Sean Croxton Dishes Digestive Relief with a Side of Fat Loss (Podcast 30)


I’ve read tons of fat loss books and articles over the years, BUT I’ve never seen someone recommend that you fix your digestive problems to lose weight… until now.

Sean Croxton, author and creator of, has done exactly that in his new book, The Dark Side of Fat Loss.

The best part?

The longest chapter in the book is all about digestion!

“You Have to Get Healthy to Lose Fat” 

Sean puts much of the obesity epidemic on having a body that’s unhealthy, stressed out, sleep-deprived, digestively damaged, and full of processed junk food. This is the first time I’ve seen someone put all the pieces together and argue that weight gain is a symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle… which makes perfect sense to me.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


I’ve read his book cover-to-cover and I think it’s an amazing resource that anyone trying to maximize their health should own. It’s like reading the cliff notes from all the best and the brightest in the holistic health field, coupled with specific, actionable steps to start feeling your best today. There’s something to learn for everyone and plenty of myths to bust.

On this podcast, we got to turn the tables and pick Sean’s brain on digestive problems, toxins, and stress. I think you’re really going to learn a lot from what he shared.

On This Podcast with Sean Croxton, We Explore:

1:43 Sean’s amazing story – including how his in-school training didn’t lead to real world results with his initial clients and what he started doing instead

4:41 His “Just Eat Real Food” 30-day Challenge (JERF30)… which ended up having a lot in common with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet

7:39 Why 90% of Sean’s private clients complain about digestive problems, and why the other 10% aren’t able to admit it

9:40 Sean’s exact plan of attack if you hire him to help out with digestive symptoms

14:00 Digestion and stress… why everyone needs to chill out more and start hanging out with friends if they want to feel great

18:58 Why you’re probably missing the boat if your biggest problem is Candida overgrowth… and the real reason you need to be thinking about Gut Dysbiosis

23:09 Sean’s best tip from the Dark Side of Fat Loss (do this exercise if you’re questioning whether this health stuff is really worth it)

31:32 Doing P90X and experiencing digestive symptoms? Here’s why you wouldn’t be if Sean was helping out…

35:12 How today’s modern lifestyle is filled with toxins leaching into our skin, from cosmetics to the water we drink, and why many common household products could be slowly killing us…

38:35 The book no one would ever buy: “The Dark Side of Getting Healthy”… and why the one you should buy is “The Dark Side of Fat Loss”


–> Get your copy here (this is not a paid affiliate link – we just think it’s an awesome book)

Thanks for your time Sean – it was a great conversation that’s going to help so many people.



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