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SCD Lifestyle Troubleshooting Your Diet

Since we started this blog I dreamed of a day when we’d give a fancy presentation with poop charts…

Dreams do come true!

We were fortunate to do just that as part of our “Troubleshooting Your Diet” presentation for Sean Croxton’s Real Food Summit, check it out:

Real Food Summit Troubleshooting Your Diet

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


As you know, the Summit is 100% FREE with 3 presentations a day for a 24-hour viewing period.

Our talk on digestive troubleshooting goes live for 24-hours beginning 12:01 AM Monday July 16th.

Here are a few topics we cover:

  • How could a real food diet make gut problems worse?
  • The most common digestive symptoms and they are telling you
  • Which real foods contribute to an unhappy tummy?
  • Natural strategies to calm your belly
  • Supplements that help, even on a real food diet
  • Are there lifestyle changes that can help my gut?

Sean is an incredible host and we had so much fun being a part of this epic week of experts on food, health, and wellness.  I hope you’ll join us LIVE on Monday to support our community and talk about poop together.

Not only that, but on Tuesday Sean’s bringing us on his Underground Wellness Radio Show to take live Q & A all from our presentation!!!

Here’s two ways you can join us on the Real Food Summit:

1.  Check out our FREE presentation on poop, supplements, and problematic foods

It goes live for 24-hours on Monday 7/16 and it’s completely free!

Here’s the link to see our presentation on “Troubleshooting Your Diet”

–> See our Real Food Summit Presentation

2.  Join us for LIVE Q & A on the Underground Wellness Radio Show at 5 PM PST on Tuesday 7/17…

Hope to see you there, representing our community and talkin’ poop with us!

Tune into the LIVE radio show Tuesday 7/17 @ 5 PM PST:

Talk soon,

– Jordan

P.S. – I almost forgot to mention, Monday July 16th is also the final day to purchase all 27 Real Food Summit presentations for $67 and once it’s over, the price goes up… with all this hot knowledge at a price lower than each presenter charges per hour it’s a no brainer!  .

I’m looking forward to listening to these while I cook, clean and drive to work:

–> Get The Real Food Summit take home package here


**This final link is our presenter affiliate link, meaning that if you decide to buy the summit take home package, we’ll receive commissions.  If you want to support us feel free to purchase the take home package with it.  We appreciate you, our community and all you do for us!

Jordan Reasoner

About Jordan Reasoner

Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. Since then, he transformed his health using the SCD Diet and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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10 thoughts on “Join Us LIVE on the Real Food Summit — Troubleshooting Your Diet

  1. Avatar


    I am eager to do the intro – the SCD. I’m curious to know why you are recommending grape juice which is so high in sugar. I have pretty bad SIBO/candida problems from years of IBS, mercury toxicity, etc. and have avoided sugar like the plague.


  2. Avatar
    Anne Blanton says:

    I listened to your session on the Real Food Summit and was totally fascinated with the information. I was extremely sick last summer with a bad gall bladder (it was removed), pancreatitis, GERD and even had to have my esophagus stretched. To top it off I have two lesions on my pancreas that they are watching closely as pancreatic cancer runs in the family. I have had stomach issues ALL of my life. In the late sixties and early seventies the doctors told my mother I was just a picky eater and was wanting attention. After leaving home I began to notice what caused the issues and what didn’t, but continued to eat things I wanted – sick or not. After last summer I knew I had to do something. My new medical doctor advocates a “plant based” diet for my issues. As soon as I took dairy out of the picture, I began to improve. If I slip and eat ice cream (my nemesis), I get sick. Quality beef and chicken don’t seem to give much issue. Eggs are not good. You made so much sense. I have spent over an hour today reviewing your website. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  3. Avatar
    Laurie D. Warner, MA, CNC says:

    hi, I enjoyed it much. I also felt the need of mentioning how to individualize it all. I found your experiences helpful, especially about the four horsemen! I had not encountered this. I also do this type of education. My article in Wise Traditions discussed restoring fat digestion (Copper-Zinc Imbalance, Spring 2007). I work mostly with Chinese Tongue Diagnosis and GAPS Diet for these students.
    I wanted to tell you about my experience with stomach acid, when I could eat almost nothing ( as I describe in the article). I could not tolerate HCL in any form, lots of burning. Long a fan of Vermont Folk Medicine, I kept thinking of cider vinegar, though the Candida protocols all said vinegar is death. It was a key to my recovery! (The dogma on “fermented foods” has changed now; we know the difference between real and fake).
    I used some vinegar in my soups, and it took months, but it improved my digestion enough I could use some Chinese herbs, and eventually regular digestive products.
    The Chinese “cold spleen” condition (white tongue or less severe, white coating) can make the stomach so sensitive it cannot tolerate HCL.
    I am working now with someone too sensitive to use vinegar. I suggested she use Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Spice Tea. Very gently warming, and her tongue has improved a lot.
    Anyway, I would say with the cider vinegar, real foods can help restore stomach acid. Cheers, Laurie Warner

    • Steven Wright

      @Laurie – Thanks for stopping by I love hearing how other people solve the same problems so I really appreciate your comment! I plan to read your article here in a bit. But I just wanted to tell you a quick story that we’ve found very interesting lately for these same group of people who cannot tolerate HCL but have low acid levels. Mastic Gum – It seems to really help several cases in a row now. It takes away any burning/GERD/heartburn they were experiencing and all levels of health are rising.

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