Non Toxic Skin Care for Men and Women (Podcast 71)

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Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your shampoo, soap or makeup? Did it make you wonder for a moment only to dismiss the thought, because it was too big of a rabbit hole to go down?

A couple years ago, I had those thoughts. I loved my products so I’d keep using them. Of course, my skin was never really amazing, but I sure smelled good.

Then, 2 years ago I finally decided to jump down the rabbit hole. I’ve been shampoo-free ever since, and that’s only the beginning.

2 Men Talk Skin

What you’ll get on this podcast is 2 men discussing non-toxic skin care, which is in and of itself likely pretty amusing for many listeners.

Do I use soap? What about a toner? Are scrubs and masks really important?

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


The questions above are all questions I’ve asked as I tried to optimize my own skin. It still sounds a bit odd for me to admit, but as a man it’s time for me to share. Just like poop is taboo in our society, skin care for men is too.

The bottom line is that if you’ve struggled with acne or other skin conditions it’s very likely that you’ve experienced a great deal of pain. As discussed on the podcast, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. We would all benefit if we cared more about lessening our toxic burden and having great looking skin.

Kevin Gianni and his wife, Annmarie, have done a ton of work and research on two things I care deeply about: cancer and skin care. In the process, they have truly created a higher standard of skin care products, which I absolutely love and respect. Their company is located at I really don’t ever want to have cancer, and after struggling with acne for over 10 years I’m hyper in tune with it.

On This Podcast, You’ll Learn:

1:39 How does a man end up caring so much about skin care?
9:40 My recent example of peeling finger skin and soap
13:12 A common-sense framework to think about skin chemicals
24:02 What can someone with Acne, Psoriasis, or Eczema put on his or her skin?
30:40 My struggle with Cystic Acne and what worked for my oily skin
35:03 What’s the next step to take to eliminate toxins in your skin care products?
41:10 The #1 thing your soap should not do when you use it
46:04 How to get a “free” gift bag and learn more about non toxic skin care


If you’re interested in trying out Kevin and Annmarie’s line, they’ve put together an essentially free offer to let you test them out.

Click here for the details and to grab this “free” 10-dollar offer!

Massive thanks to Kevin for taking time out of his busy schedule to come on the show. And just so you know I do use the honey mask daily on my lips. Before bed, I use the Neroli Cleanser and I really like the Repair Serum. In fact, I like it so much that I need to get more, because I just ran out.

What is your skin care routine?


[Note: Here’s the case report I mentioned during the podcast about the girl with Celiac disease reacting to her retainer.]

P.S. – If you can’t see the audio player on this post, you can download the mp3 here. Also, you can listen to the show on iTunes here.

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5 thoughts on “Non Toxic Skin Care for Men and Women (Podcast 71)

  1. Avatar

    I looked at the abstract concerning the little girl reacting to the glutenized plastic in her retainer. I had a reaction last month when I had a temporary crown installed on a tooth. I wonder what part of the process caused that – the anesthesia, the glue or the capping agent… and the permanent crown goes on in February. I hope not to have a re-do of that! Certainly, this is not just something we must be wary of for children. It would affect all of us working toward beating celiac.

  2. Avatar

    I’ve been on the SCD for a month and am cleaning up my skin care routine, too. My naturopath told me about which is a database of products and their ingredients rated according to toxicity; they list Colloidal Oatmeal as low hazard. Oats are illegal on SCD, but I’m curious if oatmeal is okay in skin care products or to be avoided there as well.

  3. Avatar

    Having worked at a major cosmetics company as a chemical engineer, I agree that there is too much weird and scary stuff in most products, but they are easy to make! I make my own lotion, lip balm, face scrub, face masks and deodorant now. I posted most of my recipes if you want to try it!

  4. Avatar

    I used the link in the e-mail to check out the annemariegianni products, and just looking at the body moisturizers, saw that they contain those same oils that you wouldn’t want to put in your body, so felt a need to comment on this. Anything you put on your skin ends up entering your blood stream and going to every cell in your body. For example, I would not want sunflower oil going into me, and just because products are organic does not mean they are safe for us. My husband and I have been using the Suki line of skincare products ( and have both seen the positive results and feel much safer using them than the annemariegianni product line, which is much higher priced, as well. I strongly recommend that people check out the Suki line as well.

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