We’re revising our book. Will you do us a favor?

Yes, we’re obsessed engineers…

And as usual, we couldn’t let it go.

We’ve learned so much from you over the past three years that it’s time for change.

It’s time for our book to grow, it must be expanded and also come in paperback. (Don’t worry, if you’ve already got it we’ll email you a free copy of the updated version)

We’re buried behind our laptops writing like crazy… but we wanted to step back for a minute and ask you a favor… we need your input for a very special part of our book written by you.

Will you share one specific thing SCD Lifestyle (or SCD in general) has helped you with?

This can be anything: stopping your symptoms, figuring out your custom diet, saving your colon, helping a family member or maybe it has nothing to do at all with health.

We wouldn’t be surprised. SCD Lifestyle isn’t really about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It’s really about making changes that help you take control of your health. It’s been an awesome trip together, thru the ups and downs of health, to evolving our message into what it is today.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


The reason we work hard on the site is to create an engineering test lab: to help you feel better than you have in weeks – rather than years. To show you that you’re not powerless in this area of your life, there are steps you can take, because everyone deserves to feel amazing.

You deserve a symptom-free life 🙂

To Do: leave a comment on this post

The more specific and detailed the better…

Tell us your story. Share how SCD Lifestyle helped you stop feeling so bad, got you off drugs, reduced your stress, whatever it is. Provide specific, concrete changes you’ve experienced and what it meant to you.

Sharing your story today might be the one thing that convinces someone else to give this diet a chance… and change their lives forever. And that is exactly what we want to put in our book.

It would mean the world to us and help our book finish strong.

Thank you for being amazing and going on this journey with us these past three years!

– Jordan and Steve

(We won’t print anything without your permission)

Steven Wright

About Steven Wright

Steve Wright is a health engineer and author. In 2009, he reached a breaking point when IBS took over his life and the doctors didn't know how to help. Since then, he has transformed his health and started HealthyGut.com to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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41 thoughts on “We’re revising our book. Will you do us a favor?

  1. Avatar

    Hi Jordan and Steve, I was diagnosed with IBS in 1982, and I have been dealing with intermittent flares ever since. I have been on and off all kinds of prescription drugs, but at the present time I am only taking Prilosec, Immodium, and my blood pressure medication. I have been on your program for 6 days, and I had a great first three days. But then on the fourth day, I had a flare and have been having trouble on and off ever since, having stomach aches and diarrhea. I have decided to stay on the Intro diet until everything settles down before starting phase one. I am not going to start the yogurt for a couple of weeks for all kinds of reasons, but mostly because I am on Social Security. I am trying to buy everything gradually. I do have two questions, however. When should I start the giprohealth supplements? I can’t ask my doctor because he is resistant to SCD, and I have to stay with him because of the rules and regs with Medicare. Also, I can’t seem to tolerate honey or bananas. They give me indigestion. And I don’t want to use saccharine or aspartame. So what else can I use as a sweetener? If dates are allowed, why is date sugar not allowed? Thank you so much for your books. They make so much sense out of such a confusing disease.

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    Sylvia, anything else you can tell me about what specific changes your husband made to heal and recover? I think I have gluten ataxia, and am trying to turn the tide on it, thanks!

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    Norene Mackley says:

    I forgot to mention, I also figured out that I have leaky gut. I developed a really nasty condition 4 years ago called Spasmodic Dysphonia essential tremor. It affects my vocal ability very profoundly. I have tremors in my voice and it has gotten really weak. There is a National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association that I have gotten information from and they tell us that there is no known cause and no known cure! I could get botox injections in the vocal folds, but who needs all those toxins? I have to wonder i this is yet another problem caused from gluten and gut problems. Natasha Campbell McBrides work on GAPS really rings a bell with me because what happens in the gut also affects the brain and I am told Spasmodic Dysphonia is in actually a brain based disorder! Luckily it is a rare condition, but for those of us who have it, it is life altering! One has to wonder how all these things are connected!

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    Norene Mackley says:

    I have had digestive problems for several years and didn’t realize that it would gradually get worse! It started out with acid reflux and I began sleeping on an elevated bed with two additional wedges. (My kids tease me I might as well sleep in a chair!) Well, next I got a massive tooth infection, which my dentist kept telling me did not exist! I finally developed an abcess and he had to take me seriously. After being sent to an endodontist we found I had a cavitation (hole) the size of a dime or nickle in my jaw under my tooth! After antibiotics and oral surgery and finding a rare actinomyces infection in that cavitation which was treated with antibiotics, I finally began to heal. Then my son died from a drug overdose and my husband was force retired from his job of nearly 30 years. In other words, lots of stress in my life!
    That is when the digestive problems showed up in ernest. I think I have SIBO and have an appointment with my doctor in a couple of weeks and I hope I can find out if that is true and what I need to do to treat it, but the thing that really got me reasearching for answers was a very annoying symptom. I had to go to the bathroom repeatedly throughout the day. I was on daily fiber for diverticulosis, take digestive enzymes, probiotics and a green drink and lots of other healthy supplements but still was having problems. My big question was WHY are my stools so irritating? I don’t see this talked about hardly at all by anyone else! When I would go I would get so irritated and always wiped with wipies rinsed first with water to remove any irrititants, then I applied aloe vera gel which helped immensely, but I kept wondering—if it hurts on the outside, what is happening on the inside? I was tested by Dr. Peter Osborne for Celiac/Gluten Sensitivity and had three of four markers indicating that I had it for certain and got it from both of my parents (in other words it is genetic with me!) and I needed to go gluten free.
    I was actually pretty much gluten free at the time. I found the gluten free alternatives just didn’t seem healthy alternatives, although I was trying to learn to cook with all those alternative things like rice flour, sorghum flour, coconut flour, potato starch and flour etc. Then Dr. Osborne sent some info about The SCD diet and a link to Steve and Jordan and I downloaded their book and have been trying to follow their program for the past month. In the meantime I also ordered Elaine Gottschell’s book and have read it thoroughly. I have to wonder if all the fiber I have been taking has been a “fertile field” for other bacteria to grow in? I don’t have stomach pain like so many others I read about. It is mostly this burning stool that is such a major complaint for me. And going often! My major complaint is with irritation in the colon. and incomplete emptying and continually feeling like I have to “go.” The fiber helped this quite a bit, but I still had troubles with the burning. Is there anyone else out there that has had such a symptom? Do I need to get tests to see what bacteria are in my intestinal tract? And which ones do you suggest? Looking back I can see that all those antibiotics were probably the start of SIBO. I also have had trouble with yeast for a couple of years and even took a very large bottle of Nystatin in an effort to get that under control. It is better but not completely gone. Any comments out there that can shed any light on my condition? I am doing better on the SCD diet but I still think there is a SIBO issue. Since going on the SCD diet I no longer take extra fiber and the amount of stool has diminished amazingly! Don’t have to go so often! Yah! Steve, and Jordan, what can you tell me that will shed light on what is going on? Any help much appreciated!

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    I have to say: “Thank you, Thank you…” For three years now, I have been looking, searching, googling… to find what was wrong with me. In short, you are the only one that has all the info and symptoms and to most beautiful of all, you are not afraid to tell us, that everyone is different and unique. Why is it so important to say these qualities? It makes us want to take of our sickness, our diet, seriously, and not to be afraid of trying.
    If it does not work, you have other solutions to try. The SCD lifestyle you have prepared for us, is simple, resourceful, and without it, I would have not been able to find a solution to all my physical problems. Thank you so much for your effort.

  6. Avatar

    For me the best thing is having access to such wonderful support. I have had Elaine’s book for years, but simply could not implement the diet. I used to love my carbs, especially breads and oats! But with your guidance, ebook, podcasts and regular posts I have managed to cut out all the grains, and now I am working on removing dairy as I am still suffering from chronic constipation and a lot of daily discomfort. My day is still rythmed by my bowel movements, but at least I am not always sick. You have also helped me take responsability for my health, and this is no little gift! Keep up the good, precise and insightful work, I can’t wait for the updated version of the book.

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    Rachelle Kenny says:

    I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in late August 2006 after 7 months of denying what was going on with my body. My grandmother had had UC and as my symptoms began multiplying I just simply didn’t want to face it. But, obviously I reached a point where I had no choice in the matter. I was sick and not getting better. The diagnosis was not a shock. Yet it still stung and knowing I would be living with this miserable disease the rest of my life was depressing. The Lialda and Prednisone helped to a degree, but really didn’t clear things up entirely. In fact I was about to be put on my 3rd round of prednisone just a month before my wedding. I had had enough. My gut, literally and figuratively was telling me that there had to be another option. I searched and searched the internet and stumbled upon SCD. It seemed to make sense. It was simple and certainly couldn’t hurt to try. So, my fiance and I cooked our first SCD like meal and low and behold, no gas, no bloating no cramping. That was enough for me to try eating this way the following day and to go out and get the book. Two weeks later I went in for my sigmoidoscopy and the doctor was unable to find traces of my flare. Honestly just 2 weeks prior he was ready to put me on prednisone to stop the bleeding. He warned me that strict diets like this one are hard to follow and that I might see success but that it might not be possible to continue on the diet. Well, he was wrong. Feeling healthy and being able to stay off of steroid medications has made it all worth it. In a nutshell, SCD has saved my life and changed it for the better. It is not about what I cannot have, but about what I can do with my life. I have two beautiful children now. something I may not have been able to do if I had been on some stronger UC meds. Our ideas regarding what is healthy and what isn’t has completely changed. We are the people our friends and family look to to answer questions or provide insight on health issues and food. If I had not gone down this path my children would be seeing a standard American pediatrician not an Integrative Medicine Pediatrician. My 3 year old son would still be eating gluten, oats, dairy and pineapple (his favorite fruit) and getting sick all the time. But, instead my husband and I are acutely aware that food is directly connected to how our bodies behave. Instead of looking for medicine as our first defense to treat our son, we looked to food. It is a challenge to eat differently, but it is a blessing, too. One that I will always be grateful for.

  8. Avatar

    Of course you know how it gave us our son back from autism and how I have more energy on the SCD than on a regular gf diet. Another thing that has drastically changed has been my realtionship to food. I appreciate healthy food choices so much more and have learned to love vegetables. Before, I would often have a box of triscuits or a pile of pasta, my fruit and vegetable repetoire was very limited. It’s funny that people think of the SCD as being a “limited diet”, but the average american diet is limited to mostly flour, corn, sugar, potatoes, and vegetable oils with a little meat and chicken thrown in. On the SCD I have explored many more vegetables than I would have. It’s much more satisfying food. My son, though he’s only six, takes pride in his food as well.

  9. Avatar

    Thanks to Jordan and Steve for their invaluable advice–and for all of the work that they do with the SCD community! I was someone who needed a lot of SCD tweaking, and they helped me enormously. Kudos to them for bringing this diet to the wider public.

    Until I was 22 years old, I was in extremely good health. I rarely got sick–never more than a cold a winter. I had never had acne, environmental allergies, insomnia, asthma, etc., in my life. I did not even have a GP because I went to the doctor so infrequently. There is no history of autoimmune diseases on either side of my family in living memory. I grew up in a place with an active local food movement and in a family that cooked from scratch daily, so I ate well, too.

    My health changed radically and suddenly when I was bitten by a tick carrying Lyme, babesiosis, and erlichiosis while on a four day hike in the late fall of 2008 with some friends. I had a horrible “flu”–the first sign of Lyme– but I was told that it was just a virus by a nurse practitioner, so I did not take antibiotics for the disease. I was one of the sixty percent who did get a bulls-eye rash–or, if I did, it was likely on my scalp where I could not see it. It took me a year and a half to finally get a diagnosis of Lyme disease through CDC positive bloodwork. During that time, I, the person who never got sick, was diagnosed with celiac, Hashimoto’s/Grave’s–and a slew of other problems. I had fevers, sometimes as high as 104 degrees, on a regular basis for months. My joints and muscles hurt, and I was very fatigued; I felt “ill all over.” My doctors thought I had thyroid cancer, because my thyroid was swollen, or a tropical disease, like malaria or dengue, picked up from the months I had spent traveling in South Asia.

    Lyme is extremely dangerous and requires intensive treatment. See underourskin.com for more information. When I was finally diagnosed, I had to take an entire year of antibiotics–10-12 different antibiotic pills per day. I really had no choice; it was, in fact, the first time I had taken antibiotics at all in over ten years.

    Fortunately, the treatment worked, healing me from the Lyme–and I would do the same treatment again in a heartbeat if necessary (even if I knew it would give me GI issues)–but it left me with a case of SIBO, indeterminate colitis, and gut dybiosis–even though I was eating a sugar-free diet and taking probiotics. My entire face, especially my chin, was covered with acne; my hair fell out; reflux made it painful to swallow. I had horrible GI problems; it hurt to even put a blanket over my bloated stomach when my symptoms were flaring. I was very fatigued.

    The SCD started to heal me immediately. Anyone on longterm antibiotics should follow GAPS/SCD while taking the drugs; that alone would have saved my gut health–and I had wish had known about SCD during my treatment! Recently, I had a bifidus overgrowth caused by a naturopath who tried to treat my SIBO by giving me bifidus. No one with serious GI problems, like Jordan and Steve say, should take bifidus at all; it made me sicker, causing me to lose weight due to malabsorption, my Vit D and iron very low. Even acidophilus made me very sick when my SIBO was at its worst, and my medical doctor recommended that I stop all probiotics, as they were effectively getting stuck in my small intestine, not making it to the colon, fueling the SIBO fire. I turned the corner on my SIBO when I stopped all probiotics/fermented foods for three weeks and then did a two week course of rifaximin. (I was offered neomycin, too, but my doctor told me that it is in a class of drugs that can cause permanent hearing damage, including sudden onset deafness, so I would recommend trying rifax, cipro, bactrim, etc., first.) I take 10-12 Peppermint Plus pills per day from Enzymatic Therapy for maintenance; they’ve worked very well. I have been on a very strict form of SCD without the Four Horsemen for about five months now. I have found that I can tolerate greens, kale and chard, with no problem–and I’d recommend them early on if tolerated even if they are usually introduced in later phases of the diet. I drink a quart of bone broth per day. I still do not take probiotics, instead eating sauerkraut or drinking kombucha (though not SCD legal, it has been extremely beneficial to me). Eat as much fat as possible; if you cannot tolerate coconut oil, as I cannot right now, try duck fat with some salt on it. Make avocado smoothies (two avocados, honey if tolerated, mint leaves) to take to school or work for a snack. I have found fermented cod liver oil to be very helpful–and my Vit D level looks great since I started taking it; I absorb it much better than Vit D pills.

    The SCD is working: all of my tests look much better since I started the diet. And, the most important thing I’ve learned: Keep the faith–and know that the diet is bringing true healing!

  10. Jordan Reasoner
    Jordan Reasoner says:

    These comments are amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to share a story and help others just like you get better.

    I appreciate you and enjoy connecting. Keep re-engineering your health!


  11. Avatar
    Carolyn Micek says:

    hi Jordan and Steve,

    I truly feel that both of you have saved my life.

    When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease last January, I was very sick. I had had unremittant diarrhea, abdominal and joint pain, rashes, fevers, and vision loss. My gastroenterologist offered me Remicaid, saying that diet had so bearing on my disease. Her quote to me was “I wish that I could tell you to stop eating broccoli and that would cure your disease”. I refused her treatment plan and walked out of her office knowing that there had to be a better way.

    I started the SCD the following week and followed it with strict adherence. However, after being on the diet for 10 months, I was still not feeling well with frequent flares. I was about to give up- I had even made an appointment with my physician to talk about a round of steroids. I was devastated.

    Then, my husband found your website through a link on a Paleo site and I was hooked. I read your blogs, followed your phasing charts, eliminated the 4 Horsemen, and started on multivitamins from GI ProHealth. My health turned around! Elaine’s work has been important to so many of us, but you have written the missing chapters- the chapters many of us need to succeed. I believe that you have given hope to those of us who just needed a few tweaks. I appreciate both of your hard work and dedication and a simple *thank you* cannot fully express the gratitude that I feel!

    I practice acupuncture and Chinese medicine and I look forward to your book coming out in hard copy so that I can give it to people who have digestive problems!

  12. Avatar

    My daughter’s story is quite complicated. In September of 2010, when she was 9 years old, she became very ill and that is when we believe her Celiac was triggered. For months we didn’t know what was happening, but she suffered from headaches, major weight loss, diarrhea from impaction and many other symptoms. In January of 2011, she was diagnosed with Celiac. Then, after going gluten free, she continued to decline. We saw a “slowing” of everything…walking, talking, eating, mental function, etc. We went to many conventional doctors who were confused and said that they had never seen a Celiac case like this before. To make a long story short, we ended up spending two months in three different hospitals. She was on a feeding tube, in diapers and stopped walking, talking and eating all together. They told us she was in a “catatonic state”. We felt like we were losing our daughter and no one had any answers. Through alternative avenues we came across Elaine Gottschall’s Breaking the Vicious Cycle and Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride’s Gut and Psychology Syndrome. It became very clear to us that we needed to take her home and start working on “healing the gut and awakening the brain.” She was still on the feeding tube at this time. We started many helpful supplements and slowly worked our way off the feeding tube. From day one of eating again, we followed the SCD diet. That was last May. We are not finished yet. We still have issues that we are working through, but my daughter is now walking, talking, eating, laughing and playing again. She is strong physically and has regained more than the weight that she lost last year. She’s even playing lacrosse, which a year ago seemed like would never happen again. To support my daughter, our entire family has been on SCD since she “woke up”. We all have stories of weight loss, greater physical strength, increased mental alertness and a general improvement in health. We have told many about the SCD diet and have seen increased health in others as well. We believe that through lots of prayer, the right supplements, the SCD diet, we’re getting our daughter back.

    There are many more details to her story, such as the many frustrating interactions with conventional medicine doctors who thought I was crazy, what we believe was an overdose of pharmaceutical drugs, to the fact that she has complete memory loss still. She doesn’t remember her childhood, what happened last year, or anything else beyond about a day. If you want more information just let me know.

    • Avatar

      Hi Lorie,

      Last year( Feb. 2012) my husband became so sick I did not know what to do he was having all the symptoms for Celiac Disease but GI Dr. did not believe he had
      it. While going to GI. Dr. We found a Dr who does Functional Medicine told us
      that he had CD and Gluten Ataxia after doing a bunch of tests which was affecting his brain He was home from
      work for seven months and he is back now. I think you need to find a dr. who does Functional Medicine to help your daughter while using the SCD diet. There
      are doctors in every state. Hope this will help you.


    • Avatar
      Sandra Nichols says:

      Lori, I simply had to respond to what you’ve been through. I am 60 years of age and have recently gone gluten-free and basically following a Paleo diet style.
      I have improved, but am researching the SCD, due to recurrent flare-ups.

      I took care of my mother who died at 91 yrs and had come to realize that our digestive ills and symptoms were much the same, although I did not realize it at the time. And did not realize what the problem may have been til after she died.

      My mother experienced the very same catatonic state you’ve described with your daughter. She had also been in that state for over a year around the age of 18 years, according to my grandmother. She was diagnosed and treated over the years as manic depressive/bi-polar,etc…she had been institutionalized also during her 20s and 30s off and on for the same reason. Each time she “woke up”.

      During the last 2 years of her life, she developed this same state of immobilization, as though she was “moving through glue”. She was unable to walk, talk, or eat without assistance. The doctors all said she had severe depression. But, that never felt like the correct description of what was happening. No doctor was able to explain what was happening each time.

      She stopped eating, all but soup and jello and improved, or perhaps it was the anti-depressant? I don’t think we will ever know. But, I do know she suffered from digestive issues and a connection was never made. But, I think there was one.

      She “woke up” and at the time of her death, was mentally and physically capable, for which we are grateful…
      I believe she was an undiagnosed celiac with mental and physical manifestations. Each time, she basically chose not to eat and with fasting, she would improve. My heart goes out to you, for all you and your family have been through, sending up some more of those prayers!


  13. Avatar

    Hey Guys,
    Ulcerative Colitis and drugs aren’t working any more…
    Step 1. Buy BTVC
    Step 2. Buy SCD Lifestyle, listen to the podcasts, read all the resources
    Step 3. Tailor your diet when it is not working (Thanks Jordan & Steve)
    Step 4. Be persistent… it is not easy!
    Step 5. Enjoy life – being drug and symptom free after 4months

    Well this was my experience UC for three years, drugs became ineffective, loosing weight, looking thin, gaunt, finding work difficult when you need to go to toilet 10-12 times a day. Started looking for something else…being on strong medications at age 33 didn’t seem right. My prayers were answered in finding SCD. Treating the cause not so much the effect seemed rather logical.
    Week 1 was tough – symptoms got worse, migraines, felt tired and lethargic. Week 2 symptoms the same however, my mind was much clearer, that brain fog thing is real. Initially, had nasty experiences with yogurt and probiotics. So 1 teaspoon of nut then goat yogurt for weeks. Started taking full cream raw cows milk yogurt (unpasteurized) an noticed and immediate benefit. Was also taking some of the supplements that Jordan and Steve recommend.
    Anyway wont bore you, but progressively got better to the point where i feel normal again…or perhaps better than normal. This diet has been hard work, expensive and definitely worth every cent, every craving as I have learned to appreciate good health and good food. As for the guys at SCD Lifestyle, just want to say THANK YOU for being a great encouragement; your books, website, podcasts and resources are invaluable.

  14. Avatar

    My son was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2007. As a parent I have wanted to do anything I could to help him. My sister sent me a copy of BTVC shortly after he was released from the hospital. We have had our ups and downs with him sticking to the diet and it has been a learning experience for me. We seem to start over alot. Thank you for all the time, support, and education you provide to us! It is greatly appreciated!

  15. Avatar

    I’ve just started the SCD. I was going to wait for a few weeks, but got so bad, I started immediately. I read BTVC, but wasn’t sure how to start. I ran across your website and bought your e-book SCD Lifestyle (love the bonuses too). I love the structure and phases with or without dairy. It’s made the transition doable. I’m just finished the Intro Phase and I’m in my first day of Phase one. Journaling has become something I enjoy doing. I want to be able to go back and see what works and were II may have gone off track. Thanks for the time and thought you’ve put into making SCD work.

  16. Avatar

    I started using the SCD approach about 4 years ago for my son with high Functioning Autism and myself with Coeliac disease. When my CD was diagnosed I was literally living on boiled rice and peas for 18 months. Now I can truly say my diet has vastly expanded, is very healthy, and the oils from the SCD base foods are healing and soothing to my previously inflamed gut. My son , far from the thre year old I was told to expect as a life-long prospect, is now a highly educated chap with an excellent career ahead of him. having trained as a nutritional therapist and nurse I now use this approach for many of my patients. Being able to send them your book has been a revelation for me.

  17. Avatar

    The SCD Lifestyle book and website are what really got me serious about starting the SCD. I had read Breaking the Vicious Cycle, but to be honest, it seemed so outdated. When I found your website and read the book, I saw that you were young people with busy lives living in today’s world, and you were doing it. So then I knew that I could do it. And I started, and I began to notice changes immediately. I don’t have UC or anything seriously life threatening, but I do have SIBO, and it was to the point where it seriously impacted my quality of life. It’s been about 2 years since I’ve discovered the SCD, and my life is now drastically different. I no longer spend hours upon hours in the bathroom, I’m no longer severely bloated, I’m not constantly tired/lethargic, and I just feel like a different person. My eating habits are now more Paleo, because it’s just what works for me, but that’s the other thing that SCD Lifestyle taught me. You need to do what’s right for you. Just because it’s “SCD” legal, doesn’t mean it’s OK for you. You need to experiment. For example, I don’t do well with too many nuts…they don’t digest well, and they tend to be a “trigger” food for me (but that’s a different story…) so I avoid them. Thanks for teaching me to listen to my body. Oh, and thanks for the 5 day “get back on track” diet plan, that thing has been a total life saver!!!! 🙂

  18. Avatar

    I purchased the SCD Lifestyle in order to be able to help my husband begin healing from UC. It helps take the “Breaking The Vicious Cycle” to a more workable level. It just made getting started easier! We are still in the early stages, & there is lots of trial & error, but I feel we are moving forward & are both reaping the benefits of the diet. One big thing it has done for me (& I don’t have UC, but have had diverticulitis issues) is to show me how this change in diet habits has improved how I feel–more energy, both physical & mental, better digestion, & losing all the aches & pains I associated with aging! It has also taught me that making most things from scratch is not only easy, but empowering–homemade chicken broth?–no problem & so delicious! Nut milks?–so simple! Same with nut breads. We are definitely eating to live these days & it has been such an eye-opener to have such a positive effect occur so quickly just by eliminating processed foods, grains, sugars, & dairy. My next learning project is homemade yogurt & dry curd cottage cheese. Steve & Jordan’s books really made the difference for us.

  19. Avatar

    SCDLifestyle has made my life as a clinician so much easier because instead of taking time each and every visit to have to explain how to do the SCD, and how to get started, I can just send my patients to your book and site. Amazing resource which I am forever grateful for!

    For me personally, the SCD took me from an intolerable life of pain to a pain free, happy, greatly reduced state of symptoms- life. It’s the treatment that worked the best for my IBS/SIBO, out of hundreds of excellent remedies, excellently chosen by qualified doctors. SCD is the bomb! It didn’t “cure” me completely, but I have no complaints and only gratitude for the immense reduction in symptoms, increase in health and increase in control it’s given me.

  20. Avatar

    I was in a confusing mess with a food allergy disease known as eosinophilic esophagitis, I drifted from medication to medication trying to find something that would work until one day the medication I was taking caused small bowel bacteria overgrowth syndrome. Awesome. The best part is that I had no idea that I had it.

    After going through multiple trips to the GI doctor to only have them poke and prod all over to tell me that I was perfectly healthy, I was about to give up. I found the SCD diet after a particularly difficult digestive situation and decided to jump into it. I feel as though sticking tight to the diet was able to rid my body of the bad influx of bacterium. I am now achieving perfect “digestion” and could not be happier.

    Sticking tight to the diet has allowed me to become much healthier! I can even report that the amount of foods that I am allergic to has drastically reduced, I believe in part to the diet.

  21. Avatar
    mireille caron says:

    I’M Mireille, was diagnosed with CC 2 years ago, took conventional treatment for 6 months then looked for alternative. I was already then into what I believed “good food habit..” until I found the SCDlifestyle diet. It has worked for me. Not only the diet but all the other well researched info. I do believe too that this site is not only about the diet but the community and support around it. IM still learning what works and doesn’t for me and I will get there. Diet is not the only thing.. I also did major changes in my lifestyle, change my job to minimize stress etc.
    My concern at times with the SCD is the high amount of meat that we are eating..After watching the Fork over knife documentary and IM not sure if that much meat is good for me. I’M also allergic to eggs, which makes it more challenging as you know. Any thoughts on that?
    I was traveling in Europe last September and cheated a lots..Yes I paid for it. I sent you an email to reach out and one of you Steve of Jordan, sent me a “Pep encouragement thought” which helped me immensely through the trip !!
    My wish would be to have that much info available in french for francophone! If you hear of anything let me know.
    Thanks a million!

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    My IBS-D/SIBO story and SCD is on my blog, feel free to lift it if you like.

    What I would like to suggest instead for your book, is to enhance the SCD regime. I started out with SCD, but it was Paleo-ketogenic (+goat/sheep dairy, only butter/cream from A1-casein cows) that brought me closer to being 100% asymptomatic. SCD gets the basic right, but it’s missing out by not insisting on ancient healthy foods. SCD is all about removing, not adding. GAPS is going a step further by adding bone marrow broths, but still it doesn’t go as far. For example, no matter what Mrs Gottschall said about kefir, goat kefir is 5-8 times more potent than yogurt, because its kind of bacteria/yeasts actually colonize the gut, while yogurt’s strains are just passing through. And SCD going all against on yeasts is not correct either, kefir’s yeasts *are* healing. SCD also goes bat-shit crazy on some products for including a tiny bit of sugar (e.g. balsamic vinegar), but it doesn’t care if we eat fruits and honey! There are discrepancies on the diet, because it’s simply an old version of a healing diet. Things are missing from its suggestions to help heal the gut faster, including various foods and even supplements (the vast majority of westerners are deficient on both D3 and Mg, no matter what diet they’re following for example!). And of course, the importance of NOT eating much flour of any kind (e.g. almond, coconut etc)!

    So that’s the kind of stuff you should be updating on the book IMHO. There are valuable lessons to learn from GAPS, and hard-core Paleo, Primal, and Paleo-ketogenic diets. Re-chewing what Haas and Gottschall were saying will only get you 80% of the way there, the rest 20% must come from newer research.

    Another thing that kind of surprised me in the SCD “community” is that most of the dieters believe that all they have to do is to follow the diet for 1-3 years, and then they will be cured, and go back to their old eating habits. When I started SCD in Sept. 2011, that was my frame of mind too. While researching more, and especially since I started delving in to Paleo reports and articles from Paleo doctors, I realized that this can’t be the case. Gluten, and especially the US variety of uber-selected wheat that includes what’s now called super-gluten, will damage the gut within weeks after starting eating wheat/grains again (even if you have been seemingly “cured” by following SCD for years beforehand). So I think it’s important to make it clear to your readers that SCD, Paleo, or whatever, must be their lifestyle for life. I personally do not believe that adult people can get their gut back to how it was when they were 10 years old. For kids it might be possible to acquire the right enzymes to break down the US gluten, but for adults, it’s unlikely.

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    Margaret Pellegrini says:

    My story
    God rescued me from complete despair on 8/1/10 by telling me that I had Celiac disease and I was recovering on a gluten-free diet until major gluten poisioning in mid-December when God again resuced me by telling me that the gluten came from the lemon peel in my gluten-free lemon bars. I got a yeast infection which forced me to eliminate all sugar and sweet fruit. I found that any attempt to eat even a bit of rice flour was quickly followed by GI distress. I landed on the SCD starting 1/1/11 and found that I was somewhat better off grains and sugar but by August it was clear that I wasn’t getting any better. After a suggestion by a farmer at our local market, I decided to go on just yogurt and pumpkin for three days, then add one new food per day to see what I could and couldn’t eat. When I ate the basic diet I ate a LOT of yogurt and pumpkin and found casein intolerance, but that I could mitigate it with protein-digesting enzymes such as trypsin. I gradually figured out the above restrictions. By the end of September I had figured out what I could eat and I have been gradually healing with a few detours such as gluten poisoning from Walmart fresh broccoli. Praise God for all of his help in figuring out what I need to avoid.
    I have needed 12+ hours in bed to get 8 hours of real sleep for almost 10 years. Now, many thanks to God and people who posted relevant information on the web so that I could find it, my sleep is gradually improving and becoming more sound. I have been taking figure skating lessons for almost a decade and finally am doing three real jumps in the middle of the ice, three different spins, and enjoying it immensely.
    My dietary restrictions: you may or may not have some of these, but consider these possibilities.
    Gluten intolerance: protein found in wheat, barley, rye: even 1 milligram causes severe cramping, diarrhea, and intestinal damage; prevent problem from trace amounts with anti-gluten enzymes
    Lactose intolerance: sugar found in milk; 0.5 g is enough to cause cramping, lots of gas, and diarrhea; drink lactose-free milk or take lactase enzymes
    Amylopectin: 1g is enough to cause bad cramping and diarrhea; Starch found in all grains, seeds, legumes, starchy vegetables, and cashew nuts; must avoid these foods
    Sucrose: table sugar; 3g refined sugar is enough to cause 12+ hours of light cramping just enough to keep me awake and tiny puffs of gas; sucrase or invertase may mitigate problems LorAnn Oils has invertase: 1 drop:pound of sugar; I diluted it 1 drop: 50 ml water leaving 1 drop: 9 g sucrose
    Raffinose: complex carbohydrate found in broccoli and similar vegetables; causes tons of stinky gas; prevent problems by taking anti-gas enzymes (legumes contain it as well)
    Casein intolerance – light cramping from large amounts of dairy – trypsin or protease enzymes break it down
    Fructose malabsorbtion – moderate cramping from fruits, some veggies with more fructose than glucose; take glucose=dextrose=corn sugar to increase absorption
    What I can eat
    Lactose free dairy; cheese with enzymes
    Nuts: Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, Brazil , Filbert , coconut and flours made from them (NOT cashews/peanuts)
    Vegetables: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Spinach, Tomato, asparagus, artichoke, Squashes with enzymes
    Low fructose fruits: Berries, grapes/raisins, Figs, Citrus, Pineapple with enzymes and small amounts of dextrose; invertase with citrus
    Herbs and Spices; small amounts of onion and garlic for flavor
    Dextrose simple sugar, also called glucose or corn sugar
    plain meat and eggs without breading or other problem ingredients

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    I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2011. For years prior to that I thought I was lactose intolerant and learned how to eat correctly or so I thought. I did try some of the drugs Entocort and Pentasa, I knew the side effects weren’t to bad with these particular drugs so I gave it a try. I knew I was not going to try the harsher drugs even though my doctor was pushing it. She even said I was a mild case so I asked why all the drugs. I think that is there standard protocol so that’s what they do. The drugs didn’t seem to do anything and the pain I was having was still there. Feeling full and not wanting to eat. I was starting to panic because I was losing so much weight and I actually thought if this keeps up I just might die. So thank goodness for the computer (I use to hate the darn thing) and I researched endlessly. I was obsessed. I came across several sites and learning about the different drugs and how doctors say diet does nothing or they usually say watch your trigger foods. I did continue to work with a gentleman who now has his own site http://www.Crohnsdad.com and who has helped me tremendously. I learned all about SCD and Breaking the Vicious Cycle. At first when you are in that much pain and still trying to hold down a job, family and everything that goes with it you start to wonder when will I have time to cook or what is there to eat etc. But with Jordan and Steve’s help they break it down so easy and you can follow it step by step. The podcasts are fantastic and they are so helpful. It is very overwhelming in the beginning and I even like to cook. But with the help and research from Jordan and Steve people can actually feel like they have there life back. Each person has to make the decision if they want to stay on this diet or not, no one will do it for them but knowing there is support out there it makes it so much easier. Hopefully in the future the doctors will see that it actually does work. I also do not call this a diet, it is a way of life. Thanks Jordan and Steve!!!

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    Between my second serious flare-up of Ulcerative Colitis (trying a barage of different drugs which failed) and being correctly diagnosed Crohn’s, I spent a year on a proven and medically supported elimination diet. I was trying to alleviate a myriad of allergies that were bogging down my life. I was using Prednisone and Imodium to get me through emergencies. I was dairy-free, salycilate-free and I felt emormous relief when I finally went wheat free. But I was still not satisfied or improving. When my last colonoscopy in 2011 confirmed Crohn’s I was offered 6MP but my GI specialist knew I would rather take a natural course. On my new quest to get to know Crohn’s, I stumbled across SCD. The allergies I had taken a year to try and control were all gone within the first week of starting SCD. I still have a bag full of immuno-suppresive, cortosteriodal drugs I was using, only as reminder of how far I have come. I have just completed the 90 day challenge and I know my gut is healing. The fact that my shares in toilet paper have plummeted is proof! It has not been an easy journey even though my symptoms seem mild when compared to others succeeding on SCD. Without the support of local MD’s and specialists, we success stories are largely on our own, searching for the right pathway through this diet. It is the encouragement and advice, based on personal experience, from on-line blogs and support groups that motivate, guide and perpetuate SCD success. I am 48 years old and now thriving. I look and feel like the real me. I look forward to the day that, alongside 6MP, SCD is offered as an alternative treatment for all versions of IBD by the people who should know better.

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    Per your request

    Jordan and Steve, as always, your support through the SCD Lifestyle has been at times the connecting thread to a continued road to health. Your responses to my many email questions have been a blessing. YOU have made a difference in one child’s life – our daughter’s.

    Our daughter, Marisa, was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease seven years ago (at the age of 7). Elaine Gottschall’s book Breaking the Vicious Cycle was given to us when she was first diagnosed. It was set aside, read years later, set aside again, and finally put to the test a little over two years ago – full throttle, with 100% adherence, and of course a few mistakes along the way.

    Starting the diet was out of love and desperation. Marisa was having too many flares requiring the use of Prednisone too often each year with 6MP not keeping the disease in remission. Her GI doctor, whom we respect, let us know changes in medication needed to occur, however when we did the research on the meds being suggested, we were scared. We felt the side effects of the medications would be more harmful to our daughter in the long haul, especially since there are no studies on these medications done on children at this time. We met with her GI doctor and asked that she give us a chance with this diet. We told her we felt that we could not place her on these meds at this early age in a life-long disease, without first trying something we felt might have a chance to work. With great reservation, her doctor agreed, as long as we kept her on her 6MP as a cushion. We plunged in – two fulltime working parents, four active children, and one mom who DOES NOT LIKE TO COOK – ever!

    I could make this story even longer, but let’s just say that at first we felt overwhelmed with the preparation, marketing, planning, and the incredible amount of dishes to be done. Did you know kitchen counters get full of washed dishes when you cook that much? I had owned a cooking thermometer for twenty some years – it had never been used! Well, it was about to be my number one friend with that yogurt! I must admit, we chose to make this a commitment for one year, no turning back. We spent one day a week running around to three different markets and cooking all day. It meant saying no to other things, but it also showed us priorities. With the help of SCD cookbooks, websites, and a friend who is an amazing cook who I would call with my non-cooking brain questions, we did it! Honestly, two years later, it gets easier. That overwhelming feeling is gone. You get in a routine, you know what works, you figure out what does not, and you freeze a lot when you’re fulltime workers. Marisa takes SCD lunches to school, to sleepovers, and has even been able to remain on the diet while attending a local summer camp for children with chronic diseases (of course the camp allowed us to bring in all her food).

    Now for the twist in this story and a time of doubt; the past six months have been a down hill spiral with her health. About six months ago we asked for Marisa to be taken off all medications. Her GI doctor works out of a research hospital and conferred with the other doctors on staff and gave us the green light. Unfortunately, doctors themselves do not know enough about the diet and even the best, which hers is, are not quiet sure how to go about this. As soon as she came off the 6MP she had one of the worst flares she’d ever had, getting down to eighty-seven pounds and being hospitalized with heavy doses of steroids again. We kept her SCD diet while in the hospital, bringing all food from home. Took her home with oral steroids and back on the 6MP, but we didn’t give up on the diet. I did and have been doing extensive research on how to wean off the medication and journaling foods. We would try again to wean her from meds in a year or two, but we would not give up on the SCD. The doctors agreed she’d had not one flare while on 6MP and SCD in a year and a half, so why take her off SCD.

    A month ago, another road block in the journey; Marisa ended up with appendicitis, which apparently is extremely rare for a patient with Crohn’s to get appendicitis, again hospitalized. However, due to the Crohn’s and results of a CT scan showing a very inflamed ileum, surgery was not an option. Her appendicitis was treated with IV antibiotics and then oral antibiotics. Once home, follow-up doctor visits let us know the prognosis did not look good from test results. They would need to do an edoscopy and colonoscopy to see the damage to the ileum (the same area she has Crohn’s each time). The options seemed bleak. Doubt. Is the diet working? Such a sacrifice for a fourteen year old girl – was SCD worth it if her ileum is that damaged? Doubt.

    After the procedure, her GI doctor took me in the consultation room and smiled – (I think she cares deeply about our daughter) I knew all was good. She said she even called the surgeon (the one who treated her with the appendix) to confirm the CT scan results and confired with the radiologist who read the results to make sure the CT scan was correct. Her doctor said that of all the Crohn’s patients she’d ever had, Marisa’s colon and intestines were the healthiest she’d ever seen, even the area of intestine connected to the appendix was healthy. A week later we met with the surgeon for a follow up visit. He said that because her case was so rare, it was discussed extensively among the doctors there and all the doctors agreed that with the results of the CT scan and an inflamed ileum, none would have done surgery.

    Now the question remains – how could this be? How could intestines heal so quickly? Was it the appendix causing inflammation or the inflammation causing the appendix? I guess we’ll never know. I think my dad said it best; maybe this needed to happen so that you could see that the diet is working. Maybe it was the confirmation you needed to let you know to go on. Maybe, just maybe, it was prayer, faith, and commitment. It just so happens that Marisa had had an endoscopy and colonoscopy right before starting the SCD due to all the complications of the disease at that time. I remember those results – many polyps, ulcers, inflammation — diseased. Not this time – clear, pink, beautiful. Her brothers say it best, “Hey, Marisa, I hear you have a good-looking butt!” Of course, they’re referring to the doctor’s comments of the endo/col results, but that’s what family is for.

    Our journey continues. She’s not off meds yet, but we’ll try again, differently, stronger, with more knowledge, but we are NOT giving up on SCD. Thank you Jordan and Steve, for a forum and a place to offer support and learn. SCD has changed our lives. It has given us life.

    Side note…I actually like to cook now. Never in a million years did I think I would ever say that – neither did my family!

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    I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2009 when I was 24 years old. It wasn’t until 2 years later that I learned about SCD and it took me another 6 months to feel ready for the lifestyle changes. Before SCD I went through periods of remission and also terrible flares. Well-meaning GI doctors prescribed different medications and told me that diet had nothing to do with UC. I was bloated from the Prednisone. I worried about having accidents at work. I was sleep-deprived. I felt alone.
    Last summer I was frustrated with western medicine and I went to a holistic nutritionist who told me about SCD. I went home, ordered Breaking the Vicious Cycle, and cleared out my fridge and cabinets. Hours later my stomach was growling and I was on the phone with my parents in tears. I was completely unprepared to start SCD both mentally and physically. I wanted to feel better, but the timing wasn’t right. I was about to start a new job and I didn’t feel ready to make 2 major changes at once.
    SCD was on the backburner, so several months later when my GI doctor said I’d need to start Remicade (which didn’t sound likely to work for me) or have surgery, I thought, “Hey, doesn’t this sound extreme? I haven’t even tried all my options yet.” I decided to try SCD for 30 days– it couldn’t hurt to try. This time around I had already practiced making yogurt, I had read Elaine’s book multiple times, and I’d begun to poke around on the internet for guidance.
    Finding SCD Lifestyle allowed me to feel comfortable starting the diet. SCD can seem overwhelming, but the 5 stages gave me concrete guidelines of how to heal my gut successfully. The descriptions and pictures broke down the cooking procedures so I felt guided every step of the way. The books were written in a personable and positive way that made me feel that I could take on the challenge and that people just like me found relief with SCD.
    I was vegetarian for 6 years, but I knew I wouldn’t get the right nutrients on SCD without my staples of tofu and rice and beans. On Thanksgiving of last year I started eating meat. It was a weekend of transition. I gobbled down turkey and stuffing and the following day I started the intro diet.
    I have been on SCD for almost 4.5 months and I am seeing so much progress. Things aren’t perfect and I’m still tweaking my diet and lifestyle, but I have to stop and remember my gains. I am finally off Prednisone and my moods and energy levels have improved. I lost weight and I am now at a healthy weight for my size. I have less urgency and, therefore, less anxiety about going out. I’m starting to plan small weekend trips and I’ll be going on a longer plane trip later this year. I have become a really good cook and friends love coming over for dinner. I listen to the SCD Lifestyle podcasts on my way to work or in the grocery store and I sometimes check the blog entries or facebook page.
    I still pull out my phasing charts when I’m planning my grocery shopping. I remember Jordan’s words about feeling like he has a secret that he wants to scream to the world when he pushes his cart through the aisles with healthy fruits, veggies, and meats while seeing others load up their carts entirely with packaged items. I feel like I am part of the group secret too. And just like the SCD Lifestyle guys, I don’t keep it a secret anymore. I have started talking about UC and SCD with friends, family, and co-workers. It feels good educating others and it seems everyone knows someone with UC or Crohn’s. I even feel like I am educating my GI doctor. All of these experiences have helped me to feel connected and supported. I honestly don’t think I could have made it this far on SCD without that. I read a post on an SCD blog before Thanksgiving when I was gearing up to start the diet and it has stayed with me. The blogger said that people often tell her that her diet seems so limited and she just smiles and thinks to herself, I’ve never felt so free. Now I can say that I can taste the freedom. I’m looking forward to continuing the healing.

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    My daughter and I both have crohn’s disease. She is a faithful follower of the SCD and as a result she was able to go off mercaptopurine. She got me your book and I have adopted some of the habits although I have to admit that I’m overwhelmed. You have been wonderful in communicating with Liz and offering suggestions to further her success.

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      Janis — I’d love to communicate with you about your daughter getting off of mercaptopurine. My son, born 2004, has been symptom free with the SCD diet and is taking 25mg. of mercaptopurine. I want to try to take him off, but our doc advises against it (of course, right?). I need advice! Thanks! Please feel free to contact me at traceyfleger at yahoo dot com.

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    I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in the fall of 2010 with symptoms beginning about 6 months prior to my diagnosis. I was miserable and planning my day around a bathroom had pretty much become my normal routine. I would get anxiety when I was in route somewhere because I wasn’t sure if I would have to find a bathroom on the way. Many times I would find myself panicking and running to the bathroom with a second to spare before having an accident (which I wasn’t always so lucky). It was incredibly stressful, uncomfortable, and depressing. I was on two different types of medicine and I wasn’t really seeing any results. Finally, that spring my sister who is studying nutrition, made me see a nutritionist. I, at the time, didn’t believe that a nutritionist could tell me something my GI doctor didn’t know. I was incredibly skeptical.

    But, I went for my sister and I was so desperate I would have tried anything at this point. The nutritionist told me about SCD. She first took me off all grains, sugar, and dairy. After about a week (learned later about the yeast die off) I felt so much better. I bought Breaking the Vicious Cycle and it has become my bible. It has been a year since I have been on SCD and I am feeling so much better. I don’t get anxiety anymore about traveling places and don’t have to plan my day around a bathroom. While I have my rough days here and there, it is so much more manageable. I have gone off one of my medicines and now only take something in the morning. I also have a thyroid disorder and interestingly enough, this past fall, my doctor checked my blood levels and my thyroid is also doing better. I had to lower my dosage of thyroid medicine for the first time since I was diagnosed at 16! (15 years ago).

    I used to only believe that you take the medicine the doctor gave you and that there were no other options. I have to admit I was very skeptical about SCD but I was so desperate, I was willing to try anything. It has changed my life and I have also seen the other benefits from this anti-inflammatory diet. I am a total convert and tell everyone I know about this diet. I actually don’t call it a diet, but a lifestyle. For me, there is no getting off this diet. This is how I will eat for the rest of my life.

    And THANK YOU Jordan and Steve for helping me tweak and understand the SCD lifestyle. You have helped me customize my SCD so it works best for me. So appreciate all the work you put into your blog and books!

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    I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2002 and have since been on Prednisone, Pentasa, 6mp, Asacol, and have just recently started Remicade. I have gone through a series of ups and downs including extreme weight loss, pain, a recent abscess, and all the symptoms that come with having Crohn’s. During the past year, I became so fatigued at times that I wouldn’t be able to go out with friends. I also became so sensitive to food that I ate ice cream one evening, and because of the aftermath, I was unable to perform in a show. I thought that this pain was random, until I discovered the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I could not believe that I had never heard of the SCD before; it made complete sense and matched up with everything in my food journal. I have only been on the diet for a couple weeks, and already my skin has begun to clear up, my gas and bathroom issues have lessened and are almost normal, I have much more energy, I go to sleep and wake up at normal times, I feel in control of what I eat, and I keep getting better. Thank you to Jordan and Steve for their helpful podcast, to Elaine for her book, and for the community full of helpful information. I am just starting out on my journey, but it really does work and can produce amazing results.

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