Inflammation, Gut Health & Endurance Sports with Ben Greenfield (Podcast 49)


With the CCFA promoting another endurance sport every month, I often shake my head and wonder how much harm they are doing?

So, when I found an endurance athlete who not only competes at the highest levels but also tracks his gut and inflammation markers I was excited to find out…

How much inflammation do endurance sports cause? Does the gut get damaged every time you workout? These are some simple questions I had for Ben Greenfield from bengreenfieldfitness after I found out he was a sponsored Ironman triathlete. Not only that, but he’s focused on becoming superhuman in between races.

After we got to chatting, and I found out how serious he was about maintaining peak health in this demanding sport, I knew we needed to record a podcast. Ben’s been all over the world in races that can be over 10 hours of straight completion. He also coaches high-level athletes and weekend triathletes so he knows what it’s like for the rest of us who can’t or don’t want to go that long.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


Ben is the owner of the internet’s top triathlon school Rock Star Triathlete and he does his personal coaching from And it turns out, when he’s not figuring out how to win races, he’s worried about keeping his gut healthy and testing everything to make sure his inflammation markers aren’t out of control.

On This Podcast with Ben, You’ll Learn:

7:28 Using HS-CRP to track your inflammation
10:17 When can exercise become harmful?
14:45 Common endurance training mistakes people make
20:19 What does being Fat-adapted really mean? (Low Carb Flu Alert!)
24:53 Is doing endurance sports with a gut issue smart?
30:51 What does Ben do to take care of his gut?
38:33 Simple but major mistakes many people make exercising


Huge thanks to Ben for taking time to come on our show. He has a ton of resources about living a low-toxin and low-inflammation life on his site, so spend some time over there. The show Ben and I did for his listeners is located here: How to stop digestive problems from ruining your life.

Books Mentioned on This Podcast

Art and Science of Low-Carb Performance, by Jeff Volek

Low Carbohydrate Diet for Triathletes, by Ben Greenfield

Supplements Mentioned on This Podcast

Mt Capra Goat Milk Colostrum

Dr. Tom O’Bryans Immuno PRP Capsules

(While both of these supplements are very high-quality and seem to be SCD Legal, neither Jordan nor I have used these products nor can I tell from their webpages that the supplements are fully SCD legal.)

– Steve

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