How to Bulletproof Your Gut with Dave Asprey (Podcast 46)


How would you like a bulletproof gut?

Sounds pretty sexy right? Count me in. Actually, anyone who’s striving to become a bulletproof, superhuman, or top-level athlete is very intriguing to me. They are willing to push the boundaries of our knowledge much further than most of us. And they usually have access to the newest and coolest gadgets and tests.

So, when I stumbled onto Dave Asprey’s site, I was intrigued and kept coming back to see what he was up to. Then, I tried his Bulletproof Coffee and it was all over. I’ve been following him for about a year now and he’s got a lot of very cool projects which are helping many people.

(side note seriously try the coffee it’s that good)

Dave was sick, overweight and quickly losing his brain power. As a successful entrepreneur this was unacceptable. When conventional medicine didn’t help, he decided to do it himself and has spent the last 10 years and $250,000 dollars on testing, doctors and the coolest gadgets to hack his health. Sure, he got healthy, but he didn’t stop there. He wants to push the boundaries and become bulletproof. He wants to function at the highest levels possible like working 14hr days and being a good family man. So, he does things like eat 4,500 calories a day, sleep 5 hours a night and run electricity across his head at night. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


Avoid Toxins and Avoid Inflammation

That’s the number one takeaway I’ve learned from Dave. He has done extensive research on toxins in our food, homes and soil. He takes a very economic approach to explaining the realities of a manufactured food. He talks about the kind of thing that no one wants to hear, like if you’re trying to create a mass market product… the quality can only be so good.

The other thing I like about Dave is he practices what he preaches and he talks about it regularly. He can be found in several places online giving talks about self-experimentation he’s done. He and his wife had to take very specific measures to get healthy to have kids when they were in their late 30s. His wife happens to be a doctor which makes the fact that they have an upcoming book about fertility, inflammation and epigenetics even more exciting. It’s called the better baby book.

I’m really appreciative that Dave took time out of his weekend to talk with me. Let him know that you appreciate it and hopefully we can get him back on the show.

On This Podcast, We Cover:

3:12 How the game FreeCell can be used to track health
7:24 It’s not fair to say coffee, red meat or saturated fat is bad
9:47 What are Epigenetics? Are genetics really that important?
14:13 What are mycotoxins? (Hint: Peanuts & Crohn’s don’t go together)
17:08 How to use charcoal to improve your digestion
23:40 The Fresh Fish Histamine Scam and how to protect yourself
27:25 Understanding sub-clinical food reactions
41:15 How to avoid eating the wrong food before it goes in your mouth.


Dave has three primary websites. On his blog, there is a ton of free information that you might like. He has sourced several high-quality products like the coffee I drink every day and highly recommend it. You can find his products on And finally the book he wrote with his wife is launching on this website Huge thanks to Dave!

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– Steve

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Steven Wright

About Steven Wright

Steve Wright is a health engineer and author. In 2009, he reached a breaking point when IBS took over his life and the doctors didn't know how to help. Since then, he has transformed his health and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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11 thoughts on “How to Bulletproof Your Gut with Dave Asprey (Podcast 46)

  1. Avatar

    i have recently found out, after being bloated for 2 years, that it was actually caffeine from tea, chocolate, and coffee that is the problem. that and over ripe fruit, canned fruit (over ripe), too many carbs or starches. maybe dairy but i havent tried adding that back in yet. legumes so far vary. i couldnt believe this was the culprit. i have been agonizing over my horrible tummy situation for so long and i finally realized, after going on so many trial diets, that when i avoid sugars, starches, caffeine, coffee-tea-chocolate i feel fine. it was the only thing i was still eating through it all, and i never once thought it could be it. i dont know why. maybe because ive been eating it for so long and it was my favorite thing ever i unconsciously did not register it as a possibility to give it up. if any of you struggle with bloating, and otherwise healthy weight and body (i am thin and fit) i deeply suggest cutting out all sources of caffeine. ive heard carob is a chocolate substitute with 0 caffeine but i havent experimented with it yet.

  2. Avatar

    I use the Bulletproof chocolate powder. It’s 100% pure, fermented chocolate. However, I doubt it will fatten you up. If you’re eating low carb, the fat in the chocolate isn’t likely to add much weight. I can eat up to 2800 calories, mostly from fat and maintain my weight.

    It is delicious, though.

  3. Avatar

    I really enjoyed this interview. I suffer with Crohn’s and maybe Lupus too. I have been on SCD for about 4 months. I feel much better even though I have a very limited diet. I re-introduce foods every so often. I am extra skinny and I am looking for things to fatten me up a bit. I thought some toxin/mold free chocolate might do it. I am anxious to try the chocolate even though I know it’s illegal. I’m hoping the way the bulletproof chocolate is made (minus mycotoxins and other harmful ingredients will make a difference). I looked for a list of ingredients on the website and found none. Does anyone know if there is anything added (ie sugar, etc.)??? I may have to try it with a bottle of activated charcoal in hand -LOL!

    • Steven Wright

      @Lynn – There is some disagreements among the people closest to Elaine Gottschall regarding chocolate and several are now saying that coco butter is legal if it’s pure. Not Chocolate but the actual butter used to make it. Which I believe is one of the products Dave sells. If you try it let us know how you do. We are still firm believers in creating your custom diet!

  4. Avatar

    Great interview! Very informative….Sounds alot like myself. I have taken so many things into my own hands after failed results from 4 different doctors. ( Although the natural docter knew more about health and nutrition than the mainstream ones.) My brain is working on a level it has never worked…I feel so much smarter like my IQ has jumped 15-20 points. I am so much more focused…I see eveyrthing so much clearer and sadly yes, the reality of the correlation between economics and inferior health. Sadly the un-educated and poor class will suffer more and more with health because of eating inferior products and not realizing the underlying issue. You have to think out of the box and educate yourself for protection. I will try the charcoal and look into the probiotics strain…I use GI Pro and I really think that I should try to make my own kefir from raw milk from grass fed cows…I have bad leaky gut/candida/mild crohns…98-99% symptom free after bing on custom SCD diet for a year…still have some minor inflammation…Im open to anything that has proven success and is as natural as possible…about to start virgin coconut oil and kefir. Tried yoguart…not as good…but I hear kefir is different and I have never tried raw milk from grass fed cows…could make a difference…any thoughts?

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