The Number 1 Most Important Mindset to Starting the SCD Diet Right

Thinking about starting the SCD diet reminds me of how far I have come. I feel so good now that sometimes it’s easy to forget the long road I have traveled.

Right before I learned about the SCD diet, I was willing to do anything to get better… if my doctor would have told me that eating dog poop would have been the fastest way to get better… I probably would have picked up a few dogs from the pound on the way home and started a new diet!

Luckily, he told me about the SCD diet instead of dog poop and I was able to take control of my health and heal my gut with normal food. But the diet challenged me in many ways. In the beginning,  it was socially awkward at work and family gatherings, there were tough cravings to fend off, and it was psychologically hard in those first few days to drastically change how I ate and push through the intro diet.

There was one key mindset that got me through the intro diet and helped me heal to where I am today. That mindset shift is the Number 1 most important mindset to starting the SCD Diet right. 

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Here it is…

I no longer live to eat, I eat to live!

Food became my fuel to live and enjoy life, rather than living and enjoying life through food… but only for a brief moment in time. Fear not, as I progressed through the diet I quickly realized that the SCD diet allows for some incredible natural meals that taste amazing and still allow me to feel great… but it took some time for me to get there. I had a lot to learn about cooking meat, spicing things up, and what makes food actually taste good.

In the meantime, I just put my head down, ate to live, started feeling better, and loved every minute of it! If I wouldn’t have been able to embrace that mindset early on, I know that I wouldn’t have been able to get through all those tough moments when I thought about cheating or considered giving up on healing my gut.

The bottom line is this: eat to live and feel great!

Anyone else have any mental tips that helped them with the diet in the beginning?


Jordan Reasoner

About Jordan Reasoner

Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. Since then, he transformed his health using the SCD Diet and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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