The MOST Important Thing You Need to Get Healthy (It’s Not What You Think…)

There’s something inside you right now… something that makes you special…

And it might surprise you to know that it’s also the #1 thing you NEED to get healthy.

(It’s almost like a superpower you didn’t know you had.)

Over the years, I’ve seen this superpower inside each person that eventually got healthy, and it seems to be the most important thing that separates those people who overcome chronic illness and those people that don’t.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


In this video, I explain this “superpower” in detail, how to use it the RIGHT WAY, and why I think it’s the most important thing you can do right now to get healthy.

Look, if you’re struggling right now…

If your life is hard right now…

You won’t want to miss this video. 

It could literally change your life this year. It could literally be the thing that helps you get through this pain in your life and finally start getting healthy.

If there was ONE thing I could go back in time and tell myself back when I was sick, it’s laid out, in detail, in this video. And I hope that it helps you in the same way I wish it could have helped me back then.

It’s CRITICAL for anyone struggling with chronic illness…

I’m so grateful to support you. Thank you for being a part of this community.

– Jordan

P.S. – Please leave a comment and let me know how this message impacted you. I look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

Jordan Reasoner

About Jordan Reasoner

Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. Since then, he transformed his health using the SCD Diet and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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43 thoughts on “The MOST Important Thing You Need to Get Healthy (It’s Not What You Think…)

  1. Avatar
    Leonie Fisher says:

    Hi Jordan, Thank you so very much. After a year on the SCD diet and also following your fixing leaky gut program (after getting confirmation of leaky gut via testing and also being diagnosed with CFS, also a long term celiac sufferer) I am finally feeling more myself, the depression has lifted and I have put weight back on (was only 44 kilos not so long ago) and feeling stronger again with more energy to be able to get through the day. I know it is still a long road to get to where I would like to be physically and emotionally ( I have a dream :D) but I am now fine with that journey when 3 months ago I was impatient and did not want to take that journey and was angry at the world and myself and all the doctors I have seen. I let go of that anger and things started to improve, I actively avoided the things in my life that caused me stress and again things got better and today after watching your video I am ready to take my pain and recycle it to be even better and healthier. I can honestly say after one year of changing my diet and my lifestyle that my symptoms are better than they have been in over 12 years and I know continuing this journey and now using my pain as a motivator to not to give up will see me be healthier than I have ever been in all my adult life. Again thank you for literally saving my life, you are a beautiful human being and to share your journey and help so many people all I can say is…… legend! May you have a wonderful 2015, may things improve for you exponentially as you totally deserve it.
    Big Hugs, Leonie

  2. Avatar

    Wow!! I REALLY got your message! Thank you so much! You deal with a totally fresh and powerfull way of focusing on pain as a transformation to a better life.
    I have had a lot of pain in my life coming from emotionel stuff mostly – and this new year i felt really, really bad – again.
    I was looking for all the help I could get from my mind and prayed to God or anything that could release me. Suddenly in the middle of the night my very depressed thoughts with my own willpower was turned off in a way and I woke up today feeling better. Today i planted the first seeds in “my taking care of my self – plan” (I also was listening to that video!!) and even though I have done this before it feels quite NEW – and I found your videos RIGHT ON TIME – TODAY!! So that you could make me refocus on my own inner power and the “gift of pain”
    Thank you SO MUCH for your so “down to earth”- video! AND all your intensity. GREAT!

  3. Avatar

    Happy New Year Jordan, Thank You!
    May your video go viral, I’m sure many are sharing it, as I am.
    It helps explain to people who say to me “. . . How could you? How do you? . . .
    WHY do you? . . . ”

    Been there. Got the scars.
    Now gratefully on the other side, and living focused on appreciation.

    Thank you for sharing so fabulously from your heart,
    May your 2015 continue with the same transforming power,
    all the best, Kaye

  4. Avatar

    Pain can be a motivator, sadly .. most doctors say deal with it, here are some pain meds, go to the pain clinic, etc.
    I might be starting to pull through, I’m not about to celebrate after 5 years of pain and suffering, and the last 1 year of .. pain that is unbearable.
    This SCD diet is not bad, and easier to follow than people think. Just eat veggies and proteins, nix rice, breads, grains, oats, sugars. This morning I had a smoothie with a cup of almond milk, a banana, 1/4 cup blueberries, wasn’t enough! so I fried up two eggs in butter along with a little kim chi. For lunch bok choy, squash, beet, spinach, kale, bone broth, carrots, chicken. supper: About the same thing. ALL COOKED THOUGH! I still have issues with raw, I want raw, I get gas! mmm, celery juice. Still, once you’ve desperately gone through all the diets, gaps, paleo, elimination, rotating elimination you figure out that some foods are just crap, like potato chips, and like the mango man says, white stuff, watch out for the white stuff. Still, if I had diarrhea I’d be doing OVA stool samples constantly and looking at my poo under the microscope looking for whatever it is because when I get diarrhea, every single time it’s been because of some kind of poisoning. I quit boxed foods and boxed food eateries long before I discovered SCD. FODMAPS is a good start as well, taking enzymes helps, and also stress is connected, you can have multiple things going on at one time, but eliminating toxins and working on the leaky gut is definitely a start. It’s not a matter of cutting every last thing out of your diet, it’s a matter of figuring out what your body wants/needs, eating for your blood type is also a good start. It’s as simple as eating one food, and listening up, did it taste good, did it feel good, how did it pass through?, make a note of foods that seem to go good with you, it’s to difficult to get confused and not know because of delayed reaction, or other health situations.

  5. Avatar

    Jordan, I wanted to hug you. You’ve shared a more life-giving perspective when it comes to pain. Perhaps this is where the healing starts. Thanks and A Healthier New Year to all!

  6. Avatar

    I like to tell about my health but I like to email to u but I don’t know ur email Its very Important for my to get to conctact PLEASE SEND ME ur email I don’t want everybody knows about my problem until I contact u.

  7. Avatar
    Beatrix Willius says:

    You are so correct. Being painless is my biggest wish.

    Got some friends, whom I wanted to help. But they didn’t want to change. So I told them that their pain isn’t big enough, yet. Sad but true.

  8. Avatar

    Rock on Jordan! Great video. I can feel your conviction through the screen this morning. For those that might not have felt on Jordan’s same wavelength this am, I pray that you never feel the level of pain that requires you to become this passionate about it in the first place. You must push through the insane pain to get to the ‘good place’ and once you’ve reached it…JACKPOT. You may not be healed, you may still be in pain, but lord do you start to recognize the good and proclaim gratitude from the rooftops. God never gives you anything that He does not equip you with to handle. Pull from that dark place to get to the light. Those of us with autoimmune conditions sure need a lot of light!!!!

  9. Avatar

    Thank you Jordan,love your videos and being positive for others who suffer from gut issues and think there is no hope! I have Crohns Disease and was taking Humira, steroids, and Imuran for my Crohn’s disease. After spending $30,000 from western medicine to homeopathic I am now pain free and not on any medications!!! Yay!!! I have gone throu hell and back with the pain I endured but you are right Jordan it is a beautiful thing once you make some changes to your lifestyle! I have made huge changes thank you for all your blogs. I also eat bone marrow and chicken stock every day and incorporate the Paleo Diet. I am now able to talk about having Crohns and turn this disease into something positive … Like you said pain is a gift… Thanks again for being an inspiration, Jordan!!!


      • Avatar

        Hey Lorraine,

        I have done both. I followed the Paleo the most at the beginning, but after getting a food sensitivity test done called ALCAT I’m doing more SCD because of my allergies /results. I do not eat any diary ( bc I am allergic to all even goats milk), no wheat. Also try not eating the same thing every day which is completely hard. I do eat sweet potatoes and purple potatoes at the moment but may be cutting that out. No sugars and nothing processed. So yes, I go to the grocery A LOT! Hope this helps Best to you, Amanda

      • Avatar

        I will definitely share my story, Jordan! Thanks for asking!!! I also would like to have your input on how to get back to working out without beating up the adrenals even more??? I’m interested in what you eat for your pre and post wkout snacks??? I was trying to accomplish a goal of mine and compete in a figure show 3 years ago but that’s when my journey took a turn. I am just now getting back to the gym… I realize it’s not how hard you train it’s how smart you train 🙂 thanks again. I will be in touch soon!

  10. Avatar

    I agree. Because I am suddenly feeling pain from inflammation, I am seeking to eat healthy , get more regular exercise , and follow the SCD diet. My new year resolution. Get healthy and stay healthy!

  11. Avatar

    I could not agree more
    My back & hip pain have been the worst & the best learning
    In my healing process.
    Did not happen overnight but definately led me to my own
    research & acceptance of the work needed starting with
    organic foods, yoga, muscle strengthening using free
    Weights, walking, & some supplements.
    My body is healing & pain has decreased from a 10 to a 2:)

  12. Avatar

    I have had pain for years that wasn’t bad enough to move me toward change. Well – it’s here, and I am on a mission. What’s more important?

    I liked your message. I wouldn’t have yesterday, but today is a new day..

  13. Avatar

    This totally resonated with me. People always say I’m crazy for eating the way I do or they can’t believe how much will power I have. I just tell them I would do anything to get rid of the pain! When you have enough pain, you will do anything to get rid of it!

  14. Avatar

    you are a good man. i urge you to study dr ray peat’s work. and danny roddy.
    they helped me when paleo failed. learn how the body really works. learn the truth about hormones. learn about carbon dioxide and correct breathing – Butyeko breathing. undo the stress that is structured into your body’s functioning.

  15. Avatar

    Hi, I agree with you. I want to tell you what an art teacher said, “‘When you do your art, pain can help you in your art. It can let you go and make you express your feeling on the paper or canvass. It is very useful. You get rid of your anger, and have a painting amazement.” Thanks, Esther

  16. Avatar

    Thank you for that inspirational video.

    We all get the life is wonderful stuff, but it is quite liberating to see a video about recycling pain.
    All too often we are stuck when we have physical or emotional or mental pain symptoms are not willing what to do. Thank you for that inspiration,

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