Overcoming Chronic Lyme, Mold Exposure, and Parasites with SCD


The SCD Lifestyle community is made up of every kind of person imaginable: young and old, men and women, parents and children, from every corner of the world and with every condition under the sun.

But all these people – vastly different – have 1 thing in common (and this is what makes them Tough Cases like Jordan and I were).

Almost every member of the SCD Community is dealing with multiple conditions and circumstances that cause their symptoms.

For Jordan it wasn’t just Celiac – it was Celiac and parasites.

For me, it wasn’t just IBS – it was IBS and adrenal fatigue.

For Susan, it was chronic Lyme, mold exposure, and parasites that contributed to her symptoms.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


The amazing thing is that SCD can help all these conditions – and a lot more.

SCD has been used for more than 60 years because it’s so versatile – whether you have SIBO or blasto, Crohn’s, UC, or autism – SCD can help you (like it helped us and like it helped Susan).

I’m excited to share Susan’s story with our community today, and I hope her positivity, perseverance, and healing inspires you as much as it inspired us!

[Enter Susan]

Back in 2010, I found a website put together by two lovely guys who just wanted desperately to really HELP people heal their guts and their immune systems.

I took their advice to heart and bought their programs as I was able to afford them. I even managed to book a one-hour consultation with Steven Wright. My declining health saw me go through 43+ different medical practitioners and doctors, specialists and alternative therapists. Through all of this it has been Jehovah my God that has sustained me. I was praying when I found Steven and Jordan and they have been my answer throughout all of this.

I took Steven’s advice to heal my gut and find my “limiting factors.” It all started due to my extreme sensitivity to black mold. I now know that I also had some hitchhiking parasites from Mexico, along with a case of chronic Lyme. The last house we lived in was black mold central and I developed Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).

Fast forward to today, past all the rubbish I’ve been put through trying to stay alive and out of pain and we arrive a-now. I have to eat to cater to the Lyme, which means I feel best on little to no meat with lots of raw veggies, not too much and not very sweet fruit and PLENTY of fermented food, especially organic/raw milk yogurt.

I’m still a work in progress but I’m a long way from 2010 when I weighed in at 209 lbs on a 5’1′ frame, unable to move out of bed for pain. The pain was so extreme it hurt to even talk. Funny now, as I never shut up given the chance, but not so funny then.

These days, I am even educating my doctors. When told a protocol involving using toxin binders would give me gas and acid reflux and to take antacids, I refused. I explained, as taught by Steve and Jordan, that the binder was more than likely SUPPRESSING stomach acid and I would take my Betaine HCL with pepsin, thanks! It worked, of course.

I never would have figured out what to eat on my low inflammatory and very personal diet without Steven and Jordan. Thanks very much for all your help and care guys and SCD Lifestyle!

Warm regards,


[Enter Steve]

Thanks so much to Susan for sharing with us today!

If you’ve managed to heal one condition but are still struggling with others, or if you don’t even know where to start handling multiple symptoms and conditions, I hope you’ll give SCD a try.

More than 60 years after it was first outlined, thousands of people use SCD every year for one simple reason – it works!

Want to see if it can work for you? Check out our guide to SCD (and how to customize it to your specific needs) here.

In good health,


Steven Wright

About Steven Wright

Steve Wright is a health engineer and author. In 2009, he reached a breaking point when IBS took over his life and the doctors didn't know how to help. Since then, he has transformed his health and started HealthyGut.com to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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18 thoughts on “Overcoming Chronic Lyme, Mold Exposure, and Parasites with SCD

  1. Avatar

    Hi everyone!
    this is my first time posting here and want to know how others have dealt with gas (tried oats) and wow not good. I also let go of dairy a couple of years ago and promptly lost 45 lbs. (needed to). I’ve been really good on SCD for 5 years now and it has really paid off. Thanks so much Jordan and Steve. I’m 76 and didn’t know I have Celiac until my daughter got really sick and got the diagnosis. Got tested and found some other things along the way…hemachromatosis, and others. My joint pain and skin rash have fled (that happened the first 4 days gluten free) and I have plenty of energy as long as I don’t succumb to carb cravings.

  2. Avatar

    Just joining this site after hearing the SIBO podcast. I’m going through the SIBO protocol with my ND after testing positive for SIBO. My first round of Rifaximin did not help at all so I’m going through another round now. I feel so much worse now than before I started the SIBO diet and this drug. My husband needs to retire so we will be changing to a new insurance company which may not cover an ND. Can’t afford $300 of even $200 per hour with a functional medicine doctor. How much of this can I do on my own? How do others cope with no insurance?

    • Avatar

      HI Paula – thanks for reaching out. It’s possible you’re experiencing a little bit of Die off in response to changing your diet and this is common. It typically only lasts a few days so try to hang in there and stay hydrated and rested. Many of our followers don’t use antibiotics for SIBO, but rather utilize natural herbal protocols to fight the infection. This may be cheaper than Rifaximin…not sure there. Perhaps you can try the natural approach if you haven’t already.

      • Avatar

        Thank you for your reply. Die off doesn’t usually last two months so I think something else is going on. My insurance covered the Rifaxamin but of course it won’t cover the herbal supplements. I’ll probably end up going that route as soon as I finish with Rifaximin. I do you have another question though. I have been using a soil based probiotic but then read that you shouldn’t take a probiotic when you have SIBO. You’re supposed to wait until most of the bacteria have been killed off. Is this true?

  3. Avatar

    So I have been dealing with being hyper thyroid for
    About a year now and the chiropractor neurologist I have been seeing has me on supplements and also has changed my diet … the re-introducing foods and eating healthy foods but sometimes still irritated my stomach all of a sudden is getting super frustrating …. in the beginning changing my diet felt so great but all of a sudden still eating The same things I was as I went through this process is now starting to be irritate my stomach Like never before .. where do you suggest I go from here ??

    • Avatar

      Hi Jenna, sorry to hear you’re struggling. It’s really important to do an elimination diet ands slowly bring back in all potential intolerant foods one at a time. This process allows the gut to heal and also helps you to know exactly what foods are causing the issue. I’d highly recommend the SCD diet or something similar, as it walks you through this very process in an easy to follow format. You can begin here if you’re interested: https://healthygut.com/scd-quick-start-guide/

  4. Avatar

    Hey there all. I can totally relate to Susan from the story and Richard from his response. I actually was a patient of Sunja Schweig who is in practice with Chris Kressor up in Berkeley, CA. I’ve been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Chonic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). I’ve completed the entire Shoemaker mold illness protocol with very little improvement in symptoms. I moved and got rid of everything and cleaned everything else. It was such a nightmare to only have a tiny improvement. I’ve also done tons of detox and herbal antimicrobials, as well as traditional antibiotics for the Lyme Disease. I do infrared saunas, coffee enemas, etc. etc. I’ve already bought the SCD leaky gut protocol and I was a difficult case to say the least. I’ve had some improvement on it but I’m never really able to reintroduce any of the foods. I can remain status quo as long as I stay on the strictist version of SCD. I also follow Dave Asprey and am familiar with his work. I take his collagen and brain octane MCT oil. I’m actually considering Low Dose Naltrexone next. I feel like LDN is for people like us who are so commited to getting well but don’t see any improvement despite their best efforts. I’m also considering Helmenths (intestinal worms) as a source of healing. The theory is, just like healthy bacteria (probiotics) contribute to a healthy GI tract, so do certain types of worms. Specific types of worms, just like specific types of bacteria, are a normal part of a healthy GI system. The success stories with helmenths and autoimmune disease is virtually miraculous. Also considering Fecal Microbiota Transplant, which is also darn near miraculous. Sometimes I wonder if FMT’s are so successful because they are introducing all parts of the healthy human microbiome (including worms). By the way, the beneficial worms are naked to the human eye, just like the probiotics. There is also heavy metals to consider. There are many a success story of people finally healing from disease when they chelate from heavy metals. Heavy metals (including mercury) feed pathogenic disease; think Candida, Lyme, Epstein Barre, etc. I’m starting Dr. Pompa’s True Cellular Detox program soon. Which is supposed to detox heavy metals and other things at a cellular level. There is so much to consider in chronic disease states. Also google dental cavitations. Those can be horribly disastrous to ones health.

    • Avatar

      I wanted to reply to Ashleigh and Steve and Jordan that I, too, was diagnosed with mold illness (CIRS) ( Black mold from teaching elementary school) and went through the entire Shormaker protocol, flying from CA to MD to see him with no improvement. I have been on LDN and maybe it helped a little, not sure, I was so sick. Later I went to Stanford for an entire year and did every gut test possible. Took the lactulose breath test and was negative for SIBO, which I was sure I had. They did diagnose exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and atrophic pancreas, but said was nothing they could do except prescribe Zenpep (pancreatic enzymes) which my insurance won’t cover due to high expense.
      I had a slightly positive ANA and Stanford had me running to every specialist with no success.
      Through research I finally figured out I had (have) Stage 4 Deep Infiltrating intestinal Endometriosis and had to prove it to a specialist. Had hysterectomy and 3 surgeries to excise all the tissue growing everywhere.. It had grown back after the 2nd. Was on my rectum and pushed it out of place. Same on my uterus.
      Not sure if Endo is considered autoimmune.
      Have tried many different alternative therapies to heal my gut…left with scarring on intestines and stomach pain, bloating, and constipation continue to be huge issues.
      Ashleigh where would I find more info on the worms? Have been on a ton of antibiotics
      Steve and Jordan, I have started the diet and just listened to your autoimmune podcast but missed the special price. Any way to still get in on the deal? Any suggestions/comments appreciated
      Just started looking at your program, started diet

  5. Avatar

    Dear Jordan & Steve,

    How are you I hope you are well and you do wonderful work.

    I’m trying to undo the riddle of inflammation and chronic symptoms.

    When David Wolfe talks about how people/friends come to him they say “i’ve tried everything”. WHen he gets them to list it, they’ve tried like 7 things. He recommends give each thing a full shot, and you might need to try 100, or 200.

    I’m up around 200 now, but I guess I haven’t tried everything.

    There’s no point testing for SIBO or SIFO, I have sibo and sifo.

    There’s no point in cyrexing for leaky gut, I have leaky gut and LPS’s are crossing
    There’ no point testing for anti bodies against bone/thyroid/myelin maybe even muscle, I’m sure they are all there.

    So I carry on low carb/ketocycling diet with rounds of pathogen purging and reseeding, I’m on bullet proof type diet which is no night shades and lectins.

    Helminths (TSO’s) wiped out my neuropsychiatric panic by about 90% so I’m on a 2nd round last one 1 year ago.

    I’ve done some gut healing courses with Christa Orecchio and Jack Tips they were good Systemic Formulas.

    I follow Chris kresser and you guys. Wasn’t sure about Chris at first, still not 100% he does like his syndromes and his supplements. I don’t think naming and blaming will get me well, nor any magic pills (herbs or otherwise). There’s no negativity I’m just saying I don’t have full confidence in his methods I think he struggles with hard cases, and I’ve been at this 21/2years flat out, so probably I’m headed in touch case land.

    Lyme is a possibility i’m now looking into though, definitly no parasites present, but Mould toxicity is my next port of call along with Low Dose Naltrexone and ozone therapy.

    I could do your gut healing course, but the previous ones I’ve done are all good, no great!! However, they help, for a whilst and then slowly………:-(

    Any suggestions welcome because I think you guys have been where I am, and probably there was a Steve adn Jordan out there, offering another solution at such and such cost and you had to weigh up whether to way-in again with another tranch of cash.

    It does make me wonder, as capitalism and all it’s folly was the mindset that lead to the toxins, stress, infections, isolation, allergies and poor nutrition, I’m wondering if more capitalism can get me out of this??? Einstein would undoubtedly say no (same level of thinking), and he was quite smart.

    Warm regards,


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