Can Coconut Oil Really Help Me Heal My Gut?

Last week, I added coconut oil into my bag of tricks. I am extremely excited to be able to start using the oil throughout all my cooking experiments, not only for the flavor, but for the incredible healing properties it provides. I bought Organic Virgin Coconut Oil because it is the most pure and effective at doing what it does best.

The oil also withstands heat very well and doesn’t become rancid like olive oil does when it gets overheated. I picked up The Real Foods Trading Company FunFresh brand Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for around $14. They state that their oil is unrefined, unbleached, un-deodorized, un-hydrogenated, and processed without solvents (all very good things). The most exciting thing about introducing coconut oil is the lauric acid that it contains, which is only found more concentrated elsewhere in breast milk!

The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil are easy to absorb, digest, and move through the blood and into the liver to be quickly converted right into energy. The oil also inactivates the bad guys, like H. pylori, Candida albicans, and Giardia, all while suppressing inflammation and repairing tissue to help heal the gut (we will have a longer article on this later). The oil turns into monolaurin once it reaches your gut, which is a very powerful antimicrobial agent. All in all, the introduction of coconut oil into the SCD diet is almost as important as starting the yogurt. It helps regulate the bad bacteria and support the good bacteria, all while helping to reduce inflammation and leaky gut. Elaine did caution against using Coconut milk until about six months into the diet, but not against the oil itself. Just introduce it slowly like any other food.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


Here is a quick and dirty SCD legal chile I spiced up with Coconut Oil:

1st: I browned 2 lbs of ground beef in a skillet

2nd: Then, I added a pinch of thyme, paprika, sage, black pepper, and salt

3rd: I stirred in 1 cup of tomato juice

4th: Then, I added the special ingredient… 1/2 cup of coconut oil

5th: Then I mixed in some cooked veggies (green beans, cauliflower, and cucumber)

6th: I let it simmer for about 15 minutes for an incredible chile that is slightly sweet from the coconut oil

Random Thoughts:

It’s interesting how the more and more I get my diet handled, the more and more pieces of my health puzzle are fitting into place. When I first started the diet, I figured all my problems were from gluten (very naive). But after the SCD diet started to take away that reality and I started feeling better, I began to see all the other areas of my health that were also suffering. I believe that many of the issues are related, but I wasn’t even able to see them until the diet allowed me to start feeling better and gain some perspective.

Since I have been on the diet, I have been able to address my low stomach acid, my thyroid problems (iodine deficiency), inflammation, poor digestive enzyme production, and a magnesium deficiency. Now, that’s not to say that this stuff is going to be the same for everyone… but with each new issue I tackle with my doctor, I reach a whole new level of health I never realized was possible. It’s been an incredible journey, and it all started with the SCD Lifestyle and building my foundation. Once I stopped spending 4 hours a day on the toilet, I was finally able to figure out what else is going on with me. It’s almost like having a lens that’s really blurry, but as I continue to heal I can focus it more and more clearly. I can’t wait to see what the next level will be like… and I strongly believe that coconut oil is going to help me get that much closer!

Got any good ideas for using coconut oil? Post them below, and also, take a moment to comment on what the SCD Lifestyle has helped you realize about your body.


Jordan Reasoner

About Jordan Reasoner

Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. Since then, he transformed his health using the SCD Diet and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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25 thoughts on “Can Coconut Oil Really Help Me Heal My Gut?

  1. Avatar
    Kimberly Webb says:

    I have celiac disease and have been on the SCD from SCD Lifestyles. Com for around 2 years now. I appreciate the emails and the support I have received. The material is wonderful! It was even life saving for me. I just incorporated coconut oil into my diet and I love it! Thanks, Jordan for the info!
    Best of Life,

  2. Avatar

    Cocunut oil is also beneficial in healing wounds. Also if you are bringing healing to your intestines consider incorporating goat’s milk and turmeric into your diet. Both are excellent for inflammation….

  3. Avatar

    You can use coconut oil to make the best popcorn ever. You can use it for lotion. Use it to tan with. Use to fight acne. Drinking 100% coconut water with pulp from a can or coconut will heal psoriasis. Put a spoonful in your mouth, let it melt and swish it makes for a good mouthwash. It whitens and kills germs and fights gengavitous but make sure you don’t spit it down the sink.

  4. Avatar

    Concerning the coconut oil, extra virgin, cold pressed, etc., that’s all good, but the one thing that’s missing is what part of the nut the oil is extracted from. The kernel is what one wants, not from the copra which is where the vast majority of coconut oils come from. The kernel is the quality.
    Also, with coffee or herbal tea, try 1 tbls grass fed butter or ghee and 1 tbls coconut oil per 1-2 cups of either drink. Add a little stevia if desired.
    Prepare the drink, add it along with the rest into a blender and blend for 20-30 seconds. This replaces creamer and you’ll get the good fats associated with the butter and coconut oil amongst other things and in raw form. Café du monde is the choice for coffee this way, for sure dude!

  5. Avatar

    When can I introduce coconut oil. I love it and used it a lot before I started the SCD. I am at week two now. Would it help with my constipation? I haven’t been to the toilet for three days.

  6. Avatar

    I think I am intolerant to organic coconut oil. I have been on the FODMAP diet for a few months, but thought I would try to add coconut oil in, as I heard of it’s benefits for IBS sufferers.

    Well I noticed I got a huge migraine after having quite a bit of it through the day which I haven’t had since on the diet (I think because of the removal of gluten has truly helped). I also was running to the toilet which is not something that usually happens to me. I took a little bit the next day again, and a slight headache appeared, so I ditched the coconut oil…and no symptoms since.

    • Avatar

      I used a tablespoon of coconut oil with a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of sea salt. I mixed it all into a cup of camomile tea as a sleep remedy. Unfortunately it didn’t send me to sleep. It just made me feel sick and gave me a headache. I was still feeling rough today. It was last night that I took it, before bed time. My stomach is still gurgling now!

      • Avatar

        HI Tracey – you may have taken too much and it’s possible your body isn’t used to that much saturated fat. Go ahead and cut back to 1/2 TBSP and see how you do. We’ve never really heard of coconut oil helping one to sleep, though, so perhaps you could try it during the day.

  7. Avatar

    what about with salicylate sensitivity while you have gut dysbiosis? I react terribly to coconut oil- rash, burning intestines…though I have SIBO/candida, low secretory IgA,leaky gut, really low weight. So I’d love to be able to use it, but don’t think I can for now…

    • Steven Wright
      Steven Wright says:

      @ Chris – Not much experience with the butter, but I’ve read it tastes great. As far as cooking you want to stay with the oil because it will with stand the heat better.

  8. Avatar

    I have coconut oil, but never knew when to use it or substitue my olive oil for it.
    Are their specific foods I should pair it with? Or can I use it when I make my sauteed aparagus? And I never knew how much to use..the same amount as olive oil?

    • Steven Wright

      Hi Kate,

      You can substitute whenever, actually coconut oil is better for cooking than olive oil as coconut oil has a higher smoke point. I saute all my veggies in and most of my meats. I actually do not use olive oil unless its in a dressing form. For cooking I use animal fats, coconut oil and ghee. Give it a try but roughly the same amount works for me.

  9. Avatar

    Hi Jordan, awesome site man. I’m starting on the scd and had a question about iodine and salt. Did u use salt that had iodine added 2 it or did u use other means to correct your deficiency. If so what brand of salt was it. I’m a little skeptical of using anything but unrefined sea salt (just started using celtic sea salt) but depending on who u ask their might not be enough iodine it. Thanx bro

    • Jordan Reasoner
      Jordan Reasoner says:


      I only use unrefined sea salt, however salt with iodine is allowed on SCD. I’ve just always been skeptical of the processing of the salt. I did take a iodine supplement made by Freeda for awhile but have since stopped as my multi-vitamin includes it (SCD Complete by GI Pro Health). I would recommend trying out their multi-vitamin but as for the salt it is Basically a personal choice. Good Luck!

  10. Jordan Reasoner
    Jordan Reasoner says:


    Thanks for the question. Right now we are only offering our book online in e-Book format so that people can instantly download it upon purchase and start the diet as soon as possible. It also helps us get it to more people on the web without dealing with shipping all over the world.

    We find that all of our customers have been very happy with this method so far and haven’t had any issues. Remember, you have 90 days to try it out and if you don’t like it for any reason, just let us know and we can refund your money no questions asked.

    Let us know if you have any further questions and please stay in touch as you continue your journey on the diet.

    In good health,


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