Jessica Lives Med-Free with Crohn’s and Wants to Help You Go Shopping (Podcast 43)

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Magoch, who has been using SCD to live med-free with Crohn’s disease since 2007.

Not only is she a rock star and taking control of her health, but we met because she reached out to me a few months ago. Her passion was about making it easier for people on SCD, GAPS, and Paleo to go grocery shopping… and she had a wonderful idea about how to do that.

Since then, she’s been working like crazy to build her new online grocery shopping website

In today’s podcast she’s going to share her Crohn’s disease story, including how she successfully gave birth to an 8 lb 2oz. baby boy because of the SCD Diet.

On This Podcast with Jessica, You’ll Learn:

1:05 How a Crohn’s diagnosis changed her life, only 2 weeks after a honeymoon in Italy
8:40 The breaking point that finally got her to start SCD
10:37 “I can’t think of a greater gift the diet has given me than my son…”
13:21 The biggest challenge she faced on the diet, and how she pushed through it
18:37 Why the SCD, GAPS, and Paleo online grocery store was born
24:29 How to order high quality meats if you can’t get them locally
28:30 Her best advice for someone just starting out or feeling stuck

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Thank you so much Jessica!

Here’s her new website again:


– Jordan

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Jordan Reasoner

About Jordan Reasoner

Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. Since then, he transformed his health using the SCD Diet and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Jessica Lives Med-Free with Crohn’s and Wants to Help You Go Shopping (Podcast 43)

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    Mark Lopiccola says:

    This was a great interview. However, I am having no luck getting either web site. They might be down to heavy traffic after this interview.

    Thanks again for the SCD information you provide.

    Mark L.

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