The Best Gut Health Advice I Could Possibly Give You


I just shot a video that’s probably one of the most intense messages you’ve ever heard from me.

It’s CRITICAL for anyone struggling with chronic illness…

This might be the most important gut health advice I’ve given to date, and I’m betting it will completely change the way you approach your health journey.

Over the years, we’ve shared many diet and supplement tweaks that can help heal your gut, but none of that matters without the one thing I cover in this video… I know that might sound crazy, but it will make sense when you watch the video.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


If you like this video and it supports you, please know I’ve done my best to channel Eric Thomas – someone who’s supported me with messages like this for years. You can catch all of his amazing videos here:

I’m so grateful to support you. Thank you for being a part of this community.

– Jordan

P.S. – Please leave a comment and let me know how this message impacted you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jordan Reasoner

About Jordan Reasoner

Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. Since then, he transformed his health using the SCD Diet and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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44 thoughts on “The Best Gut Health Advice I Could Possibly Give You

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    Thanks, Jordan and Steve, for going before us and breaking through the barriers that brought you into health. I am a hospice RN and that is an amazing fit for my life right now, but I hope to overcome my own health struggles and maybe in the future use it to empower others to be survivors. Amazing timing to encourage us with this message!

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    Thank you for that great video. Just what I needed to force myself to go on this really strict diet. Mindset is very imp. and I think one of the most imp. Been struggling with severe food allergies and MCS for 20 years. Not been fun. I think my major problem is leaky gut. I just don’t know if I can just drink turkey broth for weeks and not much else but I’m going to try it!!! Thank you for your great site. Blessings, Barb

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    Thank you so much! I’m glad I heard this before my doctors appointment yesterday because it really helped. I’m still pretty young so it’s been extremely difficult lately with the multiple health problems I’ve been dealing with and this just helped motivate me even more, because I am a survivor, even when all I’ve felt like doing until yesterday was giving up. This was incredible. Thank you again! It helps me keep on keeping on.

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    Thank you for the inspiration. I am recently diagnosed MTHFR combination hetero. I suffer from IBS and depression that is very debilitating. I am currently on SIBO treatment with a ND, and back on the antidepressants just to get out of bed. I am hopeful that some of his will be resolved very soon. I am a survivor!
    Thanks for believing!

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    Thank you for that heart filled messaged! I love you guys 🙂 I have been fighting for 10 years and Iv never giving up on my hormone and gut problems, even in my darkest times! Iv learnt so much about my health that I’m now doing my health coaching course to give back to those who feel lost and are struggling!! There is always a hidden blessing with every crisis! ??

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    Thank you Jordan for your inspiring message. I am going on 10 years fighting my health battle and never had any significant improvement until finding you and Steve. I have learned so much this year, you guys know more than all of the doctors I’ve seen put together. Please know because of you I am finally seeing a change in my health and thank you for connecting me with Brie.

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    Cathy Drysdale says:

    Sometimes I wonder what it is like for anyone that ever wakes up and feels like getting out of bed, does not feel miserable and like a truck ran over them?! Some days are not as miserable as others but when I get on a roll of feeling like every part of my body is on fire and my head is killing me it seems impossible to try and figure out how to feel better and take a couple of weeks to not feel impossibly miserable. How do you spend any quality time with my husband, my grown kids and my 23 grandchildren and work my full time job when all I want and feel like doing is nothing?!! I think gluten has a lot to do with it and I know my gut is not right but honestly it doesn’t seem like anything I do makes any difference and what is the point of living like this? Thanks for your encouragement! Cathy

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    As more time goes on, I realize more and more that this is where it is at… Staying in the game is everything, and it could very well be that resolving the “stresses” of how each person has been living and processing life, especially the “unconscious” ones, and evolving with the changes that need to happen in these areas, is the ultimate limiting factor in finding the path to wellness… Folks need to make sure they continue to love themselves no matter how challenging things may feel, and the patterns that likely faciliated the origins of the health challenge can get in the way of this, which keeps the cycle going… Thx to the two of you for your examples of determination and commitment, and recognizing that the stress component is as significant as anything else…

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    Thank you. Yes, I am a survivor! I have
    finally started feeling better and feeling
    normal again for the first time in 7 years.
    I could not have done this without you and
    Steve. I have followed your advice exactly.
    Journaling was a great help to identify daily
    what my body did not like. I survived!!!!!

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    Ahh! Got me all misty eyed. Your blogs and posts helped me heal. It’s a hard path, but thank you for continuing to help people and assist in them fighting to get their lives back, just like I did. I remember the days of not being able to get out of bed like they were yesterday. Once you make that choice, and feel that power and control in your hands, they’re no turning back. It’s the best feeling of freedom to not feel confined in your body, stagnant to the point of feeling frozen. You are truly an inspiration! I needed to hear this today, and I know a lot of people need to be reminded that this is a choice and that they ARE strong enough. Life is beautiful!!

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    thank you Jordan sooo much for your heartfelt message~ It is what everyone needs to hear..we are all survivors..but may I add that we can do all things thru Christ who strengthens us if we just depend on Him. I am blessed by your message today!

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    Powerful video. What comes from the heart – hits the heart.
    Bulls eye.

    The BEST thing I ever did for my health was:
    1) totally gave up sugar – even brown sugar. Now I use stevia to sweeten my tea.
    2) totally gave up white flour products. I only eat whole wheat products.

    It was REALLY hard, but guess what? The pounds just flew off without even exercising!
    Yes yes yes I miss a lot of things – mostly desserts, but once you start to feel better, look better and get THINNER – you won’t go back to eating foods that destroy your health. And I mean DESTROY your health.
    Good luck to all of us!!

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    Hello Jordan! Thank you very much… you’re amazing! And yes, I’m a survivor , I can do this 🙂 … I started work with last summer and I’m really grateful to know you and Brie…because I deserve HEALTH…

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    Thank you Jordan! I really needed to hear this tonight. I am a survivor whose feeling a little discouraged today about my process. I put my disease into remission by following a paleo diet. Still know my body is reacting to something after everything I’ve done, it’s so frustrating. I won’t give up though until I find the answer! Thank you for your encouraging words.

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    Tears swelled up listening to you! I go back and forth wanting to give up! I get tired of all the supplements and food sensitivities, tired of remaining homebound for fear of what reaction I will have when I eat! Tired of the mood swings caused by food! Miss the foods I used to love, esp. comfort foods! Tired of paying every dime
    I have for supplements and office visits with little results…BUT….you give hope!!!Thank you Jordan and Steve! I want to do the Leaky Gut program but don’t like meat that much…. you mentioned you have to like meat…. 🙁

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    Thank you Jordan for the wonderful words of encouragement. I have followed the SCD Lifestyle for over a year and had many setbacks, but continue to hope for a breakthrough. I am an 80 year old lady with several autoimmune issues, but will never give up. Thank you for your uplifting words.

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    i was meant to hear that today, been having a good cry an felt like i had fallen apart, i guess we hear what we are meant to hear at the right time. Thank you spirit guided man

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    Good One Jordan!

    We need more cheerleaders like you in life!

    I keep for “D”‘s posted on my computer to look at daily. I just added one more from your encouragement for the really bad days…Dig Deeper! Yep! Good advice.

    Dig Deeper

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    Thank you SO much Jordan! What you said is exactly what I needed to hear tonight. I’m old, and it would be very easy to just give up, but people like you make people like me want to keep trying 🙂

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    Thank you so much for this. I have had another flare up. It started june 16. Still sick. Colon is miserable and continues to swell; especially as soon as i seem to be on the upside, then bam. My last appointment i finally broke down for the first time ever and told my dr i just want to know what it is because i have a husband and a nine year old daughter that i homeschool. I told him they are the only reason i just can’t lay there and waste away. Ive lost 30lbs this round. Im exhausted, i think about giving up during my most painful times. Then i look at my daughter (a miracle child who i was pregnant with, with cancer) and think…i know this is excruciating and sometimes i cant eat or even walk. But i have to keep going for her. I cant imagine giving up and her losing me due to lack of trying. Thank you again. This more than a much needed message. I feel it was almost divine.

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    Thank you for that uplifting message Jordan! I needed to hear that tonight. I will never stop fighting the fight to bring back my daughter’s health! She is surviving and I am surviving too! Thank you so much for your support!

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