Life’s Tests Are Designed to Reveal Beliefs

At 2am, in an empty hospital waiting room, we squared off.

(The respected, 30-year surgeon and me.)

He had just successfully operated on my dad and I was tremendously grateful, but there were still things to be talked about.

As my mom and sister nervously watched, we intensely debated his plans for my dad. My heart raced after I asked the tough questions that required me to explain them medically and support with data.

After the tough stuff was done, he took another 15 minutes to chat with me about how and why I knew so much. He kept digging, and I was trying to dance around the real answers… until I gave him what he wanted, exactly what we do here on the blog, in our products and 1-on-1 consulting program. He was supportive and intrigued – a response I didn’t see coming.

Afterwards, I chatted with my family and they wondered why I was dancing and not more direct with my answers. Emotionally drained and sleep derived, it was actually remarkably clear. I’ve seen this before in other areas… this was an important test of my beliefs.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


Do you REALLY believe it Steve? Because either way you are about to create it.

Get That Monkey Off Your Back and You’ll Run Faster!

Have you heard that before?

I’ve heard it in the locker room, from family and friends… and surprisingly, the speaker is typically right. They see something’s wrong, BUT I think I’m trying hard as hell. And the more the comment stings the more I know they are right.

They can’t call me out for not trying, but at the same time their instincts are sensing I’m not committed. And when I’m not committed, my performance will always be subpar. They expect more from me.

Commitments without beliefs are empty and others can pick them out.

The outcome is pre-determined by the belief.

Beliefs Will Determine Outcomes

Like back in 2011, when I decided to enter a sprint triathlon with only 6 weeks to get ready. It didn’t matter that I had never swam, biked or run for 1.5hrs straight. It didn’t matter that it was 85 degrees and 90% humidity.

6 weeks before, I had made a commitment and now it was time to see if I believed.

My bike was a little over 35 years old, I puked during the swim and I peed in the middle of the run. But none of it mattered because I made up my mind before I ever began. I would finish and do it in under 1.5hours.

And I did — 1:29:33 was my time.

I was sold, I was all in. I was willing to fight through every punch thrown at me that day. Trust me, I had plenty of chances to quit, for what most would call “legitimate” reasons. But my beliefs didn’t allow me to.

There is a fundamental rule of this universe: Beliefs will determine outcomes.

They try to teach us as kids, “If you believe… you can achieve.”

“If you believe you can’t… you won’t.”

And this simple truth is just that… almost too simple that it’s easy to forget. I’m repeating it now in hopes that you’ll re-examine this simple truth. Not only as it applies to your health, but as much as it applies to your finances, love life and family.

I Didn’t Always Believe… That I Was Worth It

That I should be allowed to be healthy…

That I should have clear skin…

That I should be confident…

That I should be in shape…

That I should have money…

That I could write…

I didn’t always believe I was worth it.

And My Life Reflected My Beliefs

I didn’t love me, others couldn’t love me. Money came in but I spent it as fast as I could, debts mounted.

I got jobs, good jobs, and I quit them.

I got fat, I got skinny, and I got fat again.

I focused, worked, struggled and made progress in any area I wished… and yet I always regressed backwards. I never held the gains.

Then, I got help with my beliefs. I stopped struggling and started asking questions and listening instead of answering.

The feelings and beliefs that bubbled up were not always what I wanted. But they painted the picture of why I was making choices to run with monkeys on my back, to turn around when I was about to breakthrough.

Turning Around Just Before…

It happens all the time, turning around right before the breakthrough.

Basically, right before the breakthrough it always gets tough, and when I didn’t really “believe” the universal law would rein me in. Things would just happen, making it impossible to reach my goal. The reality is they weren’t “just” happening, my lack of belief was causing them.

There are always some “belief tests,” like cheat meals, the random stress, emotional outbursts, break ups, shopping sprees and supplements running out.

And these tests would allow my true colors to shine, exposing my real belief structure. If I didn’t truly believe, that is when I’d sabotage my gains.

Maybe you can relate?

Sure, I can describe chemical, social and psychological reasons for taking the sabotaging actions I did. But what I’ve learned is that most times these reasons are only ways to obey beliefs (and many times fix themselves as beliefs change).

Cut the Ropes Weighing You Down

It’s like that scene in King Kong.

He’s surrounded, the captors are close to winning and the outlook is dim. The ropes and nets are being slung over his shoulders. The weight is heavy, he could be hurt or killed.

The tension is unbearable, will he allow himself to be taken… or break free from all the ropes? And then the movie cuts to his eyes (because belief hides in the eyes).

I’m looking into my eyes right now and I’m challenging you to look into yours.

Even the Strongest Beliefs Can Be Changed in Seconds

For the longest time, no one believed America would be attacked… and then in mere seconds, on Sunday, December 7, 1941, an entire nation of beliefs changed forever.

For over 9 years, the world believed running a 4-minute mile was not possible. Roger Bannister believed differently, when everyone told him it couldn’t be done. He ran a 3 minute 59 second mile. And ever since he broke the barrier, the history books have been re-written.

Flight was impossible until the Wright brothers. Now, there are roughly 5,000 planes in the sky above the United States at any given time.

Heck… we used to believed that the sun revolved around us… Belief about even the most sacred of things in life can change in mere moments.

These were all strongly held beliefs by massive numbers of people, simply shattered in moments.

Today, let’s focus on beliefs surrounding health, wealth and happiness.

I know I barely passed a belief check the other night. And if I’m going to take this to the next level, helping millions of people I’m going to need to be at a much higher level. And so as I re-focus I urge you to pick something and join me.

Whether you are strengthening a belief or changing one, I want you to take action today to begin a new commitment to it.

For instance, if you haven’t started a structured diet plan to get your digestive problems under control, today is the day to look in the mirror and believe something different. If you’re not getting results, I’m challenging you to commit with a different belief and plan using our SCD how-to eBook.

You can do it, you are worth it, if you believe.

Create a new belief… and then get to work on it.

I am. Let me know in the comments what you did.


Steven Wright

About Steven Wright

Steve Wright is a health engineer and author. In 2009, he reached a breaking point when IBS took over his life and the doctors didn't know how to help. Since then, he has transformed his health and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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    I have been following your newsletters for almost a year now. I have been encouraged by you with every single one! But this is your best and most inspired post yet. Thank you very much for your clear insight and all the kind help that you put into every newsletter. You are helping me beat severe Fibromyalgia (think shingles pain on steroids). I have had 3 completely pain free days in the past week and a half! Thank you!

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