The Top 5 SCD Myths Busted (Podcast 20)

Ever been attacked by a saber-toothed tiger?

Imagine it’s lunchtime at work.

On the way to grab some food, you turn the same old boring corner only to find yourself face-to-face with a GIANT, 500 pound, saber-toothed tiger… and he’s STARVING!

What would you do?

You’d run like hell, knocking down whoever got in your way right?

When that INSANE adrenaline rush takes over, your body automatically does whatever it takes to save your life.

That’s real fear.

Now, Imagine Getting Chased By a Saber-Tooth Tiger Every 1.5 Minutes…

What would that do to your heart?

The problem is that’s what society is like these days. Only now the saber-toothed tiger is student loans, gas prices, mortgage payments, disease, etc.

The same fear that saves your life from a HUGE, extinct animal now gets activated whenever we stress out about life.

These days, fear is all about the unknown… things like:

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


“How can I afford to pay down debt for 20 years?”

“Do I have enough money to retire?”

“What if I lose my job during the corporate restructuring?”

“What if I get cancer and there’s no cure?”

So, What’s So Scary About SCD?

Recently, we did a survey and asked, “What is your biggest fear about the SCD diet?”

And the answers were fascinating. What’s even more interesting is each of the 100+ responses represented one of five common fears in one way or another.

Let’s call these top 5 fears “myths.”

It’s OK to have these fears. In fact, a few of these fears stopped me from trying the diet until 30 DAYS AFTER I read “Breaking the Vicious Cycle.”

So, with today’s podcast, we busted these top 5 SCD Diet Myths.

Choose your top fear and hear what we had to say about it:

#5: “I can’t have a normal social life and will lose my friends on this diet” (Time – 2:02)

Here’s some of your survey responses:

“Dining out at restaurants or at friends’ houses who don’t understand my limitations” — Susan

“Not getting the support from friends and community” — Tania

“Being able to eat out with friends” — Dollie

#4: “There’s not enough fiber, carbs, nutrients, or calories in this diet” (Time – 9:00)

More survey responses:

“Wondering if I am getting all the vitamins/nutrients I need” — Sylvia

“Not having enough fiber” — Myra

“That I would not get enough calories” — Marie

#3: “I’m going to do it wrong (or cheat and not be able to stick with it)” (Time – 16:59)

More survey responses:

“Doing something wrong.” — Wendy

“That I might cheat and ruin my progress.” — Paul

“I have begun and stopped many times. This is my fear, not keeping to it.” — Nelli

#2: “I will be ‘forced’ to eat like this forever” (Time – 24:04)

More survey responses:

“I’ll be on it forever.” — Laura

“That I will never be able to eat regular food again.” — Candice

“That I will never be able to eat grains again.” — Susanna

#1: “This diet won’t work for me and I’m wasting my time” (Time – 32:34)

More survey responses:

“My biggest fear is that it won’t work for me.” — Kristen

“That it may not further improve my symptoms in the future.” — Roxie

“That it will fail like all the other interventions I have tried.” — Cynde


For even more help overcoming the psychology of SCD, our 162-page eBook has two entire chapters devoted to specific strategies that make sure fear and cravings don’t cause you to fail before you even start. Click here to learn more:

In good health,

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Jordan Reasoner

About Jordan Reasoner

Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. Since then, he transformed his health using the SCD Diet and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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6 thoughts on “The Top 5 SCD Myths Busted (Podcast 20)

  1. Avatar

    Hi, I was wondering what the difference between SCD legal and non-legal honey is. I know I have heard the lighter the better, but are there specific types that are not legal? Thanks.

    • Steven Wright
      Steven Wright says:

      @ Anne Marie – I believe Elaine made mention that the less cloudy the better the honey, I’ve never seen any honey with additives. However if worried I would encourage you to get some from a local source which you can probably talk to the owner or bottler rather than a large corporation.

  2. Avatar

    Wow, great podcast. Thanks so much for making these. I’m currently on the scd for crohns and I’m sending this to my little brother who is getting ready to start the diet tomorrow for his crohns as well.

    I’m sure it will boast his confidence! So thanks again guys

    • Steven Wright
      Steven Wright says:

      @ Nate – Thanks for listening man – make sure your or your brother submit any questions you have for the next one! Also if you use iTunes please rate our podcasts, It helps spread the word to others.

  3. Avatar

    This is all very interesting. Not ever being able to eat normal again was something I feared when I first started the diet. It actually turned out to be true. I can’t eat a lot of things I used to eat. But it’s not the diet that is keeping me from eating those things it’s the Crohn’s – or essentially my own body. On the upside, I have been able to include some foods beyond the diet, it is just a matter of making smart choices.

    • Steven Wright
      Steven Wright says:

      @ Sherry – Thanks for the comment! My diet includes a much broader base of flavors and foods now because of SCD. So while like you there are some things (dairy) that my body does not prefer I’m happy!

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