Nicotine, Ulcerative Colitis and Weight Lifting with Jim Laird (Podcast 67)

Jim Laird runs a gym, organizes conferences, power lifts at an elite level and has Ulcerative Colitis. Not only that, but he walks daily, meditates, prioritizes for sleep, and works to manage his emotions. Not what you’d expect when you see the picture above.

And that’s what I love about Jim. He’s a walking, talking fountain of experience and knowledge. His experience tracking his body and getting better after nearly dying from Ulcerative Colitis is a powerful case study. Combine that with his experience training moms, kids and professional athletes and he’s probably worked with someone just like you – which makes his ideas very applicable to everyone.

I met Jim at the Ancestral Health Symposium conference a few weeks ago. I already knew a bit about him due to this awesome article on breathing and lifting. What I didn’t know was that he routinely sends clients home for the day if they are stressed out.  And he believes in the same stress theories that I do.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


Jim takes stress very seriously. And he has the data to back it up.  I’m going to be experimenting with Jim’s ideas and I hope you will too.

On Today’s Podcast, We Cover:

3:53 How did Jim get Ulcerative Colitis?
8:57 Digging out of an Ulcerative Colitis Flare with Nicotine
19:21 Illness is a teacher… How meditation can change your health
30:04 How Jim uses the Bioforce tracking app to manage stress and health
41:09 How to workout if you have IBD or other health problems
48:46 Are you addicted to exercise?


Every woman needs to strength train. As Jim says, “You won’t turn into a dude.” And you’ll likely live longer, have better bone strength and better blood sugar control.

Also, if you need to lower your bathtub because you are in an IBD flare, check out our Flare Support product. Massive thanks to Jim for spending some time with me.

What’s your experience with nicotine and IBD or strength training? Let me know in the comments below.


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