What Healthy People Have (and You Do Too)

The Kona Coast of Hawaii has a few “secret” beaches, breathtaking strips of paradise hidden away from the larger, touristy spots.

There are nice beaches everywhere in Hawaii…

But I’m talking about the dream beaches from the movies – those beaches that change your life and restore your soul and nourish something deep inside you.

“Makalawena” is one of those secluded places… and on most days, there are miles of empty white sand waiting for you to come forget your worries.

Why is it so secluded?

Because getting to this beach takes hard work. It’s only accessible after a gnarly off-road drive and a grueling hike over lava. So on any given day, most people don’t have what it takes to make it all the way back to this pristine hideaway.

Not Only That, But Many Have No Idea It’s There…

After living on the Big Island in 2012 and enjoying every beach I could find, I seemed to run into three types of people on the sand.

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1: “The Touristy Sand Fly”

This person will park at any beach that’s easily accessible from the side of the road, and if they can find an open spot in the sand, they complain it’s too crowded.

It’s not that they aren’t willing to put in the extra work to find those life-changing beaches…

But a large portion of those people have no idea these other fantastic beaches even exist!

2: “The Seasoned Sand Fly”

This type of person KNOWS more amazing beaches exist, but they aren’t interested in doing the work to get there.

Instead, they choose the easy beaches and get frustrated with the tourists and crowded sand.

Yet, they still don’t reach for something greater.

They’re stuck in their ways, knowing something else is possible, but choosing to keep doing what’s easy for them.

3: “The Blissed-Out Sand Fly”

These are the rare people I meet on gorgeous hidden beaches around the island.

The idea of going back to the crowded roadside beaches isn’t an option for them.

They’ll do whatever it takes to continue basking in the glory of these picture-perfect green waters.

Once they decided to take that first fateful trip… their lives forever changed. They put the work in. They asked for directions. They got a map. They drove further than anyone else. They hiked with arms full of gear. They camped. They had the time of their lives.

For them, there’s no going back… they’re in control.

They Had It… and You Do Too

Who am I to judge who’s happy and who’s not happy?

Maybe all three types of people were completely happy. I mean, they were in Hawaii after all 🙂

But it seemed like the third type that knew where these little slices of paradise were and didn’t mind doing the work to get there were totally blissed out. They seemed happy beyond belief. They seemed fulfilled.

They had something the others didn’t. They were in control.

For them, it was the blissful secluded sand or nothing at all.

I’m seeing something similar in health…

Many people dealing with chronic illness take whatever medicine their Doctor gives them and don’t understand why they are still sick. It’s not their fault…

Like back in 2007 when I was having diarrhea 15X a day on a gluten-free diet and still not getting any better.

Many have no idea diet plays a role in their well-being… that things like the Specific Carbohydrate Diet can help them.

But there’s a whole different group of people that do know. Maybe they found a great Doctor or a close friend that shared the benefits of diets like Paleo, Primal, SCD, GAPS, etc.

Maybe they’ve read some of the success stories out there.

They know something greater is possible, but there’s still doubt in their mind. Something is stopping them from choosing to go to the next level.

For some reason, they aren’t ready to experience the greater possibilities – like the people that knew where the most breathtaking beaches were, but weren’t willing to do what it takes to see them in person.

The Unfortunate Truth is, Many Aren’t Ready to Do the Extra Work to Get Healthy

My Doctor told me to try the SCD Diet 6 months before I finally got sick enough to try it.

I was stubborn.

I took one look at the lifestyle and didn’t want to do the work – cooking all that healthy food, avoiding inflammatory foods, getting enough sleep, getting proper medical testing, taking supplements, etc.

I wasn’t ready yet. But after another 6 months of diarrhea, malnourishment, and deteriorating health, I was ready to do whatever it took to change my life.

I took control.

It’s like hiking back to that secret beach for the first time – driving a little further, working a little harder, carrying the cooler.

There weren’t many people ready to do the work for that stunning view.

Just like there’s not many willing to completely, 100% take control of their health each and every day.

But since you’re reading this… you know something greater is possible. You know diet plays a role. You know what to do. You can take control.

So, Will You Choose Health?

I invite you to reap the rewards. I invite you to take control and choose health moment by moment.

Because you deserve health, to live a symptom-free life, and to take in the stunning views of the best beaches in the world.

I’m here to tell you this stuff worked for me, and all these people, too.

Never give up.  Because you know what else is possible.

Take control.

And if you need some help getting started, our book can help you create a custom diet that’s going to give you that control as quickly as we know how:

Click here to get help with the first 90 days

– Jordan

P.S. – When I made my first grueling hike to the Makalawena beach in 2012, it was breathtaking… especially because years before I was too sick to make a journey like this. When we got there, I was overcome with gratitude and emotion. I shot this video to share the moment with you:


Jordan Reasoner

About Jordan Reasoner

Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. Since then, he transformed his health using the SCD Diet and started HealthyGut.com to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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3 thoughts on “What Healthy People Have (and You Do Too)

  1. Avatar

    Jordan and Steve,
    Yes! to finding the spaces that bring relaxation and healing in our lives!
    I also need your research skills! After a several month long Ulcerative Colitis flare, with diarrhea each morning, I did try your diet. It helped and I’m grateful. However, sticking to it 100% is not something I’ve been successful with. And so the flare would never calm down completely. Recently, I’ve begun taking YL Sacred Frankincense essential oil internally. Just 2 drops each evening in a capsule and within 48 hrs. the diarrhea has stopped and I have normal stool each AM.
    I also have had the same success with Boswellia Carterii. There is research for this with Crohn’s and with cancer (Boswellia Sacra.). All this to say you may wish to add therapeutic grade Frankincense essential oil to your recommended list of supplements.
    I know I still have a long way to go to continue to reduce inflammation and stress. Feel hopeful for the first time! Your work is so vitally needed. Thank-you for all your are doing to bring healing to so many!
    warmest blessings,

  2. Avatar
    Shannon Ross Watson says:

    Steve and Jordan I have purchased you materials, tried the diet and FODMAP and Paelo and nothing worked, I posted on the website about this new pill that has taken away all the pain and nausea and is letting me get off the narcotics, you guys helped save my life with your broths and other diet ideas but now I need your researching skills to help me find out why the Ketotifen is working. It has something to do with mast cells, allergies. I am not allergic to any foods and did the ICG tests to find intolerances(egg and dairy). I now seem to tolerate them. Why is this drug so effective? I can not get any answers back from any web searches or medical doctors. I am hoping this is not masking the IBS and is short term before a big flare, or perhaps I never had IBS? Need your investigate skills, thanks in advance. Shannon Ross Watson

    • Avatar

      Looks like this post is rather old…but since it’s unanswered and many people search for years on health matters, here’s a short-ish answer since I gotta get to bed soon! Try looking into Mast Cell disorders. I’ve gotten this diagnosis a couple times myself, along with CFS/IBS previously (within 14 years of illness.) I’m actually also about to try Ketotifen; I briefly tried Cromolyn sodium without success. I don’t see why it’s not possible to have all these and even leaky gut/liver issues since one issue can cause yet another. I found I can’t digest protein in a Metametrix test, so maybe this all started with hypochloridia/enzyme deficiency? Also had parasites and a bit elevated on the yeast scale. Still need more testing to know. But, hopefully this babble is enough to get some ideas out there. Good luck!

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