Is Sulfur the Missing Link in Heart Disease and IBD? (Podcast 59)

What if lack of sulfur caused Autism or Alzheimer’s?

But what if it was because our body chose these problems?

To solve most problems it’s a better idea to walk toward the issue than run away. If the initial reaction is to fight, then it’s probably better to relax.

Such is the case with quicksand. The initial reaction is to struggle and fight for your life. And it’s precisely the fastest way to die in quicksand.

In my life, it seems like all the breakthroughs I’ve had come from counterintuitive ideas. Some of these are things like eating a grain-free diet, like SCD, needing more stomach acid (not less) and avoiding flu shots.

How completely amazing would it be for us to learn that the body is so smart it chooses to live with a chronic disease or infection rather than die? That’s a level of sophistication and innate intelligence that might make heads explode.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


Dr. Stephanie Seneff, an MIT researcher who’s been researching Sulfur, Heart Disease and Autism, is beginning to believe this might be the truth. She’s deeply fascinated by cholesterol sulfate and its role in the body.

She’s published 9 nutrition and disease papers and has given several Weston A Price conference presentations. I’m very grateful she took time to come on our show. We covered a diverse group of topics, from her daily menu to how important cholesterol and sulfate are for health.

On this Podcast, We Cover:

3:44 Why Statins are awful and LDL Cholesterol is good for us
10:01 Where Sulfate is located in the body and what it does
14:22 How could we become Sulfur deficient?
25:05 Could our body choose infections and sickness?
36:04 The difference between Vitamin D supplements and the sun
43:04 Do you get very tired from being in the sun (like the beach)? Listen to this…
46:08 How to get more sulfur in your life


Whew! What an awesome chat that was. I hope that you all learned a ton because I sure did.

Don’t forget to visit Dr. Seneff’s site, where she does her best to make ALL her talks and papers FREE –> Click Here.

And tell me, do you think the body would choose disease?

– Steve

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Steven Wright

About Steven Wright

Steve Wright is a health engineer and author. In 2009, he reached a breaking point when IBS took over his life and the doctors didn't know how to help. Since then, he has transformed his health and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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16 thoughts on “Is Sulfur the Missing Link in Heart Disease and IBD? (Podcast 59)

  1. Avatar

    Very interesting. Thank you so much for what you do! Can I offer some feedback about your posts? It would be helpful to me if you dated your posts so I can determine when they were posted, and therefore understand if it’s the latest information.

  2. Avatar

    I personally enjoyed this podcast interview loads. One point that really caught my attention was the bit about how the body makes arterial plaque in order to help form cholesterol-sulphate. Steven what’s your thoughts on that?

    • Steven Wright

      @Gary – I honestly haven’t gotten deep on these ideas yet. So I don’t have much of comment at this point. I find Stephanie’s work fascinating and believe she’s on the right track to figuring out why the Sun is so important.

      • Avatar

        I just finished reading her article which @Roger_Elliot linked to in his comment. I agree with you, Stephanie’s thoughts are great and have got me thinking about the sun exposure as a missing biochemistry link in using nutrition to optimise health. Thanks for interviewing her and dig your podcasts 🙂

  3. Avatar

    Very interesting interview. I would warn Stephanie to be very careful about anything from Chinatown, even if she thinks it’s organic. There have been some pieces on NaturalNews lately about how very toxic food and supplements coming from China is.

  4. Avatar
    Sue Crawford says:

    I’m so bummed…I was totally engrossed in the podcast then it cut out in the middle of the conversation. What was the remainder? How do we get more sulphur in our diet?

  5. Avatar

    I found this podcast interesting in the discussion of sulfur especially since my system seems to have some processing issues with it. What she had to say about sulfur was interesting and something to consider. However there is a lot of huge leaps being made in a bit of an “off” direction with the Vit D and Dairy, I believe everyone here could benefit from some education in “Human Ecological Adaptation”… yes you need to break out the Anthropology literature.
    First I want to point out that the MAJORITY of the worlds population is lactose intolerant (it is in fact the norm). Northern Europeans and their decedents here in the US and abroad have inherited a trait (genetic mutation) allowing them to digest lactose into adulthood (falls under natural selection). It is in the genes, if you do not have it you cannot do it, no point in trying. A lot of people with the genetic ability to digest lactose will slowly loose it as they age, as we do with a lot of things. Insistence that everyone should or can eat dairy is a very ethnocentric US ideal.
    As for Vitamin D…it is synthesized by UVB rays. Human skin color is directly connected to how much UVB/UVA you get by climate. Skin color is an adaptation along clinal lines. It is all about melanin. If you live close to the equator you need darker skin to protect against folate destruction melanin is a natural spf. In a Northern climate you need lighter skin to process vitamin D (otherwise you end up with Rickets, etc) dark skinned people in northern climates will require twice as much sun exposure to make the same amount of vitamin D as a light skinned person….it all comes down to ancestry and climate…modern humans do not stay but so we have to deal with issues different. Fish oil is a great dietary source of Vitamin D (ie Inuit get most of their D this way) AS for a tanning bed…you might as well drink the bottle of round-up while you are at it. Most Northern latitudes do not get the type of UV ray you need to make Vit D in the winter so sun exposure will not help much. This is the extra fast cliff notes version glossed over much…everyone with skin should do a little extra reading the information is out there but you might need to look at anthropology for some of your answers and nutrition journals…they seem light years ahead of the current MDs attitudes.

    Recommended reading:
    Great stuff on Vitamin D def in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, just do a search:

    Skin : A Natural History by Nina G. Jablonski

    Don’t like to read here is a ted video on it

    Lactose Intolerance

  6. Avatar

    One of the best interviews I’ve heard here. Sure there was some speculation from here side but she was really clear about it and I love to hear about the speculations.

  7. Avatar

    It should be emphasized that all that Dr. Seneff is saying is highly speculative. She herself seems to believe she has “gotten it,” and has no hesitation in using her low-cholesterol-sulphate theory to explain seemingly explain every modern health problem, from autism and alzheimers to heart and gut disease.

    In the end, her advice is no different than having a paleo-diet (with added cheese and beer because she just loooves ’em), eating your eggs and taking walks in the sun, all of which can be justified without making use of her theory.

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