Inside the Supplement Industry with Dr. Steve (Podcast 74)

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Have you ever been disappointed by a supplement? Well, let me tell you I understand how frustrating it is to spend hard earned money on supplements and receive bottles with broken seals and capsules and zero results. The no results part really bugs me. After well over 10 years of using, researching and testing supplements, I’ve realized that there are many factors that play into getting the desired outcome from them.

Over and over I see the same mistakes being made. Among the most common are under-dosing of active ingredients, sourcing of low cost ingredients, and researched products that fail to deliver on a consistent basis.

The only supplements I’ll use and give to my family are of the highest quality and do what they are suppose to. But without my personal experience, testing, and daily emails of what’s working and what’s not for people, would you know how and where to find the brands and products that work?

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


Well, that’s what today’s podcast with Dr. Steve Sisskind, MD, and part-owner of the supplement company RealDose Nutrition is all about. Have you ever wondered if your fish oil is rancid and worthless?  Are you curious why some products cost 10x more than others?

If so, this podcast is for you. Because, trust me, it’s not all marketing in the supplement industry, BUT a lot of it is.

I met the RealDose team last fall and was completely blown away by their openness and mission as a company, so I started using their products myself and really grew to like them. Then, I  started getting awesome feedback from many of our clients.

In December, I did a special weight loss presentation, during which I recommended some of their products. Of course, there were plenty of people saying I had “sold out” to a supplement company, but I can assure you that’s hardly the case. We don’t recommend anything unless we’ve first tested it out ourselves and also with lots of other people. If we didn’t, you’d surely stop following us (and we wouldn’t blame you). So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to a supplement company that has raised the bar, especially in terms of transparency, customer service and refund policy.

On This Podcast We Discuss:

1:38 Who Dr. Steve is and what led him to start a supplement company
2:51 Who is RealDose Nutrition and how did it come about?
4:30 Pros & Cons of the business from an insider’s perspective
9:50 Tricks of the trade and things to watch out for with supplement companies
16:58 Direct to consumer supplements vs. in-store brands
20:00 The RealDose fish oil story, plus supplementing vs eating fish
30:02 The best questions to ask a supplement company about a specific product
36:15 Hormonal and biochemical processes that block you from reaching your health goals and New Year’s resolutions
40:45 RealDose’s motto and how they go beyond selling supplements


Thank you so much Dr. Steve for taking the time to give us an insider’s perspective on the supplement industry. I think there are many great companies and products on the market. Unfortunately, the majority of the industry just doesn’t seem to focus on producing results. And that puts us consumers at a disadvantage, similarly to when we’re trying to source and buy the highest quality food.

Also, for those of you trying to lose fat, if you haven’t already done so please take my fat loss quiz or listen to my free presentation (mentioned above) today. In it, you’ll hear me go into detail on why I think RealDose’s Weight Loss Formula 1 product works so well for our clients. If you’re like me and want to check out the science behind RealDose Nutrition’s products, go to their website here.

Tell me below what’s your favorite supplement brand and why?

– Steve

P.S. If you can’t see the audio player on this post, you can download the mp3 here. Also, you can listen to the show on iTunes here.

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Steve Wright is a health engineer and author. In 2009, he reached a breaking point when IBS took over his life and the doctors didn't know how to help. Since then, he has transformed his health and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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5 thoughts on “Inside the Supplement Industry with Dr. Steve (Podcast 74)

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    Is taking high quality Fermented Liver Cod Oil okay during SCD instead of doing a fish oil such as RealDose Omega-3 TG? Or do you believe that Fermented Liver Cod Oil isn’t acceptable during SCD? Thanks for all the help you’re providing!

  2. Avatar

    My favorite supplement brand are all products from USANA Health Sciences because first of all, they work. Secondly, they were created and developed by a world renowned scientist, not a marketer. Thirdly, all their supplements have a 100% potency guarantee which means they guarantee that what’s on the label is what is actually in each pill. They are manufactured in an FDA registered facility using GMP practices and over 600+ elite and Olympic athletes trust their health to USANA and that’s why I have trusted my health to them for over 16 years.

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