Does All Disease Begin in the Gut?


Why are we so passionate about Leaky Gut Awareness?

The bottom line is this: fixing the gut will impact just about every other area of your body.

There are millions of people in the world struggling right now with things like low energy, depression, infertility, or even heart disease who have no idea how much their gut health influences these conditions.

I’m not arguing that the gut is the root cause of all things… but what I do know is that it plays a huge role in how all the systems in your body function. Show me someone with a broken gut and I will show you someone with multiple health complaints other than their GI symptoms.

That’s why fixing your gut is the first step to overcoming chronic illness.

And in today’s videos, we’re going to dive into fixing the gut and how that impacts various other systems in your body, like your immune system, fertility, and thyroid function.

Lesson 13: Fixing This Will Stop Chronic Infections in Their Tracks

Did you know one of the main reasons chronic infections like Lyme Disease and Epstein Barr just won’t go away is your gut health? This interview clip with Dr. Sunjya Schweig, one of the leading experts on Chronic Infections, goes in depth about the specific steps he uses to treat the gut and eliminate chronic infections.

Get the rest of the interview with Dr. Schweig here.

Lesson 14: This Little Bug Can Trigger Hashimoto’s and Destroy Your Thyroid

What if your Hashimoto’s or Thyroid Condition was triggered by a nasty infection? And what if treating that infection changed the way your Thyroid functioned forever? This clip is from an interview I did with Dr. Izabella Wentz, an author and leading expert on the root causes behind Thyroid Disease. In it, she blows my mind with some specific triggers for thyroid disease, including a well-known infection, and how to treat it to improve your thyroid conditions.

Find out more about the gut-thyroid connection in the full interview with Dr. Wentz here.

Lesson 15: How to Fix Your Gut For a Healthy Pregnancy

Did you know having a healthy gut is the most critical step in having a healthy baby? If you’ve ever struggled with infertility, or you want to have a healthy pregnancy soon, then you’ll want to listen to this. It’s a clip from a recent interview with Christa Orecchio, a Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health Counselor, and fertility expert, and she’s going to dive into the gut-fertility connection and some simple steps to improving your gut health for a healthy pregnancy.

Get the rest of this powerful interview with Christa here.

Today’s Action Step

Gratitude changes everything.

When I’m mad, gratitude helps me get calm again. When I’m sad, gratitude helps me get happy again. When I’m ready to give up, gratitude helps me keep going for another day.

During my healing journey, gratitude was a huge factor that helped me get to where I am today.

Today’s exercise is all about gratitude.

What’s one area of your body other than your gut that improved after you started improving your gut health? Leave a comment and let us know. For me, I was blown away to see how much my skin improved when I started healing my gut. I was always struggling with acne and it magically disappeared when I started focusing on my gut.

I’ve heard just about everything over the years… from sex drive to headaches… but I’d love to hear from you. Look forward to seeing you in the comments.


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