How to Tell if You Have Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and What to Do About It (SCD Podcast 25)

Have you ever met someone new and completely hit it off?

Like you were long lost friends that could talk about anything?

Recently that happened to me after a chance introduction email… and the first time we met on the phone we talked for hours about everything from poop to wine.

And the best part?

My wife is a HUGE fan of my new friend, because now I have someone ELSE to talk to every time I find a new study on gut bacteria and fecal transplants.

Anyway, in this 54-min podcast I interview my new friend, Dr. Allison Siebecker, from

She suffered from IBS for years until she found SCD, and then became an expert in Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). I really think you’ll enjoy hearing her clinical experience using SCD as a treatment to overcome small intestinal bacterial overgrowth…

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


Especially the part where she shares how to tell if you have it and what to do about it.

On Podcast 25, We Cover:

1:25 How she used SCD to overcome IBS – then discovered why it works for SIBO
8:25 What exactly is SIBO… so you know what you’re up against
12:50 The symptoms that you have SIBO and the specific tests to know for sure
20:21 What to do if you have SIBO and how to choose the treatment option that’s right for you
26:35 Shedding light on the “die-off’ mystery – with clinical experience on what to expect and how long it lasts
30:56 Using SCD as a treatment for SIBO – and whether or not antibiotics are really necessary
34:40 The pitfalls to avoid if you want to cure SIBO with SCD – and the mistakes that can work against your healing progress
38:27 The best answer when figuring out how long it takes to CURE SIBO
45:22 The specific steps to follow for the next 30 days, 90 days, and 1 year to overcome SIBO AND make sure it doesn’t come back again
51:56 How to become a SIBO expert by gaining access to the latest treatment strategies being taught to medical professionals


Thank you Dr. Siebecker.

I hope you enjoy the interview 🙂

In good health,

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Jordan Reasoner

About Jordan Reasoner

Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. Since then, he transformed his health using the SCD Diet and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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88 thoughts on “How to Tell if You Have Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and What to Do About It (SCD Podcast 25)

  1. Avatar

    Wonderfull interview ! 🙂
    one little question, english is not my main language and the sound was a little muffled at the end, and i want to make sure i didnt forget anything at what she said from 45:45 to the end, so she talk about:
    -the scd
    -probiotics (take them at night is better)
    -best to wait between 3 or 5 hours between meals (i didnt understood why ^^)
    But i miss some of the infos she give,i tried to concentrate at the maximum but i didnt understood my english level is not good enough :p a big Thank You to who is gonna answer my question and have a good day !

  2. Avatar

    Hello Jordan,
    i very much enjoyed the SIBO podcast. Thank you!
    I have been diagnosed with Crohn’s in my terminal ileum and IBS. My main problem is constipation and occasional loose stool. I was tested for SIBO but I am not sure that my naturopath interpreted the results properly. She concludes that I do not have SIBO but my acupuncturist thinks that I do. My GP doesn’t know anything about the SIBO test so i am wondering how I can get someone to interpret my results.
    Any ideas?
    Many thanks,Claire

  3. Avatar

    Great information, thank you. 😉

    I have a mild case of SIBO and took antibiotics which did not help (actually, it doubled from the first SIBO breath test from .08 to .16) so after my GI saw no improvement he said he believes I actually don’t have SIBO because the only SIBO symptom I have is Gas and maybe occasional bloating. After that I saw a functional medicine Spe and she put me on a FODMAP diet with no grains because I came out with The celiac gene, gluten sensitivity and MTHFR mutation. But she was not 100% into the FODMAP and allowed me to eat some foods which are high in FODMAP. After 3 months I saw no improvement on any of my symptoms so I fired her. She also put me on a 6 ingredients tea like Garlic and Oregano oil which again did not help. I also lost weight ( mostly after going on these diets) brain fog, chest muscle/rib-pain (mild) and feeling weak all the time so she said it was a leaky gut. I drink Ancient Nutrition Protein bone broth 2-3 times daily which was recommended by my functional Medicine Spec. So my question is, will this diet be good for me which just like another person mention before I do not want t lose any more weight. Is this a lifetime diet like the grain diet because I do not think I can survive on both diets.

    • Avatar

      Hi Jose – it sounds like you’re looking for a plan that can help heal your gut and transition into a diet you can follow for life. If that is tire, I hope you’ll attend our free webinar on Solving Leaky Gut on Tuesday night – the SLG program we use has two phases – 1. Rebuild (healing) and 2. Living (maintenance diet). A healing diet does no good if you don’t know how to eat when it is over! The SLG plan helps you find the customized “Jose Diet” that will keep you happy, satisfied, and feeling good

      You can learn more by registering for a free webinar here:

  4. Avatar


    I wanted to thank you all for this podcast and let you know my story. I have been suffering from left side pain for 2 years that is constant (not effected by food or other triggers that I had found, but I am also a snacker). I had a CT scan to see if it was an inner abdominal muscle tear. What they found was that my colon was swollen. My GI doc was convinced that I didn’t have a GI problem (so much so that he wouldn’t call me back even after I sent my CT scan results to him 5 times, and still no reply). After that I still had pain and a lack of focus. I had given up trying to fix it and depression/anxiety took over and I think that made my symptoms much worse.

    One day I had to miss school and didn’t get any of my homework done because the pain in my left side was so bad. That gave me the drive to do some research. I am a chemistry grad student. So I have many resources available to me through the school I go to.

    I found all sorts of stuff, but what started to segway some of my symptoms was finding lecture notes from a GI course (I think from a university in North Carolina). The lecture notes were an overview of GI diseases that included IBS. The thing that stood out to me was that IBS is used as a diagnosis when the doc thinks there’s nothing really wrong (hypochondriac behavior of the patient). What the lecture notes were getting to was that patients being neglected by their doc’s usually got worse, whereas if the doc “acted” like they cared and actually talked to their patients then the symptoms would start to go away (psychosomatic).

    Once I read that and started to tell myself I was fine the symptoms got better, but never fully went away. So I was back on researching again, when my boyfriend was diagnosed with MS. He was introduced with the idea of diet helping to prevent relapses and even reverse brain damage. This diet research actually led to finding information on paleo diets and then I found my holy grail of research on SIBO.

    I know this is a long story, but I think it gets the point across that IBS is not heavily correlated in literature to SIBO (it took me 2 years to find SIBO). I have been starting to feel better even though I just started (1 week ago) cutting some of SCD illigal out of my diet (not all because some of those things I love, like boiled artichoke and seaweed chips). I didn’t do the introduction diet, mostly because I am too busy with my schooling to have diarrhea for maybe a week, and can’t risk it while teaching 50 students how to be safe with chemicals in the lab. Another reason I decided against it was because, as a chemist, I cannot risk the safety of myself or others while in my lab and going too low on carbs might cause me to pass out.

    I am glad that Dr. Siebecker talked about the issue with vegetables, because when I started to diet with my boyfriend I found that many of my favorite vegies were making me feel sick. Most notably carrots, which I love because they are the night vision vegie.

    I hope that if you have Dr. Siebecker on another podcast that you can ask her what she thinks about the relation of SIBO to stress/depression? I think mine was actually triggered by a 6 week intensive lab that I had as an undergraduate and that my frustration with the GI doc only made it worse. I am still not certain that SIBO is my issue, but putting all my symptoms together it fits.

    Thank you again!


  5. Avatar
    Jeannie Heredia says:

    Hi there, I am at the point of despair. I tested sort of positive with a breath test, no three hour thing. My GI doc gave me something to breath into and since I had almost nothing to eat, I ate one pancake at breakfast and one at lunch (I can’t remember, but it was small, I was barely eating) I blew a 12 parts per million which he said was not positive but since I had not eaten anything it was enough coupled with my symptoms to put me on Refaximin for 10 days. It didn’t help me.Its about a week later at this time since being on the antibiotic. I still have distention and bloating and gas when I eat “normal”. Even if I eat the special diet, I still have some distention and gas. I have a backache that doesn’t quit. I have had severe fatigue, not normal for me. I am high energy!! I love to move and exercise. I will say, after starting some mega dosing of vitamins (B complex, C, Candidastat) and eating raw garlic and some juicing in the morning (not fruit, except for 1 green apple with cucumber, cilantro, 1/2 lemon, celery with coconut water). After juicing, I always feel good. If I have a small meal, I am ok, as long as it is the safe foods. I know TMI, but I am tired of this distended stomach and hyper focus on getting well. I don’t think anyone knows what to do with me. I have been advised to do HIGH FODMAP but I question that. I have been told to take BACILLUS COAGULANS and the first “other” ingredient is INULIN. So I believe that is a “NO-NO”. I don’t know what to believe or who to go to for correct guidance. My GI isn’t helpful as he refused to add the anti fungal Neomycin to the regiment of Rafaximin. He never said to do anything different with my diet except possibly try cutting out gluten. I am either NOT eating, juicing, or eating meat with salad (just greens with lemon and olive oil, sometimes with carrots and celery and mushrooms). I wish I could find solid trustworthy advice. I know about the specific carb diet. I have mostly stuck to it. I do not do carbs and sugars and fruits anymore. I am really trying. I am down to 107 and I am 5’3″ so I can’t just not eat and even juicing may be a detriment. I just don’t know!! Help!!! Thanks for any advice. PS I have had the usual make sure no cancer etc IE Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, Cat scan, X-ray, ultrasound, gynecological check up….

    • Avatar

      Hi Jeannie – thank you so much for reaching out to us. I’m really sorry to hear what you’ve been going through with SIBO. SIBO can be very persistent and difficult to treat – and we know many people struggle to overcome it.

      We recommend you check out our friend Dr. Siebecker’s site and consider looking into working one one one with her or another functional medicine doctor

      I also recommend this podcast with Chris Kresser and Dr. Pimentel: where he talks about why SIBO can recur and why Rifaximin doesn’t work for everyone

      I hope these resources help!

  6. Avatar

    Hello, I may be missing something here but why is bacterial overgrowth in the gut not more widely doesn’t seem ‘out there’ one bit. Yet I haven’t heard one word of it from any of the doctors I’ve been to including 2 gastroenterologists. All I get is a diagnosis of IBS and a see ya later. I suffer from flu-like symptoms with low-grade fevers along with IBS to which the last gastroenterologist replied, “nothing in the gut causes that.” Well I beg to differ. It is 100% connected to what I eat. Has anyone else had flu-like symptoms connected to their IBS?

    Does anyone know of a doctor/s in or around Amarillo or Lubbock? And I think another valid question in this battle is what exactly do I ask when searching for a doctor?
    Thank you in advance for any insight!

  7. Avatar

    Does anyone know if there is a starter in Australia that I can use to begin making my SCD yoghurt with the permitted strains of L. bulgaricus, S. thermopiles,L. Acidophilus.
    OR is there company that sells single strains of the above online?
    Many Thanks
    Suzanne, Melbourne, Australia.

  8. Avatar

    Hi Steven and Jordon
    Firstly Thankyou for all your hard work.
    I have Streptococcus and Clostridium Ramosum overgrowths. I have been on a Paleo diet for 3 years supplementing with high strength probiotics.
    I have found no success in eradicating my fatigue, headaches, diahorrea.
    I am under an allergist as i react to everything i eat but after a year of food challenges i feel this is a waste of time as i believe the fermentation process due to the bad bacteria will make me react to everything i eat, hence giving false results.
    My question is can you tell me the medication that Dr. Siebecker recommended to take?
    I couldn’t quite catch it in the podcast, i think it began with an R.
    I feel i have struggled on long enough with the diet and although i am against anti biotics ( as they caused me all these problems) i am ready to give them a go.
    I am a Coeliac, Lactose intolerant and due to bad bacteria now Fructose intolerant.
    Kind Regards

    • Avatar

      Hi Suzanne, both of my kids have strep and the same strain of clostridium – were you able to find any relieve to resolving the trouble of either of the overgrowths? Any help would be so appreciated 🙂

  9. Avatar

    Jordan: you mentioned above to treat the adrenals before you begin to improve your gut health. Would you advise to treat any hormone imbalance first? I suspect I have SIBO and intestinal impermeability (I have had Celiac disease for 15 years), that I thought caused the autoimmune reactions, that I thought led to my Cortisol, Thyroid and estrogen problems. Treat the hormones or the gut first?

  10. Avatar

    I have been on the GAPS diet for one year along with my now 2-year-old. Neither of us can tolerate more than 6 foods and seem to be getting worse with malnutrition. We’re also getting pretty depressed with the lack of gains. We drink broth with boiled meat and liver pureed in along with a couple vegetables and fermented cabbage juice. The taste is awful. My adrenals are shot from trying to heal my son and I, but DHEA and pregnenelone cause rapid heartbeat. I have tested positive for Cryptosporidium (son is negative) and I am pretty positive I have SIBO…potentially my son as well. My son is very constipated. I tend that way but do have a daily BM. We both take tons of probiotics. Any suggestions to get us moving forward?

  11. Avatar

    Fantastic!!! I have heard this one 3-4 times…its so true.

    What helped me was: taking Allicin garlic pills…1400-1800mg per day in divided doses…did that for three weeks…took some heavy berberin and ginger lower bowel herbs from the best herbalist out there…

    and then went into a long juice fast of fresh carrot,spinach, celery and oranges…that allowed the GI track to rest and fed me essential vitamins and minerals in the easiest way to digest…which is pretty much the elemental diet Dr. Siebecker was discussing…the SIBO could NOT feed off of the juices because they were RAW and no pulp!

    They starved out and with the garlic…had no chance

    Fresh squeezed fruit and veggie juice is the ultimate cure…juice fasting has been proven to cure practically every disease if given enough time…the body will heal itself…food is just an aid…and cooked food can be so bad for us…dead foods do not heal…raw living foods help to heal us.

    cooking fruits and most other foods renders it useless pretty much especially meats…

    so juice, juice, juice…your body can make it a long time with water and raw juices…no need to do it longer than needed.

    O and use distilled water!!! make your own.

    hope that helps someone out there…it has for me and many others that shared that with me.

  12. Avatar

    I have not done the breath test, but knew SIBO was the issue…been on SCD 100% for 3 years…and still inflammation especially when I eat too many carbs, and not doing probiotics…I dont do well with fats and have malabsorption issus…

    So…I took 3-4 bottles of allicin-c garlic in heavy doses and then went into a 3 week juice fast of fresh orange and carrot and celery…symptoms gone for the first time in 3 years!!!

    Then I started more sweeter fruits (bananas, dates, apples ) and it all came back…I was pretty much vegan for 3 months so I cant blame dairy or meats…

    Anyone else have issues with SIBO coming back with too many sweeter fruits?

  13. Avatar

    Hey guys,

    I have been using your website a lot recently after being told to try the SCD diet by Dr. Finger in Doylestown, PA. I started dealing with GI issues last Nov. while sitting in grad class. I went to the ER, they saw I had an ovarian cyst and thought that was causing the symptoms, so they removed it. From there my GI issues became out of control so I got Colonoscopy, CT Scan, endoscopy, capsule endoscopy, stool samples, 20 blood tests, and a meckel scan. I then did a hydrogren breath test that came out POSITIVE back in March. I started the SCD diet Oct. 1st of this year and just had the hydrogen breath test done again Nov. 15th 2013 and it came back negative yet I’m still having the SAME symptoms. My stomach hurt even when I was only eating chicken broth, chicken, purred carrots, and eggs. I removed the eggs and felt “a little bit better” but my pain is located in my lower right abdomen and it is ALWAYS there. It never goes away. I had 3 treatmeants of Xifaxan and once with Flagyl and none of the treatments did anything (as far as symptoms go). So I am super confused if I have SIBO or leaky gut or what the heck I have because I basically can’t eat ANYTHING without being in pain and having diarrhea. Any suggestions???

  14. Avatar

    Hi Steven, I haven’t yet been tested for candida (there are no naturopaths or functional medicine practicioners in my area that my insurance covers) but last night during the worst of my die-off I saw something in my stool that looked enough like candida to confirm my suspicions. While my symptoms have greatly diminished in just three days on the SCD diet, I’m worried that the surviving candida will go dormant or migrate into the bloodstream and become more difficult to detect or kill. I’m currently taking probiotic pearls but are there any other supplements or cleanses you would recommend (I wasn’t sure if Dr. Siebecker was endorsing detox cleanses or not)? I’m also wondering if the same line of treatment should be taken if I have both candida and SIBO.

  15. Avatar

    I learned so much from this awesome interview! I’m almost certain that I have SIBO. I’ll go to the doc tomorrow and get the testing on underway.

    OK, I got 2 questions:

    1- I’ve heard that taking antibiotics kills all the bacteria in your gut, both good and bad. So no good bacteria is left to hold Candida in check and it proliferates like crazy during antibiotic treatment. In your opinion would it still be preferable to deal with the SIBO first and then the candida?

    2- Dr. Siebecker mentions Elemental Diet as one of the treatments for SIBO. I have Elemental shakes developed by Jini Patel Thompson of just sitting in my cupboards. The carbs come from tapioca maltodextrin, though, which I know are SCD illegal. I was thinking of perhaps combining shakes with SCD/low FODMAPS foods. Do you think the shakes would still be effective in starving the bad bacteria in my SI or would I just be threading water by doing so?


    • Steven Wright

      Thanks! Regarding 1. Yes this can be a problem so use probiotics during and after treatments. Also never assume you have a candida overgrowth ALWAYS get tested. 2. Dr Siebecker uses our eBook and encourages people to create custom diets just like we teach on our site here and in our eBook so I’d suggest following that path as it’s the one used most often.

  16. Avatar

    Thats why I got Herbal parasite syrup for cleansing and taking gaviscon at the moment, along with SCD Intro Diet. After 5 days of Intro diet and gaviscon, I’m ridding all those critters with parasite syrup, will keep you guys posted.
    Triple penetration at once.

  17. Avatar

    Guys, super helpful website. I recently took a breath test that confirmed SIBO. My issue is that I have been on PPIs for several months, which were prescribed to me because of some Acid Reflux issues I was having. My doc wants me to go on antibiotics to rid myself of SIBO, but I fear it will come right back because of the PPIs. Is it possible that SIBO is causing the reflux? I want to get off the PPIs, but have struggled with Acid Rebound issues. Viscous Circle. Any advice??

  18. Avatar

    This is such an amazing interview. I only recently discovered your site, and I’m now listening to this podcast for the third time. I’m arming myself with this invaluable information for my next appointment with my doctor. Thanks Steven, Jordan and Dr. Siebecker!!

  19. Avatar

    Hi Guys, I believe I have SIBO and am booked to see a gastro doc soon. So far on SCD, finished 3 days of intro and today am finishing up Phase1. I feel good aside from some die off which is subsiding. However I have not had a bowel movement in 4 days. Should I be worried? Is this dangerous? I am eating the plan foods and drinking 2l of water a day. I’m not sure what I can do that is SCD legal at this early stage. Please advise. Thanks

  20. Avatar

    Wanted too shoot a quick question after listening too this interview and throughout my own trial and error.
    At the minute im testing pretty much everything diet related. pretty much am responding too most foods. Im handling meats ok, some meats givee a response such as stiff pains in the neck and an empty stomach feeling, but if i touch pretty much any carbohydrate i tend too get heavy fatigue, loose appetite, sometimes tho it can also make me feel even more hungry/ravenous, A real mix of symptoms with different foods. I have had symptoms of fatigue for about 6-7 years, the last year really hit home where things have took quite a dramatic turn in turms of reactions too eating food, I also get twitches + spots on the back/shoulders. I was wondering if you guys have any advice for me or in which direction im looking, From listening too the interview this seems too correlate too sibo but the symptoms are so varied im kind of at a criss cross. I am also trying too rid of parasites after visual confirmation (stools), but it seems one thing crosses with another in terms of diet, ive heard meats/fats aint great for ridding of parasites?
    Many thanks guys i appreciate the time

    • Steven Wright

      @Dave – I’d say stay with the diet modifications we have great success with SCD. Paleo is great too but the starch can be an issue for someone like you. I would encourage you to invest in some stool testing to find out exactly what pathogens are in your GI tract. Infections like parasites will not be killed by diet and depending on the type need specific protocols. If you need a guide to work through this kind of stuff we’d be more than happy to help ->

  21. Avatar

    Hi Jordan,

    I keep reading that SCD will resolve SIBO but in my experience I have the most trouble with SCD-safe carbs – carrots, squash, fruits… I seem to be okay with starches such as white rice and cassava. I’ve been battling IBS, GERD, SIBO, and severe GI tract inflammation/pain/rawness for years. I used to have IBS-D before I removed gluten (tested n-ve for celiac) and went Paleo. Now I have IBS-C.
    The worst part is that probiotics (especial lactic acid ones), which many say will help, make me feel much worse. I have typical d-lactic acidosis symptoms from them.. esp if I eat SCD-allowed carbs within days of taking the probiotics.
    I’ve seen countless GI specialists and naturopaths. My food allergy list is every growing. I have done GAPS and felt worse than with starches. I have treated blastocystis infections with S.Boulardii and metronidazole (follow up tests were negative). I have tried healing with RepairVite, extra slippery elm, l-glutamine, broth (gives me horrible, relentless constipation), I have Magnesium glycinate… I don’t know what else to do. I can hardly socialize because food is ever-present and I cannot stomach much of anything…
    Is healing possible??
    I cannot go low carb, my thyroid and adrenals cannot sustain me.
    Can you point me in a direction that may help? I’m in Canada.
    Thank you sincerely,

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Treat your adrenals with a good functional medicine practitioner. You may need to do 12 months of bio-identical DHEA and Pregnenolone with adaptogenic herbs before you begin to improve your gut health.

      Email us if you need more help from a private consult.


  22. Avatar


    I am not sure how this works on this site, first time. I am assuming I have SIBO, I started with it right after colon surgery around 5 yrs ago. No help from the GI Drs in this town at all, all if they decide to help you it is with just antibiotic, period. One treatment of Rifaximin helped but came back. Where is the best place to start? I am really lost at what to do. Thanks

    • Avatar

      Hi Fern, this may be a little late, but look into Interfase Plus enzymes. Sometimes pathogens hide in the gut biofilm and need to be destroyed. Also, look into underlying diseases like Celiac Disease. If you use PPI’s (proton pump inhibitors… acid blocking drugs like Rabeprazole or whatever), you need to try and get off of them. They will also cause SIBO to come back.

  23. Avatar

    Wow, this was so informative. Thank you. I have a couple questions for you guys. I have been dealing with what I now think is almost definitely SIBO for about a year. My main symptoms are gas, bloating, and constipation. I occasionally experience acid reflux/heartburn. I do not consider myself a severe case necessarily, but my symptoms do bother me. I am still not sure whether I should get the test and go on antibiotics or simply start the SCD diet. I am leaving to study abroad in a month and am nervous about trying to maintain the diet while traveling, but know it is something I need to do. One thing I am especially concerned about is weight loss. I’m currently underweight and looking to gain 10-15 pounds. Will this be possible on the SCD diet? Do you have any tips for at least maintain weight? I cannot really afford to lose any weight.
    Also, I did introduce digestive enzymes and HCL into my diet in the past week and had a strange experience. Despite taking several 600mg capsules, I never experienced the “burning” feeling in the stomach. But I did experience heartburn and some crampy pain. My bloating and gas also tended to get worse these past few days. Did I take too much? Not enough?
    I’d appreciate any insights you have. Thanks!

    • Steven Wright

      @ Angie – You are in the right place. Yes you can gain weight on SCD, but gaining weight means you must actually absorb what you eat. So working to make sure you digestion is top notch is the start of gaining back that weight. The only major key that many people make a big mistake of is not eating enough calories. Shoot for at least 2000 as a women and even higher if your active.

      You’ll probably want to read this post on Betaine HCL supplementation I did, but based on what you said, sounds like you haven’t reached your correct dosage yet and until you do you will contiune to not see much improvement. Your on the right track just keep going.

      Europe has higher food standards than America so you’ll be fine over there as long as you have your digestive support supplements like HCL and maybe enzymes along with general support supplements like Vitamin D3. Of course I’m assuming you’ll eat as close to SCD as you can. If you want the super playbook on how to travel, overcome cravings and eat out on a regular basis check out our travel product ->

  24. Avatar


    I have been reading a bit about this as I have been suffering
    for years. The Naturopath told me I have candida, fibromyalgia
    and chronic fatique. I have suffered from constipation for years.
    I guess my question is will SCD help me, I would like to know before
    I buy the book and it doesn’t work. I have been trying to follow Primal/Paleo
    diet, and it does make me feel better.

    Would love to hear back from you, on what you think I should do.

  25. Avatar

    Thanks for the informative podcast! I have chronic bloating that doesn’t go away even on a completely SCD-compliant, dairy-free, grain-free, fruit-free, starch-free, nightshade-free diet. I’m looking into SIBO as a possibility – obviously I have leaky gut. I already did the Metametrix GI Effects test, which found no pathogenic overgrowth, no parasites, & no yeasts. I did have an excess of Clostridia sporogenes (non-pathogenic).

    One practitioner I consulted suggested that stool tests aren’t that great b/c they will miss overgrowth in the small intestine, detecting only large intestine overgrowth – any accuracy to this?

  26. Avatar

    I was diagnosed with SIBO about 2.5 years ago. At that time, my GI put me on a 10 day courseof Xifaxan, presumably the cadillac of antibiotics for this condition. After 6 days, I had to discontinue it because of severe side effects. Then I went on the SCD diet, which has helped the nausea and stomach pain. However, what remains to this day is my inability to eat almost any vegetables, no fruits, no dairy, no homemade yogurt, no fish. This leaves me with chicken, some cuts of beef, no pork, almond butter, some baked goods with almond flour, sometimes well-cooked carrots. Every time I try to add in a new “legal” food, I feel sick. I take daily GI Health acidophilus. After 2.5 years, don’t you think I should be able to eat a more variety of foods?

    • Jordan Reasoner
      Jordan Reasoner says:

      Hi @Pam –

      I’m highly suspicious that you could have a bacterial infection or parasite adding fuel to the fire.

      Next time you see your new Doctor, I’d highly recommend you get tested for a parasite/bacterial infection. If you have one, you’ll have to treat it before you can make anymore progress on SCD or otherwise.

      This is the only stool test we recommend because it’s so accurate. It’s a Metametrix ecology stool test. It will test for a whole range of yeasts, parasites and bacteria infections.

      I hope that you stay in touch and let us know how you’re doing.

      I believe in you!


          • Avatar
            Holly Anderson says:

            Doctor’s Data Parasitology*3 and conventional stool test*3 and 3 individual test failed to identify parasites which I most certainly have and have been seen by 2 colon hydrotherapists, myself and my fiance. These things live way up in the Large intestine and some may be dead dying and are causing me massive inflammation and severe constipation(I can feel it), which is contributing to anxiety, rapid heartbeat and general feelings of being unwell.
            Do not take these tests as 100% proof that you do not have parasites. I’ve done research and read many other individual blog responses and it is common to take 10 or more stool tests(even through alternative means) and test negative for parasites but still have them. They do not just magically come out and expel eggs in every poop. Especially if you have a dead ball of them way up there causing severe constipation. I have tried many many things to get my bowels moving these things come out every so often. Could take years I’m afraid.

  27. Avatar

    Best. Podcast. Ever.

    I’ve heard of SIBO before, but never in such detail. The kicker for me was when she said the key symptom is bloating – which is my main symptom, and the one that has puzzled me for years. Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free etc etc never completely addressed the issue. I can’t thank you enough for having her on as a guest – I took copious notes!

    It’s pretty obvious to me now that SIBO has been my problem, as the only times I have ever been bloat-free have been when I tried a zero-carb (so just meat and fat) way of eating, and when I tried SCD. Now I know what to do, but more importantly (for me) WHY I need to do it… back to SCD I go!

    I’d be interested to hear from Dr. Siebecker (or anyone) if SIBO has an effect on weight (gain or loss). I notice that when my gut is acting up (even when I am eating ‘well’), I tend to put on weight… 5-8lbs suddenly. I wonder if it is actual weight gain, or an inflammation-related thing?

    Again, thanks so much for having her on – hope she’ll return!

  28. Avatar

    Thank you so much for the podcast! It was rather rewarding as a Celiac suffering from SIBO and Candida to get such a great wealth of information! I’m so very grateful for the notes as without the money for proper healthcare I rely on sources like this for continued treatment on the quest for better health!

  29. Avatar

    I am 66 and had explosive bowels for years. Last February after 8 months of increasing pain in my stomach I finally went to the Dr. Three days later I was in surgery, had a bowel reconstruction and was diagnosised with Crohn’s. I am now on Azathioprine.

    My syptoms are less severe than I would have expected or have heard of from others with the diesease. About the only thing I can pinpoint is diarhea if I eat raw veggies or firm meats.

    One of the things that I question is the reports of weight loss because my experince is just the opposite. I had steadily gained weight over the past several years. I went on a low-carb program 6 months prior to my diagnosis and had lost 15 pounds and another 8 right after surgery. I have steadily put weight back on and now am 10 over my lowest, after surgery weight. If I am not careful I will continue to gain weightm which I do not want to do. Is this unusual?

    • Steven Wright

      @ Terry – I’m not sure anything on this site is usual :). If your looking to stop weight gain, the first thing to check is how many calories are you eating on avg daily basis? Even small amounts over normal, done consistently will add up to big weight gain over several months.

      Try to get up and walk 30 minutes a day, and track your calories for 10 days. You should notice some patterns, if your still confused report back what you find and we will help you out!

  30. Avatar

    My doctor put me on antibiotics ( trimethoprim ) for two months. He didn;t say to carry on keeping off wheat and dairy ( which help) and he now says that my food sensitivities are a seperate issue. He wants me to take something he tells me is a chemical resin which he says has no side effects. It binds to stop me going to the so much. ( i can go up to 9 times in the morning at the worst). What dose this resin do and how does it fit into my trying to get symptom and possible sibo free? I don’t feel I understand what he is doing and why he is asking me to try this.

  31. Avatar

    WOW!! I sure learned a lot, but still I know so very little but this has given me hope to keep pressing forward. This interview with Dr. Siebecker was great, and I noticed from her site that she’s from Oregon too! Thank you so much Jordan and Steve for wanting to share your knowledge for better health with us.

  32. Avatar

    I have a question about betaine Hcl. I have reflux, problems digesting, LPR, and am also really, really sensitive to just about everything that I put in my body. I’ve tried betaine HCl aftermeals a few times now and have noticed that I am getting a sweat and some pain in the stomach. Not all the time does this happen. When it does, it seems to take some time to develop and I am not sure if it’s due to the betaine HCl. I also have pain in my right side which may be a gallbladder problem.

    I guess I wonder if I should stop with the betaine HCl? I have so many symptoms that suggest I need it. Besides the LPR and other reflux issues, I was diagnosed with a gastrointestional motility disorder, i’ve had outbreaks of acne around the mouth and on the back.

    I have not started the SCD Intro. I’ve given a couple attempts but have been easing into it. The broth took some time to get used to (it was provoking a neuro-reaction) and I broke the diet a couple of times (since I wasn’t technically on it) when I had sugar cravings.

    Anyway, any advice on continuing the betaine HCl? Also, do you know if the SCD diet can help with liver or gallbladder dysfunction?


    • Jordan Reasoner
      Jordan Reasoner says:

      @ Bryan

      HCL will generally cause a burning or warming sensation below the belly button (in the stomach) if you take too much. Also, the amount varies depending on how much protein you’re eating with meals. So for example if you’re eating some fruit and a salad or something… you don’t really want to take any Betaine HCL or it will cause burning.

      But if you’re eating a steak, you’re going to need some. Something like Salmon is somewhere between steak and fruit/veggies. So you have to find your sweet spot for the different amounts of protein that you’re eating.

      Also, the only way to really know if you’re a good candidate is two fold:

      1) Get a “Heidelberg Test” to get accurate readings on your stomach acid levels
      2) Get a stomach scope to make sure you don’t have any ulcers or gastric bleeding that HCL will aggravate

      Ultimately, it’s up to you… but I would say that getting on full SCD is going to help more than getting a handle on your HCL 🙂

      Let us know how it goes,


  33. Avatar
    Ruth Buchweitz says:

    Thank you so much for this webcast. I learned so much that may help explain what is going on with me–belching and abdominal pain which got worse after being on an antibiotic for strep. I made an appointment with my doctor to discuss this.
    Thanks again,

  34. Avatar

    Hey Susan – I was thinking about this the other night. It’s sort of like a double positive if your on SCD and still have a positive SIBO test. And if your getting results from SCD, and the test is negative that is still a positive for SIBO in my opinion (because it’s a treatment for it). Things to think about.

    Some of the gains may be lost, but the skills and experience of getting started won’t be. It will make it easier and faster for you to get your gains back because you’ve already been through it once.

    Hope you can share your results here!

  35. Avatar

    Thanks, Steven–you are right re. SCD being a treatment and results probably being lower if you are on it. I didn’t want to chance it, so I did go off of SCD, and, due to delaying the test for various reasons, I will be off of it for 1 1/2 weeks total…at that point, I think many benefits I had gained from my 3 weeks ON SCD will have been lost. I plan to re-start the intro after the test…meaning all meals that day…and go from there.
    Thanks so much!

  36. Avatar

    Hi all,

    I’ve been on SCD for over 3 weeks and decided to be tested for SIBO. I contacted Dr. Siebecker, asking if SCD would skew my results…her gracious reply was yes, probably so…and that as few as 3 days back on a ‘normal’ diet could show results more ‘truly’. So…bummed as I was to give up my progress, I went back onto my ‘normal’ diet and will have the test next week. If anyone is on SCD and is going to be tested for SIBO, bear this in mind. (at the same time, I’m asking myself why I’m having the test, when the point of SCD is to wipe out the bad bacteria!)

    • Steven Wright

      Hi Susan – Unless I’m wrong, the biggest reason SCD is going to “skew” the results down is because SCD is a treatment for SIBO. So the results of the test would be lower than if you were eating a higher carbohydrate SAD. Sometimes just like we talked about in the podcast more than SCD is needed to attack the bacteria if you want faster results. Also, if you do go off SCD for a few days you don’t just lose all the work you’ve been doing.

  37. Avatar

    This is great! If anyone is in the midwest, there is a GI practice here in St. Louis, which is one of the foremost SIBO testing centers around. I believe, in addition to testing in office, you can also test at home. Just do a search for Leonard Weinstock SIBO and you will find them. They are great believers in SIBO and very supportive of the surrounding protocols! (not all docs are…)
    Thanks, Steve and Jordan, for your wonderful work.

  38. Avatar

    And also, I discovered very recently that I had fructose malabsorption (I suffer from UC). Do you have some info and advices about it ? Thank you so much for your amazing work.

  39. Avatar

    Thank you for all this information !
    Being French, I would be very grateful if someone could make a transcription of that podcast : despite all my attention I missed a lot of useful informations I couldn’t understand.

  40. Avatar

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for having Dr. Siebecker on! This was AMAZING! Thank God there are doctors out there like her. My situation makes so much more sense now! You all are my heros!

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