The Mindset to Change Your Life and Health with Cynthia Pasquella (Podcast 80)

She laid on the floor sobbing, wondering if it was time to end her life. Not something you’d expect to hear from the now healthy, happy and successful Cynthia Pasquella. She’s a dear friend of mine who used to have chronic fatigue syndrome and other health issues. But I had no idea she had to overcome so many challenges.

In this podcast, we went deep into the questions that everyone must confront in order to change their health:

  • Have you ever wondered “Why me?”
  • Have you asked the question “Am I worth it?”
  • Or thought “What’s my WHY in this life?”

If you are anything like Jordan and I, the day will come when you do.

And there are all kinds of other mindset issues that will pop up as you begin your healing process like:

  • Do I really love myself?
  • Do I trust the process?
  • Do I deserve to be healthy?

In order to have a health transformation, you will have to change the way you think. It’s as simple as that. Take new actions in diet, lifestyle, supplements and mindset.

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Which is why this podcast is so powerful. I’m actually in the middle of the 7-day exercise Cynthia gives in the podcast… and all I can say is wow – but more on that in the actual show.

Beyond exploring the questions that we all must wrestle with, Cynthia and I talk about how we are beginning a deeper relationship I’m excited to tell you about. She’s currently doing a free transformation summit in which I was interviewed. I ended up talking at length about my battle with cravings and my 4 step process to beat them. It’s one of my better interviews.

Not only that, but Jordan and I are now faculty members of her nutrition school called the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. It’s an accredited nutrition school she created, that we’re now helping her with.

But those are really just announcements I’m proud of. For you, the golden nuggets in this podcast are about the mindset shifts, exercises and questions that Cynthia and I used to go from tired, sick and broke to living amazing lives that I wasn’t even sure was possible.

On This Podcast, We Cover:

2:20 Cynthia’s story and her dirty little secret (not what I expected)
12:10 Sometimes taking action isn’t enough for change
17:07 The “I don’t feel like it, I don’t have time…” mindset trap
21:00 What if you don’t have a “book worthy” rock bottom?
24:50 Why being selfish is the best thing you could do for your loved ones
28:20 3 Shocking issues that Cynthia’s followers shared with her…
36:00 The Transformational Nutrition Summit and how it’s different than other summits
41:50 A powerful exercise that will transform how you view yourself (the one I’m doing)
49:04 Cynthia’s accredited nutrition institute and our exciting announcement


A special thank you goes out to Cynthia for coming on the show and sharing such a wealth of information with all of us. I’m actually doing one of the exercises right now.

I hope you listen to my summit interview. Cynthia is the first summit host to not give me any idea of what we we’re going to talk about. She just put me on the spot and then we went super deep into cravings, digestion and how to create a personal transformation. It was awesome and completely raw.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this show… and if you’re doing Cynthia’s exercise tell me what’s shifting. I know for me – I haven’t really seen myself in years and now I finally am.


P.S. – If you can’t see the audio player on this post, you can download the mp3 here. Also, you can listen to the show on iTunes here.

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