The SCD Lifestyle Solution Podcast #9: SCD in the Movies – Wanted: Crohn’s End

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This week, we are really pleased to have our new friend Reid Kimball on the podcast with us. It’s really special for us because Reid is working on an incredibly powerful documentary on digestive disease called, “Wanted: Crohn’s End.” It’s centered around his quest to naturally heal his Crohn’s disease. What’s really cool about it is that Reid is on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet as part of his healing journey and we brought him on today to share the details of his project with us.

This is bigger than all of us. There are going to be many people after us that are going to desperately need help with their digestive disease and the path that we blaze together is going to shape how they are able to handle the disease we all struggle with every day. Reid is here to talk about his project and also share some really amazing insights he has learned while interviewing so many people in the digestive disease community. But the most important reason he is here is to find out if the SCD Community will support his project. Both of us at SCD Lifestyle are committed to help, so listen to the podcast to find out more about what he is working on and how you can help support the project.

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On This Podcast, We Cover:

0:55 Reid shares his unbelievable story
7:45 How did you get into film after battling Crohn’s?
9:55 How did you get the inspiration for the film?
14:14 Wanted: Crohn’s End – how did the film come about?
16:00 What is the goal of this film?
19:45 What have you learned about alternative treatments?
22:45 How are you funding this project to get it done?
25:00 Here’s how we can support Reid’s film
29:20 Here’s what cool stuff Reid has in store for people that can support the project
32:40 The reason the documentary is so important for the Digestive Disease Community


Here’s a link to Reid’s site about his movie: Wanted: Crohn’s End

We have done our part and pledged to his Kickstarter fund. If you want to help support a powerful documentary about digestive disease that will most likely help many others just like us, consider pledging whatever you can. Here is the link: Crohn’s End Kickstarter Fund.


– Jordan

P.S. – If you can’t see the player to listen, click here to download the file: SCD Lifestyle Solution Podcast #9.

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