Diarrhea Flare Support

Is your diarrhea flaring dangerously out-of-control?

(Are doctors telling you hardcore meds or surgery is next? Have you tried everything… and nothing’s working?)

Diarrhea can be scary…

What’s even more frustrating is that it disrupts just about everything in your life. Your body is in pain and the energy tank is on empty.  Most people don’t even want to venture more than 15 feet from the bathroom.

And you never can be sure if you’re actually getting better.  Sometimes it feels like it, but then it’s back to the toilet again.

Despite everything you’re doing to stop the diarrhea, the only options you typically hear are powerful drugs, tests, or surgery. So you feel backed into a corner like an animal… Afraid and frustrated, all rolled into one. So what stops diarrhea? Do you have other options? And what’s really going on in your body?

What if your diarrhea is getting worse because no one taught you how the body works?

Think of your diarrhea flare like the water in a bathtub.

Imagine you start to draw water into the tub for a bath, but then you can’t turn it off.  And now water starts overflowing onto the floor, getting your feet wet and soaking everything.  What a mess!  You’re freaking out until you get the water turned off.

A diarrhea flare is like having too much water in the tub.

If the water level gets too high… it overflows.  And if you don’t stop the flare from happening, it starts hurting everything in your body.  Even just mild flares can leave you in bed with pain and diarrhea.  The solution has two steps: You need to turn the water off and drain the bathtub.  But how many different areas of your life are adding water to your bathtub? And where’s the shut-off valve?


Introducing Flare Support…



Flare Support is a 7-day program designed to stop the bathtub from overflowing and drain the water back to normal.  It’s a system based on a deep understanding of how flares begin, persist and end.It shows you the many flare shut-off valves inside your body. It gives you fast relief through natural non-toxic pathways… And it speeds up the healing process, without the need cut out parts of your body or take powerful drugs (with even more powerful side effects).

Drugs and surgery won’t solve the problem…

That’s because powerful drugs and surgery won’t change the root cause of your diarrhea flare up in the first place.  Even if you started taking medications or had parts of your intestines removed, the root cause is still deep down inside you, wreaking havoc on your body.  Flare support doesn’t teach you how to magically heal your intestines.  It’s not a system for fixing your problems in 7-days.  It doesn’t trick your gut into ‘healing.’

Instead, it shows you how to naturally control specific ‘flare triggers’ in your life.

It shows you how to drain your bathtub.  And keep it low.   It takes you through a series of steps that you can use on a day-to-day basis that will drain the water to healthier levels and keep them there.

And not only does it show you a step-by-step method, but it gives you a checklist that takes the ‘guesswork’ out of your recovery plan.

So what’s the ‘guesswork’ factor?

On any given day, if you were to ask a medical professional what caused your flare up of diarrhea, they’ll simply give you an opinion. And the opinion will vary from person to person. This variation leaves you confused and frustrated.

You’re not really sure if your medication isn’t working, or if your diet is wrong. And you suspect that you could vastly improve your symptoms, if you had a clear set of guidelines that has worked for other people.

How do you know if your flare is getting better? Just when you think you’ve got it under control, how will you know you’re not going backwards again? Flare Support gives you clear guidelines that enable you to see for yourself what’s causing your flare and what needs to change in your life, and how to prevent flares long term.

With Flare Support, you’re going to get results 

The reason why you’ll get fast results is because of three simple reasons:

Reason 1: Flare Support is built on a system we know works. We’ve been testing it for the last year on people just like you.
Reason 2: It’s not a magic pill and doesn’t claim to be one. It follows the scientific research about how flares work.
Reason 3: You can spot the ‘flare triggers’ in your life and fix them, thereby lowering your chances for flares in the future

“I felt really supported, and since I follow you guys, I felt like i trusted everything you were telling me. You guys rock! I love your wisdom, support, and advice. I would recommend to others highly! I definitely am feeling better. I think I need to do a few more days on the program- got cocky and overdid it on veggies, and slipped back a little. Stool is still not formed, but is much better.”
– Ali W.

So what’s in Flare Support?
And how can it help you?

Here is just a tiny preview of what’s in Flare Support

Will the diarrhea stop?: Does it feel like your diarrhea will never end? What if you could get it under control in a few days? Flare support is a tool that shows you exactly what to do to turn things around in 7 days. The moment you understand how the ‘bathtub’ concept works, you’ll see that your flare doesn’t have to go on forever.

The 4 Flare Supplements: This one factor will turn everything you’ve learned on its head. Anyone can drain their bathtub quickly once they learn the extreme power of these flare supplements. When you use these along with diet and lifestyle changes, you compensate for the parts of the body that just aren’t working right. You’ll start digesting better and replace those vital nutrients from all the diarrhea.

Lifestyle ‘Flare Tools’: Most of us believe stress has something to do with flares. And ‘avoiding stress’ works for some, but most fail miserably.  So what lifestyle ‘flare tools’ do you need to use right away? And why do they help reverse your flare so quickly?

Preventing flares: The core of flare support is what to do long term. Even if you stop this one, how are you going to make sure you’re not flat on your back again in 3 weeks? Flare support not only shows you how to get control of your flare, but actually what needs to change in your life to prevent them long term.

Taking care of your body: Easily the most important factor for flares is taking care of your body. But how do you know what to do? How do you avoid the stress and craziness of daily life? How do you take care of your body when there’s hardly time to get enough sleep? Flare support shows you how. Ignore this and it’s pain, meds, and bleeding all over again.

Daily Inspiration: How to get through a flare when no one understands? We’ve been there, we’ve had diarrhea 10-20 times day.  We know what it’s like to barely make it in time.  During Flare Support, you’ll get one video each day for 7-days so we can personally be there for you.  To lift you up, give you a hug, and give you the tools to keep pushing through this.

Cooling Inflammation: You’ve probably heard about inflammation before. How do you cool down inflammation? It’s the foundation of Flare Support, and every ‘Flare Tool’ we give you during the 7-days will help cool down the inflammation burning inside your body.

Is it OK to exercise during a flare?: Your body is built to move. But we read the signals all wrong. Instead of moving our body when we’re sick, we make the mistake of laying in bed, and it can make things worse. So what’s OK during a flare? How do we know our body is ready? You’ll be amazed that you’ve never realized this obvious ‘flare tool’ before.

When to add new foods: It’s one thing to stop the diarrhea, but how do you go back to “normal” food and prevent another flare? There’s a simple way to add new foods.  It has everything to do with the foods you choose to add first. With this information, you get the progress of expanding your diet without all the worry about triggering another flare.

The ‘Flare-up’ Grocery Store Checklist: One of the worst parts about a flare is being stuck in your house. The risk of leaving the house; the risk of not finding a bathroom; the risk of embarrassing accidents. We’ve got you covered with a simple grocery store checklist so you can send a friend or family member to shop for you, or make it speedy if you’re on your own. What foods to you need? And how do you buy everything you need for the next 7-days?

Your choice of ‘flare tools’: You can get all the information in the world, but if you don’t know which choice to make for yourself, the information becomes pretty useless. In Flare Support, we give you daily ‘flare tools’ to quickly take control… and we give it you in a way that’s easy to choose what works for you.  It’s not one size fits all… and we don’t expect you to do it on your own.

“I felt like I wasn’t going to get through this alone, (like I always do during a flare) but getting your emails everyday made my day, really relaxed my tension and anxiety of not getting better. During the 7-days, the frequency and watery stools have cut back, energy increased, and I’m sleeping more sound.
– Kate M.

Flare Support is designed to do the following:

1) Stop filling up your bathtub
2) Enable you to blow holes in the bathtub and drain it quickly
3) Prevent flares in the future

Flare Support uses a simple system to achieve the above:
1) The ‘7-day Flare menu’
2) The ‘4 Flare Supplements’ Guide
3) 7 Daily ‘Flare Tool’ guides
4) Daily Videos giving you simple, actionable ‘flare tools’
5) Happiness and a Hug

The ‘7-day Flare Menu’: The 7-day menu tells you what to eat so you don’t have to worry about it. It’s so overwhelming and frustrating when you’re not sure what foods caused you get here in the first place.

We keep it simple and show you what we’ve tested and used with thousands before you.

The ‘4 Flare Supplements’ Guide: There’s 4 critical supplements in Flare Support. Each plays an important role in draining the bathtub.

In this guide, we explain the science behind each and show you what brands we’ve personally used so you can get them ASAP.

7 Daily ‘Flare Tool’ Guides: Just like diet and supplements are critical to Flare Support, so are these daily ‘Flare Tools.’   You know multiple triggers cause flares, but what’s really important is how you can use these simple, daily ‘flare tools’ to actually do something about it from this point forward.

Each day, along with the video, you’ll get your ‘Flare Tool’… which is the only thing you need to worry about that day.

Daily Videos: The daily videos make it super simple.  All you have to do is watch the 5-minute video that day and you’ll know what to do.  The last thing we want is for you to be overwhelmed, so we’re keeping it simple.  Just watch the video and we’ll tell you what to do that day, step-by-step.

Happiness and a hug: At the end of the day, non-stop diarrhea is really scary.  Not many people now what you’re going through and what it’s like to see a bloody toilet.  We do… and that’s why part of our daily videos includes a dose of happiness and a hug, because we know you need it.  You don’t have to do this alone, we’re right there with you.

What’s Different About Flare Support?

Well to be blunt it isn’t an invasive or intrusive product. You can do it in the comfort of your own home. And there are steps and no randomness.  These are steps that all of us need to take regardless of our diseases or problems.  Each idea is specifically scripted to support our immune system, eat the right nutrients, and reduce inflammation.  Not to mention there aren’t any side effects.

But there’s something else quite unique about Flare Support. It’s been tested with people just like you.  People you may even know.  And it works.  Because it’s simple and step-by-step, you won’t get confused or make any wrong moves.

“I was having at least three BMs consisting of bloody, watery diarrhea, and sporadic pain, cramping, weakness and fatigue. Since starting Flare Support, my BMs have reduced to 1-2 per day, still watery, but not quite as much, and with very little to no blood, and no pain. I just feel better overall. I thought it was fabulous. Just as I was frustrated and wanting to give up on SCD life, it gave me the willpower to try again. I plan on continuing to apply the lessons I have learned and get even better in this next week. I would like more guidance on when to add in fruits, though.”
– Lisa B.

But I’ve already tried everything, how is this different? 

You’ve probably read a ton about flares and diarrhea online. You’ve probably been to many doctors and probably even the hospital where they’ve told you the only option is drugs or surgery. And there’s no shortage of diet and supplement advice out there.  So isn’t Flare Support just one more thing that won’t work for you? Let’s find out what Natalie and Wendy have to say:

“I honestly thought it was GREAT, and super helpful and informative. It was so nice to not feel alone for once…I don’t personally know anyone who has to eat the way I do. Thank you for the encouragement and the support. You guys rock! My spasms have lessened over the last 7-days.
– Natalie W.

My pain in my upper right quadrant in my stomach is minimal. My temp is back to normal. It was fluctuating between 96.5 – 101.5. I am still taking a nap today. But only because I woke at 5am and did dishes, cooked more soup and made turkey patties. I have a history of over doing it!!”
– Wendy W.

Important: Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Delay

#1: Out of control diarrhea 
Most people with diarrhea are in trouble. They are severely malnourished and sick. Not only that, but it’s tough to leave the house when you need to stay close to the bathroom “just in case”.  This program is designed to support you into controlling your diarrhea quickly and the longer you continue to suffer from out of control diarrhea the worse your condition gets.

#2: Get the tools, as well as confidence 
The biggest problem of all is not knowing what you’re doing right. And what you’re doing wrong. Flare Support not only gives you the ‘flare tools’, but also gives you confidence to forge ahead.  Not only that, but we’ll give the belief and inspiration that you can do this… because you can!

#3: There’s no risk 
Flare Support is 100% guaranteed for a whole 30 days. Take your time to absorb the information. If you find the information isn’t suitable, or that it doesn’t work for you, simply send us an email and we’ll be happy to refund your money with a smile (You don’t have to fight to get your money back!)

#4: It’s not a UC/Crohn’s/IBS/Celiac issue… it’s a flare issue
Customers often ask if Flare Support can be used in their disease. Some customers say they have Crohn’s. Some say they have Ulcerative Colitis. Some say they other conditions and diagnosis. The list goes on.

What you need to know is that Flare Support has worked for people with out of control diarrhea and flares.  In fact, we use the very same steps outlined in Flare Support for our own flares in the past.  When you read this information you’ll realize that it’s about the flare. And not restricted to a disease.

Complete Details of Flare Support

Format: Do I get just an e-book? Or do I get videos?  How does it work
Delivery: How is the information delivered?
Payment Methods: Can I pay by credit card? Cheque? Paypal?
Compatibility: Will it play on my Mac or PC?
Guarantee:  Is there a guarantee?
Support: Do I get any support?

Is this compatible both for PC and Macs?: Short answer: Yes it is!

Format: You get 3 guides delivered to you instantly as downloadable ebooks. This is a book in PDF format. It’s been professionally designed and proof-read. And you get daily emails for 7-days delivering you a video that you can watch instantly on your computer/iPhone/iPad, etc (again professionally created)

Delivery: The information is delivered via the Internet. You are taken to a download page where you get very, very detailed instructions on how to download the e-book and/or watch the daily videos.

Payment Methods: You can pay via credit card, via Paypal, and via online check through PayPal.

Compatibility: Is this information compatible both for Mac and PCs? Yes it is. And the videos are compatible with all mp3 players, computers, etc. And yes, the guides can easily be viewed on any computer, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Kindle, etc.

Guarantee: Yes there is a guarantee.  It’s a 30 day ‘Smiley Guarantee’.
This means we’ll refund your money with a smile if you find the products not to be as you expected. The smile is important. If you don’t feel the information works for you, we will issue a prompt refund. All you have to do is email or call us.

Support: Depends what you mean by support. The information has all been tested for various computers and devices. And it works. If you have an issue getting the files to open or play, you can indeed email us and we’ll do the best we can to help you. We do respond to support emails. So yes, we’re here to support you.

What you’ll learn in Flare Support

– Why some see a bit of relief, but it takes too long amd leaves soon after
– The most common food mistake during a flare (almost everyone makes this mistake).
– Why the best supplements, used in the wrong ‘lifestyle,’ fall flat.
– How the body deals with a flare… and why this needs to be changed instantly.
– Why sleep, a heating pad, and tea just aren’t enough.

– The secret of stress: Without this, you won’t stand a chance against a flare
– When ‘meditation’ and ‘stress reduction’ don’t work: How to avoid this trap.
– Understanding your bathtub. Why the way you drain the water is critical.
– How to take care of your body (in little ways that aren’t hard)!
– Why you continue to have diarrhea even though you’ve been ‘avoiding stress’.

– The Exercise Mistake: Why it always makes things worse
– How to move your body in a way that restores energy.
– Why laying in bed can make things worse (even when you’re exhausted).
– Three simple ways to move your body to help the flare
– Find out which exercises actually prevent you from getting out of a flare.

– How ‘diet, supplements, and lifestyle’ eliminate flares for good
– What to do if you’re feeling a flare coming on
– The mistake of falling off the wagon and into old habits
– The importance of adding new foods at the right (and wrong) time
– How to get your diarrhea under control and use it as a signal things are going well
– The four core supplements every flare needs (that work)!

And of course, as you can imagine, there’s a lot more and it’s all packed into Flare Support in a systematic, structured manner that’s easy to implement (even between bathroom trips).

Your Bonus Flare Support Tool

Root Cause Lab Testing ($97 value)

There are 4 major functional lab tests that could easily Un-cover the ROOT causes of your health problems. Knowing the right tests, and proper reliable labs is the KEY. Don’t waste time and money on testing with these 4 videos and 1-hour Q&A session. (easily could save you $1000s of dollars).

Format: 1 MP3 + 4 Videos

I’m Ready to Join Flare Support!

I understand this is a 7-day program, which includes daily materials delivered via email, including:

– The Flare Support 7-Day Program
– 3 Downloadable Bonus Guides
– Daily ‘flare tool’ videos & PDF’s for 7-days
– and Root Cause Lab Testing ($97 value)

Get It Now For $67
Relieve your stress right now

Risk Free and Fully Guaranteed for 30-days!
stress relief program


It’s important to know Flare Support costs less than a fancy meal at a restaurant, yet has the potential to propel your health to a new level with this simple, actionable knowledge. This is one investment you want to make for your health and as quickly as possible! You deserve to live a symptom-free life, not constantly worried about flares ruining your life.

Flare Support is guaranteed!

If you’re not happy, just ask for your money back. We have a 30 day money-back guarantee, so you can take your time and decide.  We don’t want to keep your money if you’re not happy about this product.

Important Usage: What will happen once you click the order button.

You will be taken to a page where you can fill in your credit card or PayPal details. This will be verified instantly and you will be sent to a page where you can download the information right after your credit card has been approved.  The daily videos will be delivered to you via email each day for the next 7 days.

1) If by any chance, you are not able to validate your card please don’t get frustrated. Just email us at support@scdlifestyle.com and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

2) The download is instant. You will receive an email with all the download details right away. If you get directed to another page by chance, please don’t worry. Computers go crazy sometimes. Send us an email, and we will send you the download link and you will be able to download your materials without a problem.

– Jordan and Steve – Health Engineers 🙂

45 thoughts on “Diarrhea Flare Support

  1. Avatar

    I’ve recently ordered the Flare Up Support, and have been trying to follow it. However, the material appears in need of updating. Specifically, I downloaded the 7-Day Flare Menu on Day 0, which contains a planned set of meals for each day, along with acceptable snacks and drinks. Great! But, then I watch the videos/read the guides for each day, and they don’t match the menu.

    So, which is more important to follow? The menu or the daily videos? And, if I started off following the menu for the past two days, does that mean I should start over and follow the videos with strict adherence? Thanks!

  2. Avatar
    Pazit Taygfeld says:

    I followed the 7 weeks flare support program with great results 2 years ago. I continued to follow the SCD diet, but unfortunately am experiencing another flare at the moment. I got started on the chicken soup today and just wanted to confirm a few points:
    1. ls there a difference in the digestibility of butternut pumpkin and Japanese pumpkin? i.e. is one preferable than the other?
    2. Can I substitute cucumber with zucchini?
    3. Is tinned tuna ok to eat when referring to fish?

    Many thanks for your support 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hello and thanks for reaching out! I don’t believe there is much of a difference in terms of digestibility for those two items. We’d try to stick with zucchini as it can be cooked and this makes it much easier to digest (cucumber acn’t really be cooked:) We’d recommend the highest quality of tuna you can get and make sure it is packed in water, not oil.

  3. Avatar

    I have the Flair Support materials – bought it some time ago but don’t recall when that was – am in a flare up and am shopping for more supplements. I’m not sure that I’m finding the “best” fish oil. Do you still recommend the “Faster Healthier Super Omega 3 fish oil”? I found one that resembles that description and it’s pricey-$55!
    PS – any newer updates on the program?

    • Avatar

      Hi Tammy – thanks for reaching out! That is still a high quality fish oil we recommend, yes:) We have not updated that program recently, but do let us know if you have any speicfic questions as we may have some recent blog posts as resources for you.

  4. Avatar

    Hi Lori,
    I am happy to say since I started the intro diet on 9/26 and have moved on into phase 1, I have not had diarrhea for 3 days now. I am amazed. I just found out I do have microscopic colitis- according to my biopsy results. I also had food antibody testing, so now I know what foods moderately or severely affect me. I have always tried to stay away from dairy, but these results indicate they do not effect me. I’m a little skeptical about the yogurt making process, if possible, I think I would prefer just taking a probiotic supplement. No real questions at this point- I’m just going step by step by the book and am committed to getting better. I am already thrilled with what has happened so far. Thanks so much. Donna

  5. Avatar

    I need help. I have had diarrhea off and on since January. 5 weeks in January, 3 weeks in June and now another 3 weeks in September. I just had a colonoscopy and endoscopy this week. Won’t have results till next week. I am already gluten free. Was told a few years ago I have leaky gut. I started your intro diet on Tuesday after my colonoscopy. I am still having terrible diarrhea. I take Betaine and probiotics. I have never take Amodium but am really getting frustrated. Do you think I should not take the betaine during the intro diet, or do you think I should try Amodium just to get some relieve? I will be purchasing your e-book tonight and I am hoping that will give me all the info I need, but am concerned I might need the Flare up program as well. Please advise.

  6. Avatar

    Thank you Lori Jo. I meant to say I will be starting with the INTRO diet- using the quick start quide that I already downloaded. I also downloaded the SCD Lifestyle Surviving to Thriving guide. I will order the ebook and get started. Thanks again. I sure hope this works.

  7. Avatar

    Not really sure where to start with all the resources on your site. I’ve had chronic diarrhea off an one since January, lasting 3- 5 weeks at a time, going 10-15 times a day (no blood likely). I am completely gluten free but my recent stool test showed an overgrowth of bacteria (which is being treated) & inflammation. I will be getting a food sensitivity test done next week, along with a colonoscopy & endoscopy. I plan to start phase 1 of the SCD this weekend. What I don’t know- is does your new SCD lifestyle solution book- cover everything I need to know about diarrhea flare ups and how to end them- or do I need to purchase this Flare Support. I really don’t know where to start and can’t afford everything that is offered. I tried to download the FREE – stop my diarrhea but it didn’t work. Please advise.

  8. Avatar

    I have been on SCD diet for the management of severe UC for 8 years. During 2015 I have experience 3 relapses with no apparent reason. At the moment I am flaring quite badly despite following the SCD protocol. My question is, do you think that your material is likely to assist someone who is very familiar with the diet and has followed it for so many years?

    Many thanks,

  9. Avatar

    I have UC and im living i Sweden, i have start the Intro diet and begin it 4 days, when i started I needed to go 1 time on the toilet with diarrea, and I feel its same now , do you think that the 7 days program could help me , even if im in sweden ?

    Thanks for helping!

  10. Avatar


    I’ve bought your flare support last week. Thanks for the tool.

    It’s getting better indeed no diarrhea anymore after 5 days, but constipation for the last
    2 days… Is it something other people mentioned before? Is it because of the lack of fiber during
    this 7 days timeframe?

    Thanks for your help.


    • Avatar

      Hi Pierre, thank you for reaching out. It is all about finding the right diet that works for you. It may take some tweaking, but we encourage you to continue on a low allergenic diet, such as the SCD diet, and keep working toward building a custom safe food zone that works for you.

  11. Avatar


    Suffering with UC for 3 months with no help so far from 40mg Pred for 3 weeks.

    I suspect possible bacterial infection in bowel, but my gastro has doesn’t think so and hasn’t done any stool tests

    A question please:

    “Your Bonus Flare Support Tool
    Root Cause Lab Testing ($97 value)”

    – does that include the testing? Or just points to the tests you think are appropriate? If so, how much would these tests costs out of pocket, no insurance.

    Thanks for help and your inspiration

    All the best

  12. Avatar
    Denise Daverso says:

    Hi. I’ve been on SCD faithfully for 7 months. It worked great and I got off of Lialda after a month on the diet. By the 5th month I felt better than I had in 10 yrs since being diagnosed with UC. But in the 6th month I started to flare, and when blood appeared I immediately went back on Lialda. The flare continues now in the 7th month on SCD. I am not sure what caused the flare… I gave up diet soda when i started the SCD, but had 2 diet Pepsi’s the week before the flare started and one hard alcoholic drink, which I also had given up…. I’m not much of a hard liquor drinker anyway. However, I usually have 1 glass of wine with dinner, maybe 2 glasses on weekends. I am planning to call my Docter today ’cause I’m getting worried about the continuous bloody diarrhea, and mucous diarrhea. I am only eating well-cooked meats, mostly chicken, cooked veggies and fruit (pears & apples), eggs, & SCD yogurt. I’m a bit depressed ’cause I was feeling so fantastic a couple months ago. Is your Flare Support going to add anything more to what I’m doing, aside from completely giving up wine?

  13. Avatar

    I was diagnosis with microscopic colitis I have been put on uceris once a day for a month I was wandering if you know about this medicine I’m on and what to do after coming of of the steroid what kind of food would help me I don’t know much about the SCD life style so any advise would help thanks.:)

  14. Avatar

    I alternate between IBS-C and IBS-D and normal BMs (for 13 yrs at least). After having been lactose-intolerant for for that whole time, and then realizing I needed to be gluten-free a year and a half ago, I did an ALCAT blood test which showed I had a lot of food intolerances as well EX: Cabbage, Green Beans, Almonds, Beef Turkey, Pork, Apples, Bananas, Apricots, Jalepenos, Bay Leaves to name a few). I seem to be adding more intolerances and overall have better, more normal BMs than I used to have, but still have D and sometimes C (depending on what I eat). I just want it all to go away. I have lost 50+ pounds in the last year…but am still worried about getting type 2 Diabetes (mom, dad, brother, sister) or even cancer or heart disease. So I feel overwhelmed about what I should or should not eat, since most plans include things I am intolerant to. What should I do?? BTW I did download your quick start SCD plan…but still feeling overwhelmed and this weekend ate beef chili which caused D, so now I am regretting it. Argh and help.

  15. Avatar

    Hello! I am interested in trying this out. My main question is whether i can do the diet without chicken or eggs. For some reason, i get hives every time i eat them. Ive been on scd for about one year and three months but have had more hospitizations during that time than ever before. I dont have high hopes to be honest but i am desperate to make this flare go away since i am still on prednisone and imuran which arent working. I eat all the other foods on the diet (besides nuts/seeds/beans) but am nervous about how much i can have if i cant eat chicken and eggs.

    Thanks for your time and dedication to this! I am a tough case so if your plan works, it will be a miracle.

  16. Avatar

    Oops! Sorry Jordan…just found the Bonus Flare Support Tool in the email you sent. One other question…when can the SCD yogurt be added? Is there some reason you can’t have it during the Flare Support Week?


  17. Avatar


    I’m very interested in your solution and would love to join. As a Full Vegetarian though I need to make sure that your program will work for me. Are your supplements vegetarian-based? Or do they contain animal products? I noticed in some comments people take fish oil as part of your program. Can you guarantee that: 1 –your supplements are completely Vegetarian; and 2 –I will be offered Vegetarian alternatives to all supplements, meal plans, etc. involved in your program? If this isn’t the case, unfortunately your program won’t work for me.

    Please advise and thanks!

      • Avatar


        I am willing to break a 20 year +vegetarian diet (already eating gelatin on SCD, so why not?) but do think I’d have to draw the line at red meat. Does the Flare Support menu demand bone soup or red meat?

        Your guidance is appreciated as I have hit a wall at 3 months – juniper

        • Jordan Reasoner

          Thank you Juniper. I think you’ll like our latest podcast, which will be published on the blog on THURS 8/22. Please check that out.

          In the meantime, we typically recommend people start out with a chicken based soup and bone broth… which is generally well tolerated in place of a beef based broth.


  18. Avatar

    I have IBS-C and Arthritis, so therefore, inflammation. I just went off Prednisone which alleviated the stiffness and slowed down the inflammation, but I would like to eliminate the inflammation from taking over my body as severely as it did. Would your Flare Support work in this regard even though I have no diarrhea whatsoever.

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Yes, Flare Support is focused on lowering inflammation in the body as quickly as possible. That’s the idea behind the “Bathtub Theory of Inflammation” – we’re going to support you to stop filling up your bathtub and start draining it in 7-days.

      Also, if it doesn’t help you, we do have a 30-day money back policy and you can simply email us for a refund. We’d be happy to support you inside the program 🙂


  19. Avatar

    Hi Guys,
    This seems like a great program but I’m not suffering at the moment and have been stable and feeling well for the past two months. Will Flare Support continue to be available (even at the higher price) for the foreseeable future as I never know when I might flare? Just to mention I had three sessions of Rational Emotional Cognitive Therapy a couple of months ago and apart from some huge changes in my behavior and thinking my bowels seemed to benefit too!!! Feeling much more chilled generally so guess that must help things.

    Well done as usual you came up with just the right thing…. Thank you so much…. Amanda

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Thank you so much Amanda, I’m so glad to hear that you’re stable right now! Congrats 🙂

      Right now, we anticipate having Flare Support available for the foreseeable future. The only change being it will go up to full price beginning 6/15.

      In good health,


  20. Avatar
    Shirley Newell says:

    Hi guys,
    My problem with diarrhea has never been so severe that there was bleeding. But I do identify with the situation of
    “barely make it in time”. In fact I have often NOT made it in time. Thanks be to God it has never been in public.
    For the last twenty years I have relied on : firstly, the B.R.A.T. diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and tea) that I used to give my children when they had diarrhea and in the last four years I have used psyllium fiber …….which
    the pundits say “jellies” the excess water in the digestive system. However this does not completely answer the
    problem. It is interesting to hear that you say “stress” and “inflammation” have a role to play…..you are saying
    that there are emotional reasons for this situation. Anyway I am willing to give your solution a whirl. S. Newell

  21. Avatar
    Donna Jablonski says:

    I have been using the SCD lifestyle for approx 6 months and I am very impressed with the results. I have UC-C, which is atypical but I find that it seems to be getting worse the more I follow the diet. I suspect that I may be doing something incorrectly, or that because I am prone to constipation, all the protocals for SCD may not be what I need. Any ideas or suggestions? I would like to try your new offer, but if it predominantly focuses on diarrhea then I may not be a suitable candidate.

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