We Need Your Help with SCD Legal Supplements

Hey everyone, thank you for being such loyal readers.

We have a favor to ask of you, we need your help with SCD legal supplements. We talk and work with people from all around the world, which really is quite an amazing thing.  It is really awesome to think that we can help improve someone’s life, who’ve we never met, thousands of miles away.

Needless to say, we think the internet is pretty cool.

We want to ask you, our readers of the world, to help us help others. As you probably guessed by now, we are big proponents of

The Orginal SCD Legal Supplement Maker

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


prudent supplementation, especially digestive enzymes and probiotics. While we trust and use GI Pro Health, and in the past have tried Freeda Vitamins, we have no experience with other supplement makers located outside the United States.

This creates problems for us when trying to help people in other areas of the world because we have no clue which brands to point them to. In order to help as many people as we can, we really would like to get a better handle on this problem. So, what better way than for you to tell us who you trust and use so that we can be better informed?

So, I ask you readers, here at home and abroad, which supplement brands and products do you use and where do you live?

Please post your responses in the comments section below. Together, we can all help each other get better as a community!


Steven Wright

About Steven Wright

Steve Wright is a health engineer and author. In 2009, he reached a breaking point when IBS took over his life and the doctors didn't know how to help. Since then, he has transformed his health and started HealthyGut.com to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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26 thoughts on “We Need Your Help with SCD Legal Supplements

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    HI, I was just wondering if Standard Process Vitamins were SCD Legal? I had been taking quite a few of those supplements before i started the SCD diet and I’m wondering if I won’t be able to take those now on this diet.


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    It is very hard to get ‘scd legal’ supplements in Australia. Microgenics Mega B has no added starches, sugar or yeast so may be okay. I have been unable to find scd legal probiotics or scd legal digestive enzymes here.

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    Hi, I live in Canada. .Anyone having any idea of SCD legal supplements here? The supplements I am taking contain microcrystalline cellulose as ingredient in vitamin B12 and D3. Any opinions on this are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Pure Encapsulations. Their methyl B-12 is the only one I’ve found without the sugar alcohols. They have a lot of other good supp’s, too. Not sure if they’re all SCD legal, though.

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    I’d like to know if anyone knows about Standard Process. I have not been ‘officially’ diagnosed with celiac; however, my retired nurse friend has been working on me for the last three years doing NAET type work and she said I had to take kelp, vitamin C with bioflavinoids (she has me taking Soloray), magnesium asporotate (also soloray), and Calcium Lactate from Standard Process as well as Cataplex B from Standard Process. Normally I have an ‘issue’ with soy from everything else but she said the soy in Standard Process I am ‘ok’ with. I had someone from amazon ask me about the soy from Standard process in that vitamin. My dog is thriving on that B as far as his flea problem (gone away) taking it. Standard Process is whole foods based, as far as I know. I have to get them mostly via my naturopath and I know they are Dr. West’s? basis in his book on alternative cures. I tend to muscle test any supplements with my friend who does the NAET to find out which ones agree with me. We’ve also done a lot of heavy metals, etc. NAET is supposed to help your body recognize what it can and cannot handle and help desensitize you to things you normally have an allergic reaction or histamine reaction to. I have not had a cold or sinus infection since starting that work; however my sensitivities to things and reactions to things seem only to have increased since starting the GF diet rather than helping. At first going gluten free helped but recently I had a bout with diarrhea which my friend diagnosed as a reaction to tapioca starch (I was looking at doing paleo to begin with before jumping whole hog into SCD or GAPS but….it looks like some of those recipes are using tapioca or arrowroot. ) Meanwhile I have all my Bobs bean flour with tapioca and all the rest that I’ve been using that I guess I’ll either have to donate or chuck out. Thanks

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    For those of us in Europe, I thought it might be worth mentioning the Puresto website which I found recently (http://www.puresto.eu/). They provide a pretty good range of supplements specifically designed for people with food allergies/sensitivities and digestive problems. They also have a section on SCD with information regarding legal and non-legal supplement additives. Prices for supplements are generally not cheap, but shipping costs are reasonable and they provide a discount if you purchase over a certain amount. Shipping is to all EU countries, and other European countries on request apparently.

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    I don’t have any input, but would LOVE to know what other people have found here in Canada!!! Shipping from the USA can be crazy expensive (one company wanted to charge me $70). I’m looking for some Saccharomyces boulardii. Anyone know where I can find that in Canada?

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    A few brands that I tend to buy are Thorne Research, Klair Labs, and Solgar. All of the products these brands sell may not be SCD legal, but the majority of them are. The premis of these brands is to make top quality products free of all the crap that is usually used as fillers. Klair Labs makes a good digestive enzyme called Vitalzymes that I like to use. You can pick up Solgar products almost anywhare, but if you are looking for the other two buying online is the way to go. Pureformulas.com has many high quality supplement brands, including Thorne and Klair, with full ingredient lists, dosage instructions, descriptions and best of all free shipping.

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    For a probiotic, I use Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic Complete capsules. According to my very knowledgeable doctor, it’s the least allergenic one you can get. I live in southern California and usually buy it online from emersonecologics.com or pureformulas.com.

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    I have just discovered that the FUSION brand here in Australia is free of scd illegal ingredients. It is a very high quality brand and my daughter (who is on the scd diet) has just started taking the Multi Vitamin & Mineral Advanced.

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    Hi again Steve, thanks for the info on vsl-3, you are right, oh well. Good thing I finally ran out last night anyways, I only had probably 20 packets in the last 2 months anyways as I was on the last packets I had left and wasn’t taking them regularly as I did in the summer.


    I found the liquid multivitamin’s name I just started taking about 3 weeks ago. Its called
    NOW, after reading the fine print it appears a few tiny amounts of non scd legal things are in it too.


    I am not using fit day but I eat basically the same thing every day, about 6-12 chicken thighs mixed with cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, peas, zucchini, spinach, few tlsb sea salt and slow cooked over night with water for about 12 hours, then deboned and blended in a blender and eaten over the whole day and evening, then repeat. Sometimes I don’t put the mix in a blender and eat like a stew, but I theorized that that way is most likely creating more stomach acid in order to break down the veggies and chicken compared to me blending it so I usually prefer to blend it all together, plus it tastes better blended anyways.

    I just started adding the applesauce and I like it and think it is helping me. I also eat 2-3 slow fried sirloin burger patties at dinner. Sometimes I get steak or fish once a week if it is on sale. That is about all I eat that I can remember except for the rare exception like a couple times I got almond butter and gorged on it like a wild man, or some tangerines.

    I was crunching down some raw almonds over the last month here and there but stopped now as I think they were not easily breaking down inside.

    Sometimes I have had bananas ripe but haven’t in a while or pears. Stopped old cheddar except maybe one small piece a week as a gorge lust.

    Haven’t really had any honey except maybe one teaspoon a week as a treat. Got a yogurt machine at start of diet and made one batch but am lazy to do it again lately so never have done it again.

    Stopped welches grape juice but just got pure orange juice not from concentrate a couple days ago and enjoyed that without anything worse happening, but that was rare because it was on special. Usually I just have pure water and squirt some concentrated lemon juice in it and that is all.

    Overall I am getting used to eating this way and am better somewhat, just not in a large way yet. I expect it to take a year or so or maybe more so I am not going to give up anyways.

    I don’t trust most anything a doctor says and have proven them idiots and wrong on most everything and my own common sense and research right on almost every occasion and am not going to question staying on this diet as I don’t think it is a scam even if some small parts of it may be contradictory.

    I think the scd and similar diet approaches and what you guys are doing is cutting edge and only history will show you were right all along and I thank you for what you are doing to help those of us suffering every day. It means a lot to me.

    May God bless you.

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    I used vsl-3 before trying the scd died and it helped a small amount but not enough to justify the price.

    I had a few packets left and have started taking one before bed with unsweetened apple sauce and this is the first time I am trying apple sauce and think it is probably more useful then the vsl-3, but since I haven’t used it much after starting the diet I can’t say anymore how useful it is when combined with the scd diet. If one has a lot of cash then it is the most potent probiotic known to man as far as I know. I was taking like 4-5 trillion per day before trying the scd diet and at that amount you quickly run out of all your money. I spent like $1000 bucks on it since May and have nothing left to spend now. I am broke.

    At this moment I do recommend unsweetened apple sauce and cutting out other fruits, almonds, and dairy and see what happens. I was eating ripe bananas and almonds before but having better results with the apple sauce and cutting out those other things.

    I still have d word maybe 10+ times per day 1.5 months after starting diet, but it can go up to 20 times per day without apple sauce.

    I now got a liquid multivitamin I am taking as well that is in an orange flavor, can’t remember the brand.

    • Steven Wright

      @ Dylan – Thanks for commenting! Vsl-3 has given some people great results, but far to often I’ve heard the same story you told for the record it is NOT SCD legal, it contains cornstarch (unflavored) and sugars for flavoring, and it contains bifida bacteria. bifida bacteria while a good bacteria that is needed, is very aggressive and if your ratios of other bacteria are not yet correct you risk over colonizing your system with bifida. That is why we believe Elaine didn’t allow it on the diet. It’s not that its a bad bacteria but if given too much support before your symptoms have really improved you may swing your gut flora balance to far the other way.

      In my opinion Vsl-3 is overpriced, I recommend taking either GI Pro Health or if your looking to really up the dose then go with a non bifida package from http://www.customprobiotics.com/

      If you think of it post the name of that multi-vitamin your using later…also sounds like your still struggling a bit with your symptoms, are you tracking your foods in fitday? If so send me your last couple days and I’ll see if I can help you out.

  13. Avatar

    I have used GIProHealth. I live in California in the US, and I can usually find stuff at Whole Foods that’s legal. NOW is usually a good bet, not everything is SCD safe, but some stuff is.

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