Steve’s SCD Healing Journal: Week 8 – Remembering How Far I have Come!

Co-Founder of SCD Lifestyle Steve Wright has finally broken down and started his path to intestinal healing.  After many years of undiagnosed digestive warfare in his body, these series of weekly posts will take you through his experiences, thoughts, and struggles on the SCD diet.  Check back and follow his progress:

Week 8 Summary

After last weekend’s episode of eating illegal’s, I’d hoped that I didn’t do to much serious damage to my healing process.  I’m happy to report that I think I’m going to make a full recovery (whew! I know)…in a couple weeks.  The beginning of this week I experienced a couple days of higher than normal gas with BM’s that were all over the map.  In the middle of the week during my haste to pack up my belongings to move this weekend, I ran out of my Betaine HCL,

yogurt and my multi-vitamin for several days.  All three were on my list to make and order last week and I totally forgot.  Running out of the multi-vitamin isn’t that big of a deal, just rather annoying.  But if you’ve been following my progress until I ramped up dosages of Betaine HCL and yogurt I didn’t see a huge jump in the quality of my bowel movements.  I was out of Betaine HCL and yogurt for about 4 days.  During this time I could tell my digestion process was slowed, I had more gas and bloating than I’ve had in weeks, it sucked!

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Mental and Body Changes

Mentally this last week has been extremely stressful because of the packing and moving.  I completely forgot to order more supplements and this caused all kinds of complications for my diet.  I really wish supplement companies had some kind of auto-ship program that would send me my monthly supplements so I would never run out!  My bowel movements were less than spectacular all week.  I also experienced the most gas and bloating I’ve had since the first or second week of the diet.  I really did forget how nice it is not to have stomach aches after eating and not worrying about trying to pass smelly farts in the office.  In the future I will be spending more time reflecting on how I used to feel before I started this diet.  After 50 plus days I could have never imagined it would be so easy to forget about how bad I felt on a daily basis.  I think my experience has taught more than ever how important it is to keep a journal and to do weekly reflections on that journal.

Fitness Goals

This week was another week of several trips to the chiropractor’s office and zero trips to the gym.  Sort of disappointing from a fat loss, muscle building standpoint but the relief of my neck and back pain is well worth the tradeoff.  The next week is going to be a transition week in which I probably won’t be able to hit the gym again but after that I’m putting my nose back to the grind stone.

Diet Details

This week from a diet perspective, I wasn’t really focused on introducing any new variables.  I did add some tomatoes to my diet.  I seemed to tolerate them well but I will have to wait and try them again in the coming weeks because my physical symptoms were all over the place this week.  In the next week, I’m going to return to a rather basic diet to try and stabilize all of my physical symptoms.  I finally got my supplements in the mail so I will add those back in and hopefully everything will start to correct itself.

One Line Thoughts On The SCD Diet

  • Staying on top of your medications and supplements is very important so you do not run out.  I wish someone offered a monthly auto-ship option so I don’t always have to worry about running out!
  • Journaling is important no matter how far you are in the diet, our memories are much shorter than we think they are
  • For me, it was way too easy to forget about how I felt before I started this diet.  I am going to start focusing more on reflection of my diet journal
  • Eating a bunch of illegal foods caused my body more trauma than I thought it would, it is going to take more than just a couple days to return to where I was before I cheated

Share a story of how miserable you were before you started the diet, remember how bad it was…

Steven Wright

About Steven Wright

Steve Wright is a health engineer and author. In 2009, he reached a breaking point when IBS took over his life and the doctors didn't know how to help. Since then, he has transformed his health and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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