Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth: Signs, Symptoms, and Testing

If you’re still struggling with gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea… you could have bacteria growing in all the wrong places.

Today’s video is all about Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

It could be the one thing that’s keeping your diet restricted and causing a lot of stomach pain. The most important things you need to know about SIBO are covered in the video:

… signs and symptoms you’re a candidate for SIBO testing.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


… clearing up the confusion about what testing can tell us.

… what to do if you test positive for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

I hope you enjoy the video,

– Jordan

P.S. – If you want to know more about SIBO, we recorded a 1-hour interview with our friend (and SIBO expert) Dr. Siebecker here:

Jordan Reasoner

About Jordan Reasoner

Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. Since then, he transformed his health using the SCD Diet and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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9 thoughts on “Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth: Signs, Symptoms, and Testing

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    Hi Jordan. I may be a candidae for SIBO based on what I have been reading and also based on your well explained video. I have been to a gastro and all the tests (stool and blood) and with even with my gyngo (urine) all come back that I am in “tip top” shape! I went through a major episode in Feb – burning sensation in my stomach – felt like I had a “hole” in my stomach. A doctor told me to take Zantac (acid blocker) rather than the Pepto Bismol I was downing. Then my stomach pain a few months later turned into sloshing/gurgrling/bubbling “Hyperactive” Loud Bowel Sounds (it sounded like a car wash was going on in my stomach!) and it lasted for months all day – everyday – very abnormal. I would have gotten kicked out of the librbary with a stomach acting up like that! THEN…..This is when this strange “ravenous hunger” that would not stop began to occur. It was an uncontrollable hunger that was not at all on my terms – Not ONE THING would make me full OR STOP THE HUNGER – I tried everything! I started to get worried about packing on weight from eating like this for 3 months! This overloading of food & undigested food I believe caused the gas bubbles, constipation and my lower intestinal area/pelvis area to “EXPAND” giving me pain that was so bad I couldn’t barely walk! I also got joint aches, severe fatique and eye bluriness.
    I am wondering if the Zantac overkilled too mcuh of my stomach acid and created this “Sloshing” Hyperactive Bowel Sounds leading into the Ravenous Hunger. ?? At first I was determined I had a tapeworm or some sort of parasite because they steal all your nutrients and “drain” a person like this but my stool tests ruled that out. I went ahead and got “Neem” at Whole Foods to take for a full month which kills off parasites AND the toxins they ALSO leave behind even though these tests say I don’t have it. Anyways…when I tell people my story they are in aww about the ravenous hunger thing. It is so strange! I have no idea where all that food went! I look like a fitness/dance instructor and was a swimsuit model for years so people get a kick out of this. I don’t – and I never want to go through this again! From Februrary till August I had no life dealing with this issue.

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    Hey Jordan, thanks for the great info and for recommending Dr. Siebecker, her website is a treasure trove of information. I’m currently on a 7 day course of antibiotics to eradicate my SIBO and was wondering how long it’s usually necessary to follow the SCD diet or other complex carbohydrate restricted diets? I’m keen to go back to consuming safe starches and other healthy whole foods. The advice of others such as Dr. Campbell-McBride to stay on a GAPS diet or others similar seems a bit extreme, especially for someone only suffering with SIBO and no other illnesses.

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    I’m new to Los Angeles and looking for a functional/integrative MD or DO who is informed about all these GI issues. I suffer severe migraines, tyramine sensitivity, and have SIBO. I can’t keep tapping my doc in Boise and need to find SOMEONE who knows about this! Any suggestions out there?? Please help! Thanks!

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    Hello there 🙂
    I am looking for the info on how to order the 60 day herbal protocol for sibo. I don’t think I need to test for myself but, I would also like info on ordering testing for the rest of my family.
    Thank you,

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    I got tested with a glucose test and now I know why it came back negative! When I just eat meat my stomach is so calm and fine then when im eating starch, lactose or fructose i feel like i’m exploding inside!!! Thanks for the info

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    I agree with you about the SIBO thing…I have been dealing with this…but testing over and over again…just drains peoples wallets….just a way to make the testing companies rich

    For anyone suspecting bacteria overgrowth and parasites and having Gi issues should keep up the healthy SCD, possibly a lower card version for a month and just use powerful herbs like allicin garlic pills/ Berberine, Oreganol oil etc…heavy doses is key

    look up Barefoot Herbalist on curezone…he knows more than most medical docs you will ever find about total body health…cleansing, de-worming, anti-bacteria formulas, fasting etc…

    I have done SCD for three years…then I found the herbalist and did some de-worming, liver flushing, kidney cleansing… 2-3 weeks of carrot and orange juice fasting to rest the GI track and let it heal and take his lower bowel balance (powerful anti-bacterial and parasite)…and have seen more worms/parasites/liver flukes etc…than I realized…

    symptoms went away for the first time in 3 years…my liver ducts were so clogged with gall stones and flukes…had a 5″ long rope worm also!!!

    you have to address the whole body- kidneys, liver, lymphs etc…the SIBO is just another symptom of a total body toxic state and acidic body

    but yes…I agree SIBO is real and should be put back into balance

    Good luck everyone!

    Thanks Jordan! Great work

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    You have a real knack for getting information across. Thank you.
    I do have a question. My UC developed after me being on a real food low carb diet for about 2 years. I ate like this because I felt better( not starving all the time, acne went away, periods improved) My organix dysbiosis test showed SIBO but I don’t have any gas, pain, cramping etc. Dr Siebecker said that without gas, pain, cramping etc that SIBO is unlikely. I have blood,urgency and diarrhea. Whenever I start with intro/ soup stage, I get so much worse as in BMs increasing to 20+ per day, going anytime I put something to my mouth. I tried low fodmaps and nothing changed. When I eat PHD-like I feel the best. 6-12 BMs . Sometimes they have soft form. Blood is sometimes not there. BMs also cluster around the am and after supper. Does anything stand out about this to you?

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