These Chronic Health Trends Will Blow Your Mind (But There’s Hope)


By 2020, the United States Center for Disease Control is estimating that there will be 157 MILLION Americans living with chronic diseases.

As far as I can tell from the data, that number doesn’t even include those of us with digestive problems and autoimmune diseases!

If the physical suffering wasn’t enough, people with chronic diseases will spend $1.58 TRILLION dollars each year on healthcare.

But we think there’s hope.

It’s our opinion that most of these diseases start in the gut before rippling out to other areas of the body. It’s an old idea, written and spoken by some of the most amazing minds in medicine. Like Hippocrates, who wrote “All Disease Begins in the Gut” thousands of years ago….

Which is why we’re taking a stand…

A stand for Leaky Gut Syndrome, Autoimmune Disease, and other chronic health conditions. They are too often overlooked, misunderstood, and dismissed.

And yet they’re one of the biggest killers in our world… hands down.

They destroy lives, finances, and relationships.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Welcome to Leaky Gut Awareness Week!

This week we’re proud to bring you the best content on Leaky Gut Syndrome, Autoimmunity, and chronic health problems.

We’re going to share 15 lessons you can use to re-engineer your health and that of those around you (15 lessons we wish we could get in a time machine and share with ourselves years ago when we were sick).

Think of it like the greatest hits from 2014 – the top lessons we’ve taken the time to curate for you from some of the best experts on these issues.

These 15 lessons are clips from our entire “Solving Leaky Gut Masterclass Interviews.”

Customers of our Solving Leaky Gut program have already seen some of this, but now they get 6 free bonus masterclass interviews just for being part of the community (if you own this product, login to check out the 5 new hours of interviews).

If you’re not a part of our Solving Leaky Gut Community yet, at any point in time you can grab the full 14 hours of Masterclass Interviews here.

What’s the motivation?

We want you to change the conversation at your holiday dinner table. We want to arm you with the ideas, knowledge, and facts to fix your health and begin spreading it to those you love.

So, let’s get to learning and remember action is just as important as knowledge, so don’t skip the daily action steps this week.

Obesity, heart attacks and cancer are all at the top of the list of things most of us never want to experience. And yet they continue to rise in numbers each year.

But we can change this. Watch the videos and do the exercise below.

Lesson 1: Lipopolysaccharide Toxins, Leaky Gut and How to Make Sure You Have a Heart Attack

Heart attacks are very scary and a huge part of our growing chronic health issue.  Would you be surprised to learn that leaky gut syndrome and heart attacks are linked?  Well it’s true. You’ll learn a lot more all about LPS or Lipopolysaccharide toxins that cause big issues if they get into your body.

Dr Tom O’Bryan drops so many golden nuggets in the full Solving Leaky Gut Masterclass Interview here.

Lesson 2: How Estrogen Gets Recirculated And Increases Breast Cancer Risk

Dr. Sara Gottfried drops some serious bombs in this segment about how gut health, pooping, and estrogen dominance are all related. She also goes deep into how breast cancer risk goes up if you have these few critical gut issues.

Discover more about hormones and health by getting the full Solving Leaky Gut Masterclass Interview with Dr. Sara here.

Lesson 3: How Inflammation Leads to Obesity (and the Vicious Appetite Cycle it Feeds)

It’s becoming common knowledge that we want to avoid inflammation, but do you truly understand what it is? If not, this lesson will blow your mind. This lesson is very important for anyone struggling with being overweight.

I used to be 60 pounds heavier than I am now and I hated it. In this video, Dan Pardi describes how inflammation leads to weight gain.

Get the rest of Dan Pardi’s amazing 78-minute Solving Leaky Gut Masterclass Interview here.

What To Do Today…

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ~Benjamin Franklin

Learning is as much about action as it is information. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you’ll remember what you heard in the videos today. Science tells us it’s pretty likely that you’ll forget most of it in the next 48 hours…

Unless you do something that cements it into your head.

That’s how you get involved, like Benjamin Franklin said.

Day 1 Action Step: leave a comment below sharing your biggest takeaway from the three videos you watched today. Write it down and post it for everyone in your own words.

If you don’t want to do this entirely for your gain, know that by doing this publicly you’ll be helping everyone else in the community understand and remember as they read your responses.

BONUS POINTS: send this blog post to the one person in your life that needs this information the most (but don’t tell them you commented on it).

Thank you so much for learning with us today. I would have given anything to have this information back when I was sick and I’m so grateful to share it with you now. I’ll talk to you in the comments below.

See ya tomorrow!


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