Finally, Simple Neck and Shoulder Pain Solutions That Anyone Can Do (Podcast 83)

In case you missed it, earlier this week I had my friends from The Sitting Solution, Chad and Brenda Walding, as guest writers on the blog. Actually, you might even already be familiar with them, especially if you read my post from last fall on my struggles with neck and upper back pain.

The truth is, I’ve got 18 years of bad posture and movement that I’m trying to correct. And just like lowering stress, I think getting rid of neck, shoulder and upper back pain is something that needs constant attention. The reality is our western world is currently created to induce stress and to put us humans in unnatural positions.

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What I really admire about these two is that they understand that the world isn’t changing anytime soon. And that means we need to shift the conversation to not making it wrong, but what can we do to offset the damage it does to us. I really love how they’re able to break down complex movement patterns  and give everyone some easy to follow, straightforward tips to implement right away – even in your cubicle at the office.

I was blown away by the results I’ve been personally seeing from their work, so I wanted to interview them and get more details.  Whether you’re struggling with chronic pains from sitting in the wrong position all day, or just want to maximize your health and longevity, this podcast is a must listen…

On This Podcast with Chad and Brenda, We Cover:

0:57 How they got so passionate about movement and getting rid of pain in the body
5:10 The difference between exercise and movement
8:50 Two negative consequences of being in a static position
12:15 How to know which type of practitioner you should seek
16:15 The process to investigate the origins of physical pain
23:35 Is this fixable and how much time does daily maintenance take?
27:31 Proper sitting position for the office, car, or even park bench
34:20 Beginner exercises us desk jockeys can implement today – at the office!
41:50 The Chin Tuck – fix your forward head and relieve neck, shoulder and other pain
45:10 How chronic sitting and decreased movement impacts emotions, behavior and hormone levels


I’m so grateful for Chad and Brenda, and the amazing work they are doing with The Sitting Solution every day! Their program for increasing movement helps you get to the root cause of your pain, prevent and fix bad and unhealthy habits, and empower you with knowledge to last a lifetime.

I use their exercises daily and I’m looking forward to hearing how they help you.


P.S. – If you can’t see the audio player on this post, you can download the mp3 here. Also, you can listen to the show on iTunes here.

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    Seems like very good tips to treat neck and shoulder pains personally. I was a neck pain sufferer for a long time and had many treatments for that. Tried many medicines, but none of them was working for me and finally I had done a physiotherapy treatment at AESM ( ) in Toronto. Now my neck seems to be better.

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