Remission of Ulcerative Colitis With the Paleo Diet and Probiotics (Pics to Prove it)

Getting threatened by doctors and told you’re sick forever is no way to start your 20’s. Lindsey bravely shares her colonoscopy pictures, story and insights behind her battle with Ulcerative Colitis.

Sharing your story with the world is extremely scary, but at the same time very empowering. Being willing to live your life in front of others and to share your “secrets,” victories and failures is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. I’m slowly learning that the more raw and open we can be about our own lives, the more people will be helped.

I’m so proud of Lindsey for doing her own thing and figuring out Ulcerative Colitis. And at the same time, I’m also in awe of her willingness to step up and share her story and the pictures that many so desperately want to see.

[Enter Lindsey]

We live in a time where medications are a quick fix to everything. This is all I have ever known when it comes to curing illnesses. Our health has been merely blinded by a prescription bottle, and we seem to forget Hippocrates’ old saying, “Let thy food be thy medicine.” What we put in our mouth has been the last thing we think of when a new health diagnoses arises in our life. Could we really dig deeper to find the underlying triggers that are wreaking havoc on our bodies, or are the higher rates of illnesses just something we are predisposed for? I’m on my own journey to find out.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


Although I’m only 22, I have been in and out of the doctor’s offices my whole life with one problem after the next. Just like anyone else I was quick to take what the doctor prescribed and go about my day. Most of my illnesses have been linked to digestive issues; those closest to me became immune to hearing me complain of stomach pain. At 19, I underwent surgery to have my gallbladder removed. After the surgery I resumed all my normal eating patterns and unfortunately stomach pains were still a day-to-day thing for me. Had I been more open-minded on how foods affected me I could have possibly prevented this surgery, though.

I Was a Bread Junkie; I’ll Be the First One to Admit it

Bread was all I craved. My other go to foods were anything boxed, frozen and processed. My weight was at an all time high and my health was no good.  Even when I went on fad diets, I ate lots of whole-wheat foods and yogurt thinking this was just what my body needed. Stomachaches became so frequent that I thought nothing of them anymore. I thought it was normal to feel bloated after eating a meal. So I continued on with my low fat diet with loads of grains, dairy and the infamous “lean cuisine” boxed frozen meals.

Just After Turning 22, I Began to Notice Blood in My Stool

I was very worried at first, but tried to shrug it off in hopes it was just a minor tear of some sort. The bleeding continued for weeks and I was running to the bathroom 30 plus times a day. Of course, this left me feeling very sick and extremely dehydrated. It took every ounce of my remaining energy to get to the ER to be examined. Following a couple days in the hospital and ruling out a bacterial infection, the doctor diagnosed me with Ulcerative Colitis. “Oh joy,” I thought to myself. “Just another illness to add to my book of life.”

“I was put on prednisone to help with the immediate inflammation.”

It wasn’t until the doctor came in and told me how the rest of my life would be that reality sank in. I was to take 3 pills a day to prevent flare-ups FOREVER! In my mind, this whole idea seemed a bit intense, not to mention the nasty side effects I would probably experience.

“I politely took his prescription, but never filled it.”

I spent the next few weeks with my nose in the computer researching anything I could that would help the pain. I came close to giving up and taking the drugs a few times, but I remained persistent. Finally, after countless hours I found Adam Farrah’s blog on Ulcerative Colitis and the Paleo Diet. He was talking about an all around clean eating approach.

Could I Really Go Cold Turkey and Start Eating Like a Caveman?

For my entire life, I had been so addicted to breads, cheeses, and processed crap in general. Now he’s saying no grains, no dairy, no legumes, and no refined sugar!

“Oh boy,” I thought, but I was sick, in pain and needed help fast.

Within three days of following the Paleo Diet, I experienced a dramatic change! What I was putting in my mouth was actually curing me and not just masking my symptoms. The bleeding was gone, urges for the bathroom were less frequent, and bouts of diarrhea were minimized nearly overnight! I really couldn’t believe it. I took the Paleo Diet pretty seriously and let my Gastroenterologist know I would be taking a natural approach to healing my Ulcerative Colitis. Of course, he thought I was crazy and tried to convince me food had no correlation with my disease.

“He then proceeded to try to scare me into taking the drugs, and told me I could potentially get colon cancer if I didn’t. I left in tears and immediately sought out a new doctor.”

Thankfully, I regained a little hope after the first visit with my new GI doctor. He was actually open to letting me experiment with how foods affected my body and didn’t rule out the possibility that they were causing my illness. At his request, I scheduled a colonoscopy for later in the year just to insure things were not getting any worse. Then, I chose to change my lifestyle and created all new eating habits. Once again, I never had felt better in my life.

This October, I had my second colonoscopy since being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Upon waking after the procedure, I frantically asked to see the picture of my colon to compare. It came back NORMAL! The difference between the pictures was amazing; it was like looking at two totally different colons.

There Was No Redness, No Inflammation, and No Ulcers!

I was in tears, because this was probably one of the proudest moments of my life. I was able to see, firsthand, how the food I was putting into my mouth directly lead to changes in my body. I have to say my health is now at an all time high!

The Paleo Diet has been one of the most positive changes I have made in my life. At first, the thought of following this diet can seem very overwhelming, but over time you learn and keep building upon knowledge. The facts are there and this diet has improved countless lives. I kept it pretty simple until I got the hang of things. I started out eating meats, fruits, lots of veggies and nuts. I probably had an avocado and sweet potato every day. When I’m in need for something sweet, I’ll make Paleo treats of some kind. Cooking became a new hobby for me, and coming up with new Paleo recipes always kept me interested. (If you are willing to do the searching, the Internet offers an endless supply of recipes!)

As time passed, I focused more on the quality of the foods I was eating, though. I tried to lean more towards grass-fed meats and fresh organic produce from farmers’ markets. I learned that it’s all about how certain foods make your body feel. Occasionally, I will have some dairy including grass-fed butter and goat cheese (causes no stomach pain). On top of following the Paleo Diet I also have been taking a probiotic, VSL #3, to promote good bacteria in my gut.

“The dietary changes I have implemented have stopped the progression of this disease and have helped me to feel my best ever.”

I think that most people really just don’t understand the damage they’re doing by what they’re consuming. Unfortunately, much of our society has become lazy, and overly reliant upon the convenience of boxed, processed and fast foods. Most people don’t even think twice about where their food is even coming from! I have been fortunate to see, first-hand, the damage that I did to my body and I never want to do it that kind of harm again. Clean eating has become my medication. Getting familiar with all ingredients I was eating as well as avoiding genetically modified foods were variables that surely contributed to healing my colon.

I want to help as many people as possible overcome the hardships of these nasty diseases and to be able to see the light at the end the tunnel. It takes discipline and a whole new mindset, but over time you really come to embrace it. It’s a beautiful lifestyle that I know can benefit the lives of so many.

Hoping for the best health to you all,

Lindsey Twyman

[Enter Steve]

Thank you Lindsey for being so brave, for sharing what others are afraid of, and for being a leader. If you are ready to get started creating a new level of health, then I encourage you to get started with a real food diet like what Lindsey did. The fastest way to get started is to get the tips, tricks and meal plans in our eBook.

Get your copy of Surviving to Thriving here.

And in the meantime leave a comment below on how this story impacted you.


Steven Wright

About Steven Wright

Steve Wright is a health engineer and author. In 2009, he reached a breaking point when IBS took over his life and the doctors didn't know how to help. Since then, he has transformed his health and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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81 thoughts on “Remission of Ulcerative Colitis With the Paleo Diet and Probiotics (Pics to Prove it)

  1. Avatar

    It is very rare that a change in diet can provide longterm remission from Ulcerative Colitis. It can help but when I was young the times I went into remission made me think I was out of the woods. Unfortunately this is a systemic illness that will rear its ugly head eventually. I lost hope on medications because 5-ASA medicines seem to make me worse during a flare. The most important thing is to use Prednisone to really stop the flare. I then start 5-ASA medicine like Lialda or Asacol while I am still on the Prednisone. If it makes me worse I may even stop the 5-ASA for a couple more days. Once I can tolerate the 5-ASA I begin to taper off Prednisone. Do not under any circumstances stop the 5-ASA. I am able to go as low as 2 x 800MG a day but if I start to have any stomach pain or issues I can double my dose. It is actually recommended to stay on 2.4 Grams a day. Just remember the 5-ASA often make people worse during a flare so they learn not to rely on them. I cannot even take it during a flare until the Prednisone has stopped the UC.

    • Avatar

      Hi Alex, thanks for sharing. Each person is individual and has to do what works for them. We’ve seen many who have put their UC into remission with diet and/or supplements and know it is possible:) Glad you’ve found what works for you.

  2. Avatar

    Hi! My name is Patti, I am 55 and 6 months ago was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, which when I was told by my G.I. after the colonoscopy ( he said I have uclers in three parts of my large intestine) Freedom 55 lol. Well I decided to go holistic. I take tumeric and giger, and a really full spectum probiotic, also Kiefer and goats milk derived protein whey powder. 3 tsp. of manuka honey (the best whole unpasturized honey in the world) also NO Wheat or gluten- which is like fine shards of glass on my colon. Fish and rice and steamed veggies. No nuts or seeds unless finely ground. I take cod liver oil pills, vitamin d and c and flax seed oil. also blueberry extract. Eggs are fine for me and free run chicken. Chew everything well. Buckwheat is awesome for pancakes and baking. So many wheat free things have xanthan gum in it- which is bad for gas and bloating- so I keep experi8menting because I really crave a wheat free bread! Learning more every day- I have to learn to take long walks and try to get rid of stress, I have been a highly stressed person all my life. I give at least 50% or more credit to my chiropractor- who is amazing and has helped my body heal itself. So far it has been 5 months and except for some twinges and bloating- I have been normal bbowels and no pain or bleeding. I am still learning and if there is anything more that would help, please share your stories. Thanks so much Lidsay for posting your encouraging story! We don’t need to kill ourselves with the terrible drugs and we DO NOt recieve the lies about getting cancer! Cheers to all in this fight

    • Avatar

      My name is Bob and I’m 55 years old. In January 15 I was diagnosed with UC and tried 2 of the mesilamine drugs, Apriso and Lialda. They helped, marginally. In May 15 I went on the SCD diet, strict. Staring making the homemade yogurt. Saw improvement, but plateaued. Through the winter (15,16) was taking Lialda and the dairy probiotics. By mid-spring 16 I was getting frustrated that there was no improvement. I began eating fermented vegetables, mainly bubbies sauerkraut. Also pickles. I began improving again. I began making my own sauerkraut in August.

      After 6 months of the sauerkraut the blood in the stool has subsided. I still have some symptoms of the UC, but I feel there’s a slow trend towards healing. In the last 3 months I’ve introduced carbs back into my diet (I had dropped a lot of weight while on the SCD.) Still not there, yet. But so much hope and optimism from that the vegetable probiotics are working for me.

      • Avatar

        By the way, I want to also say that this website and the emails from Jordan and Steve offered so much light in my darkness through the months. It helped me to keep hoping.

        I saw so many claims on the internet that people were cured of their symptoms in a week or two and then I’d get frustrated and hopeless that it didn’t happen for me.

        This website helped level my expectations that this is a long-term play. Some days, weeks and months are not good, but then weeks and months will get better.

        Thanks to all who run this website and share information and all who participate in comments.

  3. Avatar

    Hi Lindsey
    Thankyou for your story! I am interested to know how everyone is having so much luck with UC and changing diets, we also live Paleo and take Probiotics but still have severe UC even with the colon being detached (so its still there but not being used) the UC is still there.
    I guess i just dont understand why it worked so well for you and others? Was your UC mild or Severe?
    Thankyou Amber

  4. Avatar

    Dear Lindsay,
    Thank you for sharing your story and I’m so happy for you this diet works for you.
    I’ve had UC for 10 years, on every drug and now trying my 3rd different biologic infusion.
    Ive tried the diet route and I would feel irresponsible if I didn’t clarify that UC is not curable except for full removal of the colon. I’d be irresponsible if I didn’t mention that every case is ideological in nature and that a friend and co-UC sufferer had a stroke at 24 years old for refusing a prednisone iv treatment over the paleo diet.
    Out of concern for the greater good and to quote Andrew Weil- there must be a balance struck between natural and traditional medicine. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and don’t deny your disease.
    May you stay in remission forever Lindsay, and good luck!

  5. Avatar

    Hey Lindsey,

    Congratulations on your recovery. You are inspirations and hope for us. Can you please let us know which probiotic and how many you took? Also do you take yogurt.

    Your response would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,

  6. Avatar

    Thank you so much for your article; it really reinforces what I was thinking. I was told I have UC 1 month ago. Of course the doctor tried to put me on UCERIS which has a thousand side affects. I decided I would rather have 1 condition and learn to deal with it rather than taking his posion and ending up with maybe a dozen problems. Tried to talk to him about alternatives and was pretty much told to shut up and take what I was given. I took his perscription but never filled it and do not intend to. Have been working on diet changes and having good luck so far. This is after he told me my diet did not matter. HOW STUPID SO CALLED EDUCATED PEOPLE CAN BE.

  7. Avatar

    I want to start taking probiotics. Can any one recommend one. I read in Breaking the Vicious Cycle that bifidus should not be in the probiotic. Then I read another article that it says they did a study and it was good.

  8. Avatar

    Hi Lindsey-
    Great story of hope and encouragement for those of us struggling with UC. Big question here – PLEASE give me some direction to the paleo diet you followed. So much stuff out there I need simple and specific. Want to start paleo ASAP. Tried SCD and GAPS and just didn’t quite help so really want to give the Paleo a try.



  9. Avatar

    Hello there,
    After havimg my baby 15 months ago I have suffered horribly from UC. Mainly bloody Bms and malabsorption issues, not to mention I was so week some days I had trouble picking up my baby! I know in my heart all symproms were worsened after starting a steroid and Asaco.l I am currently on a maintenance drug but also having yet another flare up. It worked for about a month but i had also changed my diet significantly and since regressed. will be undergoing my 3rd colonscopy in 4 year’s next month. I have a question about the SCD plan, I live in a somewhat remote area and im wondering how comolicated the menu is? I have read breaking the vicious cycle just recently and I loved it but I’m also overhwelmed by trying to make all of my own yoghurt and gelatin etc..,
    thanks for any input!

  10. Avatar

    Finally…something and someone real that isn’t looking to make a quick buck as they say in the US. All I needed was someone to say – “follow this diet” and it’ll help. All my research was eat grains, don’t eat grains, go high fibre to keep moving, don’t go high fibre, eat fruit, stay off fruit.
    Paleo is a style as opposed to a diet and like you I hated the symptom curing medication while the cause was left to exist.
    Thanks for your frankness…I’ve found a path back to normality.

  11. Avatar

    thank you for this information.. my doctor has just told me I am to go on a NO Sugar NO Starch diet..!!!!:( he said I can have sweet potato though. I have to admit I am not looking to this new way of eating… IT seems quite radical.. although I have to admit I have packed on the pounds, due to non healthy eating a poor diet. I was once addicted to carbs and dairy.. and alone in that combination I stacked it on… I hope this information helps somebody as it did me to learn that you are not alone. Would be great to know if anyone else has been prescribed the same form of nutrition plan?.. let me know.. Thanks..any recipes would be great too..:)

  12. Avatar

    This is a great story – one that needs to be shared with everyone. We all are so quick to turn to the pharmaceutical industry to solve all our health problems, but in reality we have so much power to improve our bodies. Nutrition should be the first line of defense, not a lifetime of prescriptions.

  13. Avatar

    Great story!!! I am hoping for the same results. Just curious, what did your GI dr say? I’ve been to two GI drs, both gave me a crazy look when I asked if if can manage crohns with diet.

    I am hoping to get the same results once I have another test. Appreciate your willingness to share!

  14. Avatar

    I have had UC for 20 yrs-I started taking Mila-an omega 3 cilia seed food-my last colonoscopy showed my rectum & colon to have been completely cured re.crypts & scarring-my doctor could not believe it-I am medication free!

  15. Avatar

    Wonderful story, well told. Congratulations on learning how to overcome such a major problem. I have not identified myself as gluten-intolerant (I seem to be able to eat anything, but it’s nearly all healthy and unprocessed) however I have dropped 23 kilos this last year due to taking my food intake seriously for the first time in my 60 odd years! Yes, what we put in our mouths becomes us. I am happier to be a salad than a cheese sandwich.

  16. Avatar
    Tracie Barrett says:

    I’m suffering from radiation enteritis… Abdominal cancer treatment in 2009 left bowel scarring. ER visits, colonoscopies, endoscopies, & meds galore. Belly cramping, bloating, diarrhea, vomiting and weight loss. Same symptoms as Crohn’s and other digestive diseases. Grant it scar tissue is not an autoimmune disorder, but I’m at my wits end and will try the diet shift in hopes to reduce my episodes and symptoms. Feeling helpless – Tracie from PA

  17. Avatar

    I had Stage 5 Colon Cancer at age 30. I am soon to be 56 next month and I have problems with severe constipation. I am wondering if any of the things you use, would help my situation. I underwent extreme reconstruction of my whole intestinal tract with regular colonoscopy’s. I try to eat more fruit and vegetables, but after 25 years, I am in need of something new. I take probotics every day, with yogurt. Please help me, or give me a link to help me. Thank you and God Bless you, as you deal with a problem, in the same family.

  18. Avatar

    Wow! What a powerful story! It’s always so encouraging to see young people being “saved” by the paleo diet and lifestyle! Congratulations on curing your illness with the power of food!

  19. Avatar

    My husband was diagnosed with UC when he was 12 and went into remission until he was in his early twenties. He has been suffering with symptoms again now for nearly a decade. He tried the SCDiet but it was too intense for him at the time. I am hoping we can do this diet together now. My cousin does not have colitis but suffered from other intestinal issues and the paleo diet has worked wonders for her. It makes sense to me.

  20. Avatar

    Does it REALLY help colitis? Because it’s helped somewhat with my IBS, but it’s not 100%. It’s close and it’s great that I can do things like leave the house (yes, it was that bad) but I wouldn’t call it a cure. Been doing it for 2 years now.
    And it’s SO HARD to keep the restaurants from messing me up! In the 80s, it was dairy in every single stupid thing, now it’s vegetable oils and corn starch. You order an oil and vinegar dressing, what do you expect? Olive, right? Nope. All the grated cheese has corn starch in it to keep it from sticking. I found out the hard way that some Lipton tea (flavored kind) has corn starch in it. Hotel restaurant breakfasts are pretty much a toxic wasteland. Powdered eggs. Lots of bread. If you’re lucky you can find fruit. Perhaps bacon. Enjoy your fruit and bacon. Sigh.

  21. Avatar

    Lindsey, I was diagnosed with UC about four years ago and have not had much relief at all. I have tried prednisone, remicade, colazol and have been on humira for about two years (once a week). I was wondering, with so much inflammation that you had how did you start with paleo and not have to worry about the fruits and vegetables making you symptoms worse? I want to make a change but I’m worried about it making it worse with the added “fiber”. Thanks!

  22. Avatar

    Hello, I’m from Germany and I have the same good successes made ??with little carbohydrates. I started with SCD and now i doing a mix of SCD and Lutz Diet (Book: Life Without Bread). I can recommend it to anyone. Br Andy

  23. Avatar
    Barb Christensen says:

    Lindsey, I admire and respect anyone who can actually stick to a healthy diet! It is so good to hear how you were able to heal so quickly.

    I have done so much to improve my diet and feel much better than I used to. I have learned new recipes, avoided most processed food, and generally am doing well. However, even though I know and have experienced what I need to do, I cannot seem to accept that I need to do this for the rest of my life. I still tend to turn to ice cream or other things I should not eat as comfort foods. This wouldn’t be a problem if it was just a one time thing occasionally, but after a few bites I am addicted again. Also, because of my health I have little energy and therefore do not feel up to cooking much of the time, and so far the healthy diet has not helped this. I also have NO motivation to exercise, which I know would help me a lot. I just am having so much trouble making this a lifestyle that I can live with the rest of my life.

    I want to get past this, but don’t have the strength to do it.

    I would appreciate any suggestions you or anyone else here have for me!

    • Avatar

      Hi Barb-
      I can 100% relate to you and your story! I cannot seem to stick to the healthy eating either. I often question whether or not it will work since I have been in a terrible flare for so long!
      It’s tough to stick to a non-dairy, non-wheat, non-sugar, non-processed food diet even though I KNOW it is the best for me. Ugh!!
      I wake up in the morning with a measure of motivation only to have it collapse by noon!
      It’s good to know there’s someone else out there who has little energy and motivation for cooking and exercise.
      What I have decided to do is to make small changes each day and hopefully they will amount to major changes!
      Best to you,

    • Avatar

      I don’t have first-hand experience with Paleo or any gastrointestinal disorders, and I eat a crap diet but I wanted to say in terms of exercise, there’s something out there for everyone. I used to be a runner, and of course that kept me in good shape, but honestly I hated it. I was pretty much sedentary for several years. Now I’m taking yoga classes four-five days a week, and I love it. I wake up actually looking forward to my day when I have yoga in the morning – and I have Bipolar Disorder and used to only look forward to the drugs I might consume, so that’s a pretty serious accomplishment for me. There’s something out there for everyone 🙂

  24. Avatar

    Hi Lindsey! Thank you for sharing. I have never posted like this before. I have had UC for years & have just DEALT with the flare ups. Unfortunately my 9 yr old daughter has been diagnosed with UC & gastritis (colonoscopy & upper Endo = because she has blood stools). She had the flu this past March & had taken Tamiflu which caused ulcerations & bacteria flora imbalances. And 3 wks later she had a stomach virus! This was a perfectly healthy happy child & Whammo! We are at our whits end. I am hoping the Paleo Diet will help her. I will post results! Pray for her please, she hasn’t been able to attend school. Thank you.

  25. Avatar

    Wow Lindsey! Thanks for sharing. I don’t have UC, but I do have numerous food intolerances. It is ridiculous the amount of bad stuff that America quantifies as “food” that should not be passing through our lips. I was born over 50 years ago, in an age where lactose intolerance was not even on doctor’s radar. I am also gluten intolerant with other issues. Have been on SCD since June and have lost 30 lbs. so far. Being gone 12 hours a day, 5 days a week makes it tough to cook, but it is more than worth while. Though Whole Foods is expensive, I figure we are saving because we don’t go out to eat anymore. Thanks for your courage in sharing! Love the pics. They say it all. You need to take them back to that other doc!

    • Avatar
      Lindsey Twyman says:

      It is scary learning all of the terrible things going into our food sources now a days. GI disorders were not near as prevalent in the past vs the way they are now. I feel like every one around me is getting diagnosed with UC or Chrons. Thank you for the kind words!

  26. Avatar

    Very interesting. I have been having problems with my stomach all my life (now 31) and I think it all started with my lactose-intolerance. I have just recently started a diet after reading up on paleo-diet, scd-diet, gaps-diet and such. They more or less have the same diet with veggies, meat and fish and so.
    I have been cheating a bit with lactosefree dairy though and immediately feel worse so I’ll try my best to keep it more hardcore from now on though and perhaps eat dairy later on.
    Thanks a lot Lindsey for sharing this story, it gives us hope =)

    • Avatar
      Lindsey Twyman says:

      Good luck to you joel! Its best to start with the basics, then gradually add things back to see how your body reacts. Everyone handles foods differently, only you know your body. I’m happy to share, hope things continue to look up for you.

  27. Avatar

    Great story Lindsey!! Thank you for sharing! Amazing pictures!!! I was diagnosed with UC when I was two years old, and then later told I had crohn’s, I am now 33 and started following the scd diet for two years and now in my third year I am following a paleo diet and since starting with the scd I have been medication free!! I have been putting off having a colonoscopy I don’t think there is really a need for it but would like some reassuring pictures, and I was wondering if you did anything different for the prep.

    • Avatar
      Lindsey Twyman says:

      That is so great! I love hearing success stories of others as well. My doctor pushed me to have the second colonoscopy because he was really unsure if diet alone was helping me and thought I may be lying about being symptom free.. (obviously I wasnt lying haha. The prep was the same as any of the others, i think the one I used was surprep.

  28. Avatar

    Hi Lindsey,

    Amazing story. I am happy that you could share it with everyone and let people know that there are treatments available that are not hard-core drugs. I have had UC for about two years. After the remission I am back in a major flare. I do a similar diet, SCD and well it hasn’t cured me or stop my bleeding it has reduced the bleeding and number of trips to the bathroom.

    Right now I am in a similar position you were in. My doctor is trying to scare me into taking Imuran and Remicade telling me that I could basically die if I don’t. I go in for another colonoscopy in about a week. Wish me luck.

    • Avatar
      Lindsey Twyman says:

      Best of luck to you mike! Aside from just clean eating, reducing stress definitely helps to prevent flares ups as well. But the Paleo diet really does wonders in healing the intestines. Hope all goes well for you!

    • Avatar

      Hi Mike !
      Please go do an allergy test ! With UC the body’s immune system always starts attacking something we developed an antigen for . Mine was dairy and eggs ! Things I eat everyday and when I cut it out the bleeding stopped . Find out yours and it will stop the bleeding

  29. Avatar

    A fantastic story, I’ve been on the scd diet for nearly a year now and it still fascinates when I have a solid poo it always feel like I’ve just won the lottery.
    More stories are needed like the one above to show people in doubt that it does work, it’s very scary at first but it’s worth it, especially when you have your vitamin levels tested and everything is at a normal level or when you have a colonoscopy and it shows no inflammation.
    Well done Lindsey

      • Avatar

        I have had UC, diverticulosis, and IBD for over 30 years…
        I have been seeking my own cures via experimentation for a decade…
        Disgusted with my quality of life, and hearing about fecal transplants, I went to seek help at a local vitamin shop and was helped by a woman whom I have known for many years…
        I bought a pro biotic with 12 strains of bacteria, 60% targeted for colon, 40% for small intestine…. Lactobacillis and Bifido bacteria, at 100 million cultures per day…
        I woke up the next morning AND ALL MY PAIN WAS GONE! No symptoms for over TWO weeks, appetite and thirst back, skin is drastically better, and bathroom ONCE A DAY!
        I went back to the store and hugged my guru! She changed the quality of my life!
        This is not anecdotal, it is FOR REAL.
        I had tried everything, including a very strict diet, hard boiled eggs, fish, etc.
        Still, the probiotics changed my gut to the point where, for the first week, I thought that it was ABNORMAL!
        No, that is normal functioning..
        Still cannot believe it!
        Still taking mesalamine at this point.
        Spread the word!

  30. Avatar

    Lindsey – Thank you for sharing your story – this is exactly what I needed to read this morning. I have had ulcerative colitis for 15 years. After all this time – I am finally learning about the Paleo Diet – and I have been making changes in my diet for a month. I have never felt better! Then – this weekend – I had some weak moments – and loaded up on wheat – and I feel awful today – painful inflammation and bloating. My body couldn’t be more clear in telling me what it needs. I felt dejected this morning – then I read your post – and I feel inspired to make these changes permanent. Best of luck with your recovery!

    • Avatar
      Lindsey Twyman says:

      That’s awesome, so happy my story could encourage you to keep going! Best of luck to you. We all have weak moments, don’t beat yourself up over them. Tomorrow is always a fresh start!

      • Avatar

        You know Lindsay , when reading your story it’s like I’m reading mine . I have been battling UC for 7 years and in last4 it has been a nightmare . Right now I have such bad frequent bloody diarrheas and nausea , I feel so miserable . I have been on Humira medicine and immuran for about 6 months now and it has helped just a little bit but I haven’t been in remission . I pray to God this Paleo diet works for me . I know it worked for you but everyone is different although I do have faith . I’m starting this today .

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