Ulcerative Colitis Helped by SCD

Brittany SCD Success

When you’re sick, all you want is to heal – fast.

You want to wake up tomorrow feeling better. You want to be off the toilet and out in the world.

And this feeling of urgency around healing can hold people back from starting the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

SCD works, people think, but it takes months and months.

That’s why I’m really excited to share an email we received from our community member Brittany with you.

Brittany has had UC for 9 years. But after just 2 weeks on SCD, all her IBD symptoms were gone.

Of course, not everyone has symptom relief as quickly as Brittany did – but if you’re scared to start SCD because of how long healing may take, let this story be an inspiration to you.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


[Enter Brittany]

My name is Brittany and I’ve had UC for about 9 years.

The first few years were tough, but I’ve always been really into health and cooking and agriculture, so I was never “dying a cheeseburger-related death” if you know what I mean!  However, I’ve been using 6mp and tons of mesalamine to stay in remission.

I used to have issues with vomiting every single day and doctors all thought I was crazy. I was even told to see a hypnotherapist! Finally, I saw a dietician, and through an elimination diet, I was able to knock out some foods and feel 75% better. I almost never vomit anymore.

What Worked Stopped Working

However, the past year started to get tough and my pills were barely keeping me in remission.

I’ve known about SCD for years and know a few people who have had success with it. Due to my previous diet success, I wanted to try it but it just seemed so difficult to do.

Finally, I was scared enough. I worried that I would have to ramp up the meds to stay in remission. I figured I had nothing to lose but coffee and chocolate, so why not?

I read a zillion articles and such about the diet and now a month later, I have zero IBD symptoms, though I plan to stay on all my meds for a while.

Quick Success With SCD

I am only 30 days in but I have 34 confirmed safe-for-me ingredients and the diet is getting easier and easier. I spend almost all my free time de-seeding, peeling, cooking, and pureeing right now, but my lack of symptoms is very encouraging and I plan to be on this diet for the long haul.

The hardest thing has been kicking my coffee and tea habit. (I don’t even drink that much but I am a barista so I’m around it all day).

The best thing has been the banana pancakes. 🙂

Crucial SCD Tweaks

I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to make the podcasts, articles, and information on your site. I had wanted to try SCD for years for my ulcerative colitis, but never really truly did.

Your free info and podcasts amped me up to just jump in. Not only that, but you guys expand on the original SCD plan with all the crucial tweaks that make such a difference!

I am a month in on my personal SCD journey (low fodmap, no nuts, no dairy) and it took me into remission within two weeks! I am amazed and so thankful to everyone online who has put their heart into encouraging others to try this diet.

What I Eat Now

Just for fun, here is my current favorite recipe:

Arugula Soup (makes 1-2 servings, depending on how much soup you eat)

  • 1 large summer squash, seeded, peeled, chopped
  • a good amount of arugula (1-2 big handfuls)
  • chives
  • chicken bone broth
  • lemon juice
  • salt
  • pepper
  • thyme
  • garlic infused olive oil

Boil the squash until soft in a mix of water and stock. Add the thyme, arugula and chives when the squash is almost done, and let them cook for a little bit. Add salt, pepper, lemon juice, and garlic infused olive oil to taste. Puree it all in a blender until it is totally liquid.

Serve in a mug for a savory green tea alternative for breakfast or add bits of shredded chicken for a heartier meal.

[Enter Steve]

Even if you’ve been diagnosed with something like Crohn’s or UC for years…

Even if you’ve already tried elimination diets…

Even if you’re taking prescription medications…

SCD can help.

After all, like Brittany said, what do you have to lose?

Get started on SCD with our Free Quick Start Guide here.


Steven Wright

About Steven Wright

Steve Wright is a health engineer and author. In 2009, he reached a breaking point when IBS took over his life and the doctors didn't know how to help. Since then, he has transformed his health and started HealthyGut.com to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Ulcerative Colitis Helped by SCD

  1. Avatar

    Hi, first I want to say thank you very much for this website, it is very helpful for me!

    Now I have a few questions, and I first want to say sorry for my awful english, I hope you can understand me.

    My GI diagnosed me with IBS one year ago and he told me I need to learn to live with it.
    During this year I start developing wierd food intolerances for example – garlic, can’t eat it at all, gluten – before my IBS started I could eat anything as much as I want include gluten, bread, pasta etc, beet, onions, fruits like peaches, apples, apricotes and few more…
    I have frequent headaches, brain fog, acne, dandruff and few more stuff…
    So due to all that I diagnosed myself with leaky gut.
    Now I want to start the SCD and I have one question –
    I can eat rise and quinoa without any problems and it not causing me feel sick or somthing, so can I eat those stuff with the SCD diet or I have to avoid it no matter what?

    Little background about me fir those who wondering –
    I am 25yo male developed IBS(thats what they told me) after 2 courses of Augmentin antibiotic.
    Before the IBS I was eating pretty healty but my only problem was that I was a Redbull junky and I used to drink one can every day for many years (today I understand that it was a big mistake).

    Sorry for the long post and my bad english, and thank you again for the great information!

    • Avatar

      Hello – grain is inflammatory in general and can contribute to a leaky gut. We do recommend removing it from your diet while your gut heals and you can then reintroduce it in small amounts and see how you do.

  2. Avatar

    Ok, do interested to know more about scd. It’s new to me, still don’t quite know the meaning.
    I guess I have leaky gut, who knows? Was diagnosed with CD 10 Yrs ago, with a “narrowing” at the SMALL INTESTINE Terminal Ilieus.

    Please help,


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