principle of “one day at a time” as I have been alcohol- and drug-free for more than half my life. This phrase has helped me enormously when following the Solving Leaky Gut plan by Jordan and Steve.

Do You Want to Be Sick or Well?

It may seem difficult at first, but the question comes down to this:

Do you want to be sick or well?

I always choose well, and to be able to do that ‘with a little help from my friends’ (Jordan and Steve) is a true blessing. They’ve taken “Leaky Gut” out of the whispering range and have brought a plan into view without shame. They have provided a source of education to not only myself and those who suffer with this leaky gut problem, but the countless doctors who haven’t yet a clue.

[Re-Enter Jordan]

Having a “this will do” attitude is something we see all too often when it comes to getting healthy.

If you’re anything like Ruth or myself, you know there’s more and you owe it to yourself to keep searching… and to not give up hope.

The Solving Leaky Gut Program was just what Ruth needed to reach her full potential and we know it can help you too.

In good health,


Jordan Reasoner

About Jordan Reasoner

Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. Since then, he transformed his health using the SCD Diet and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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